1D Make One Hundred Million Pounds In 2 Years

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Well it looks like 3rd place has its perks as well, because One Direction are laughing all the way to their bursting bank, with stuffed wallets in their pockets, with the five piece raking in an incredible £100 million for themselves and an additional £200 million for the record label – at least according to an updated version of that controversial Simon Cowell autobiography.

Some extracts from the book highlight the phenomeniall success they have had:

“Nothing had been left to chance by Sony Music, with the band’s hit album Up All Night selling over five million copies.”

‘The songs, publishing, discs, DVDs, merchandising and endorsements brought in huge profits, with the five members of the group together estimated to have earned nearly £100 million ($162 million).”

“Naturally, Sony and Syco raked in much more.”

Simon feels he is back to his music heyday, like when he and Louis Walsh shared great success with Westlife.

The good news is, 1D will still be making the big bucks for a long time to come. The Pepsi deal, world tour, new single and album and Hasbro dolls – just in time for christmas obviously, will surely be a huge money spinner for the 1D empire.

Keep up the good work lads, but spend and invest that money wisely because it won’t always be around in such volumes.

Fast cars, lotsa bling, that sorta thing :)