1D Arrive Back In The UK From Sweden, And Get Mobbed By Fans

After a week in Sweden where the boys started rehearsing and producing their sophomore album, they flew back into London yesterday, touching down at Heathrow airport.

Despite arriving at a later hour, they were mobbed by fans, leaving the band looking a little surprised.

Why the surprise? You’re the HUGEST boyband in the world!

All five lads looked a bit tired but generally in a good mood.

Harry jokingly tweeted last week about their time in Sweden: “There is now nipple marks on our car… Sweden is always fun.”

This comes on the back of reports that Swedish fans were, shall we say, “quite confident” with their assets :)

Watch this great vid below where Harry gets passed a porn mag from a happy-go-lucky fan, LOL:

Zayn however looked a little glum – we’re not sure why though, being back in the UK means he gets a chance to see Perrie Edwards again. Cheer up chuck!

Yesterday it was announced that One Direction would be performing at the iTunes festival which will be taking place in London this September, alongside other acts such as Usher, Jack White and Norah Jones.

1D are set to fly out to the USA to begin their headline tour next Tuesday. Go here for One Direction ticket information.