1D Bailed On Confrontation With The Wanted, Says Max George

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Max George of The Wanted

This ridiculous boy band rivalry between The Wanted and One Direction is well and truly past its sell-by-date.

Seriously though, although there has been instigation on both sides of the feud, it seems the blame is lying with the The Wanted now.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, The Wanted described a time when they wanted to catch up with One Direction after a gig.

It was in New York, but apparently the 1D boys “did a runner” when faced with confrontation.

Max George, who famously dated Michelle Keegan, said:

“That’s the 100% God’s honest truth,”

The 1D boys

George promises:

“They got the car pulled up to the back of the stage and got straight in it!”

We can’t really see why this is a problem if the boys really did just want to hop into the car though.

Fuelling the feud have been a few occasions that have rubbed salt into The Wanted’s wounds.

On the 23rd of June The Wanted went to the White House, but the Obama’s were occupied seeing One Direction perform as a family – AWKWARD!

What do you guys make of this?

  • Anastasya Ho

    oh look, another “The Wanted” story. Why does their name is The Wanted anyway? I’ll tell you something, they’re wanted alright. Wanted by Directioners who want to punch the hell outta them.

    • Jasmine Horan


    • Wane00

      Yeah not just punch kick pinch slap…… Stupid unwanteds

    • FabulousNails

      TW annoy me, but I wish we would just ignore them.

      Some articles about TW receiving DEATH THREATS from 1D fans came out, and there is no excuse to ever send death threats, even if those guys are very unpleasent!
      Those articles about death threats are also sort of making them out to be victims despite the fact that they are the ones attacking 1D verbally! I wish the fans would restrain themselves so that the entire world can see TW for what they are, instead of sympathising with them (because they are bullied by the mean 1D fans)!

      • A’alyciaP._1D

        Ikr they just won’t listen and they are annoying

  • Nia malik

    They are wanted for commuting a crime of ugliness

  • Lajla Arapović

    This dude is seriosly sick,Hello,U cray cray?
    1D bailed? Pfft,ur brain bailed to remind that ur a nutjob!!!

    • Tiffanylea Rosenthal

      I agree

      • Lajla Arapović

        Is he sick or what?What the hell is wrong with that dude???

        • Tiffanylea Rosenthal

          Hes Cray Cray

  • Cláudia Costa

    Why can’t they realize that One Direction don’t give a damn about them?!!

  • Casz

    ANNNDDD.. Another story from the freaking UNwanted! Arent they sick of loosing and humiliating their selves?? Oh my, you ppl need a phsyciatrist, you need a serious help…
    But, it doesnt matter, if they ‘bailed’ (which I think they didnt) its because theyre really busy and tired, unlike you, ur not busy bc u dont have any freakin fans and the only thing u do is laze around and made thing up so that One Direction will look bad! DUH!
    Pathetic! Well, One Direction always win! 😀 #DirectionerForever

  • Lynnie Lucas

    I swear, I’m so done with them. They’re talentless losers who can’t stop stepping into the limelight for 5 minutes of real fame. This “anti One Direction crap is giving them more fame than they ever had without it so really, they should be thanking 1D. And oh, awkward, they thought that they were gonna be famous with the Obamas…. But oops, they were watching 1D. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Let the best boyband win. And, I think they might’ve already won.

  • Abigail

    Another The Wanted story! Why can’t they just stop!!!! And why the band called ” The Wanted” anyway!?!!? There wanted from Directioners to punch there faces
    ( btw I didn’t want to put bad words on the part that said ” to punch there faces”)

    • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com


  • Megan Payne <3

    The unWanted can just shut up, nobody cares, they’re the ones keeping this fight going. Everyone is tired of it and we just want to punch them in the face , that’s the only thing they are “wanted” for. And for the Obamas, nicely done!! they obviously know our boys are the best. Niall and his broken Obama statue would be proud of them ;D

  • Karlzz1D

    They really need to just calm down- The Wanted, that is. They’re acting so childish about this. Don’t they know that the boys are 10 times more busy than they are && ever will be? They need to stop exaggerating and taking stuff out from what it truly is. I wish, oh I WISH, they would just get a proper life && stop trying. Their success is based on lies && arrogance. That’s all. No wonder 1D is higher above them. c;

  • Riel Whittle

    Wait a minute I knew it! They had to come to the concert in DC!!! They went to the concert last year on fairfax… That’s why there was extra security… Probabaly :3 I wonder where they were?

