1D Met By Hundreds of USA Fans In Los Angeles

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One Direction were shocked & surprised by the sheer number of US fans that waited to greet them in Los Angeles when they touched down at the LAX airport today.

The boys have arrived in America to prepare for their tour with Big Time Rush, and also to record their appearance on the hit Nickelodeon show iCarly.

US Marshall’s at the airport told them that it “wasn’t safe” to meet the fans, and both Harry & Niall tweeted to apologise.

Niall said:” “So sorry guys! US marshalls said it wasnt safe for us to come out! Thank you for comin to LAX to see us! We heard there was 600 of u! Love u.”

Harry tweeted: “Sorry that we couldn’t stop at LAX guys…the US Marshall’s said it wasn’t safe. We all wanted to come see you .x”

“What Makes You Beautiful” gets released next month in the USA, and coinciding with their tour, TV & radio appearances, momentum is gaining fast in their ambitions to break America.

The impact that 1D are making is even being compared to Beatlemania, a big ask for any group in the world. Will the “One Direction Infection” take over?