1D Go Double Platinum In The United States

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One Direction sitting on a sofa

Well ya know, it was easy really. Five lads from the UK release a single, then an album, sell-out gigs all over the WORLD, and are the cause for quite possibly the most amount of tears to spill from teenage girl’s eyes, like ever.

Now to top it all off, their first single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ has just gone DOUBLE PLATINUM in the USA, selling over 2 MILLION copies since February.

Currently, no word has been said on what their next US single will be, but judging from what other countries have seen it might be ‘One Thing’ or ‘More Than This’.

Or saving that, it could be a new song, as the boys have been laying down tracks in Sweden for their second album during the last couple of weeks.

Elsewhere, Liam Payne’s missus Danielle Peazer reckons Liam and Harry enjoyed watching Kanye West and Jay-Z’s ‘Watch The Throne’ concert so much that they fancy themselves as rappers.

Danielle tweeted: “I think Liam and Harry think they’re Jay Z and Kanye… If the singing fails I think they’ll turn into rappers! Xx”

Liam’s a quality beatboxer already, didn’t you know? Fingers crossed we might hear some rapping on 1D’s next album.

HUH! YEH! C’MON! “Yo stop. Collaborate and listen…”

First person to guess those lyrics wins, well, nothing. Just for fun :)

  • Olivia

    The lyrics are from ice ice baby!! Nd im really happy for 1D I have been a huge fan from when they were on x-factor!! I have like 15 posters in my room so u can tell i have ODI!!<3<3

  • Caitlin Payne

    That is from Ice Ice Baby!!! I love Liam Payne and his beatboxing!!!;)<3

  • vivian rubiano

    i love harry styles,


      listen hear mrs. vivian rubiano HE IS MINE I LOVE HIM MORE THAN YOU. to prove it i know what day year and month was born in it was february the first 1994. take that vivian and i am very sure you did not know that. And i take Harry Styles very seriuosly and his middle name is Edward and here is a little jingle for you. jingle bells vivian smells harry loves me more you dont know his real name and you hate him so.  That is how much love HARRY STYLES PLEASE REPLY BACK I WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU SAY

      • Olivia

        Gracie jones
        if u really love harry then u dont talk to some1 that also likes him like that! Im sure if harry saw your comment then he would think u were just being mean!

        • Olivia

          And u r not the only person in the world that knows his middle name! And btw his sister is called gemma his mum is called anne his first pet was a dog called max his eyes are green and his shoes are a 10 and a half in the uk shoe sizes!! C ur not the only 1 that loves him!!

      • Olivia

        He was born in worchester on a monday! He went to holmes chapel comprehensive school! He worked in a bakery on saturdays! His fav food is sweetcorn! His fav drink is apple juice!! See u dont know every thing about him!!

  • Taylor

    doesn’t surprise me….they boys are AMAZING. nuff said.

  • Gracie Jones


    for you Harry Edward Styles and for that girl named vivian rubiano HE IS MINE YOU HEAR!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • Olivia

      Wow u really hold a grudge! There are like 1 billion other girls on this planet that love him aswell so just wise up

  • Cutecuddlyd


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003382489223 Bhoxs Machulie Chulit

    i love onedirection

  • Jasmine

    i love the raping guys

  • Jasmine

    propose to me harry don’t shave your hair

  • Lailadrake

    Haha i gotme some pop corn and read all the comments let me get this right yall both love harry n wait i love Harry Edward Styles! Girs girls ik he is so ummmm u know but yall dobt got to fight u should be fittin the gir that he is wit cuz she is gettin the goods whill yall is over here bein rude to eachother n that girl he is with is juzz watch like these dumb girls i got harry not yall know wat! So y fight n u guess arbt enemys the gir wit harry os ur enemy!

  • rhiannon

    I love one direction