  • Riley Pool

    Even if Maxs story is true, who can blame 1D for not wanting to confront them? They are being the mature ones and trying to avoid more issues when the wanted are just trying to get more publicity cause they aren’t as popular as one direction. And they never will be if they keep being jealous jerks.

    • RichKidProblems

      I know right? I totally agree! THe Wanted started all of this up! Is this soo bad that One Direction is more mature than these sick losers? I mean, One Direction is way better than them in life, anyway! 1D has like 3 albums, and most of the songs charted the Bilboards, they have WAYY more fans, and they none of them look high and drunk and look like they have escaped out of prison. The Unwanted has like, 2 songs, only one charted the billboards, and its a song that is just repeating up the lyrics 1,000 times. Not to mention they have no fans.

  • Nikki Horan

    This is just getting stupid now. The Unwanted are just jealous of one direction because one direction have gone a HELL of a lot farther than them. The wanted really only have one famous song and a tv show. I don’t even know how they have a show! Their song, “glad you came,” isn’t even that great. With one direction, it’s a lot different. The wanted have absolutely no right to want to fight with the boys. The boys aren’t “scared”, they just know it’s a stupi idea.

  • Maggie LaBerta

    For a second there I thought that it was over. Oh wait the unwanted cannot stop! They’re so annoying its not even funny.

  • crazy mofo:p

    they just call their selves “the wanted” bc its illegal to be this stupid

  • Ailynnn

    Why always TW cross the line. I’m sick of this drama.

  • victoria e

    OMG THIS WANTED BAND IS RUBBISH I bet they just took something that 1D said the wrong way and got all mad . ONE DIRECTION ROCKS SO STOP THE WANTED !!

  • $@mantha

    One direction is not saying anything that’s good! Why do The Wanted say stuff if 1D didn’t do anything to them? Maybe The Wanted think that 1D can’t fight back…? Maybe 1D should say something like,”The Wanted need to stop that because it’s getting really old.”

  • Olivia B.

    I wish I could’ve seen the expressions on The Wanted`s face when they realized that 1D was playing for the Obamas.

  • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com


  • Directioner301

    Ok this is getting rediculous. One direction didn’t do anything wrong! The wanted is just making up stuff and being dramatic. All they’re doing is causing trouble. Now, all the directioners wanna beat the heck out of the wanted guys- including me!

    • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com


  • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com

    UGH!!!!!!One Direction are ugly and gay!!!They are worsy band i ever see!:)
    The Wanted more good looking and more talened,one direction are wannna be s,lol!!!Die ONEDIRECTION,ILL SHOOT THEM FOR YOU!!!

  • A’alyciaP._1D

    Wait.. I’m confused is it the The Wanted it THE Wannabes they are annoying it was fun but the pushed it a little too far a couple months ago

  • Mrs. Horlinson

    seriously , The Unwanted can go f*** a duck. im done with all this s*** that they’re saying about One Direction. its pathetic and rude and its REALLY getting old. for a band who doesn’t like One Direction , they sure do talk about them a lot. KEEP THEIR NAMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

  • Mrs. Horlinson

    plus , I don’t know if you guys have noticed this , but the ONLY REASON why The Unwanted are still famous , is because of their jealousy over One Direction.

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I’m getting really tired of The Wanted. Are they really trying to be the most hated boy band of America?

  • 5secondsof1d

    one direction didint confront the wanted because no body has time for thier jealous crap! and they are above those stupid people cough cough max george!

  • dayanaDirectioner

    The Wanted can kiss my ass

  • Aylin Morelos

    wtf bailed……. the have a job something you guys dont have

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    C’mon the Wanted are you stubid shut uuuuuuuuuuuup

  • iloveliam

    why the wanted why!?

  • Lajla Arapović

    More like The Un-Wanted.Why can’t u realize that 1D doesn’t give a damn about u?