1D Invite Robbie Williams To Join Them On Tour

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Robbie has been a huge supporter of One Direction from the very beginning, and the most visual display of this came when he was their celebrity duet in the final of X Factor.

But recently Robbie expressed that he was envious of the lads traveling around the globe and conquering the world. Luckily for Robbie, 1D have extended an invitation for him to join them anytime he wants on tour…how good is that?!

Robbie told BBC newsbeat: “I’m jealous of them and I wish I was doing it all with them. I’ve met all the boys, but it was a long time ago.”

Well in response to that, the boys speaking to Capital FM said:

Liam: “That is amazing. We are actually massive fans of Robbie Williams. And after singing on the show with him and stuff.”

Louis: “He can join us anytime. [The] invitation is there.”

Zayn: “He can join whenever he wants – he knows that. It’s cool.”

That will be one serious boyband mashup, with Robbie an off-and-on member of Take That.

We would love to see One Direction start exploring some collaborations, but at the moment it really isn’t that necessary, because they have the ability to sell records on their own. But at least an appearance on one of the live dates would be awesome.