1D Concert Tickets Sell Out In Minutes & Many Now Being Sold On Viagogo & Seatwave

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Despite extra dates being added for One Direction’s Uk & Ireland tour next year, hundreds of tickets are now available at hugely inflated prices on ticket re-selling sites such as Viagogo & Seatwave.

The subject of a Channel 4 documentary this week, Viagogo has come under fire for taking tickets away from fans, and selling them on at double the prices and more.

A quick search of both sites reveals tons of listings for events all around the country, and the prices are a lot more than the original ticket price.

Here’s a couple of selected tweets from angry fans:

why are people selling 1D tickets for like £200 when they were only about £30 to start with? what a rip off

it disgusts me that people buy tickets and re-sell them for hundreds of pounds. WHY WHY WHY

After the initial set of tickets sold out in minutes, extra dates were added, and the band sold 500,000 tickets in 2 hours according to the latest reports. One official from Ticketmaster said: “We’ve not seen demand like this for a very long time!”

Their official Twitter account posted: “We are adding more dates and shows as quick as we can! Keep trying guys!! Already more added to Manchester, London, Birmingham and more 1DHQ.”

Twitter itself was besieged by discussions about the concert’s and nearly half of the trending topics were to do with One Direction at one point.

Did you manage to get hold of tickets? Let us know below…

  • judy

    how i can buy the rickets of 1D tour tickets ? but i dont know how ?