1D On Their Way Back To The UK

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It seems like they’ve been away forever, but UK directioners will now get a chance to get closer to their stars as 1D make their way back to British shores.

They’ve had a blast over in North America, Australia & New Zealand, but after their contant gigging, radio & tv appearances and general meeting & greeting – they deserve a rest.

Their debut album “Up All Night” has broken new records, two “One Direction World” stores have opened, and plenty of fans have fainted – and a band which was barely heard of a year ago are now surely the biggest boyband sensation in the world today.

If you haven’t got the One Direction Infection yet, you better prepare for it soon.

Zayn’s got a new tattoo, the boys may have possibly been infected with Chlamydia, they’ve increased their popularity to new levels of hysteria, and Harry Styles has been linked with a whole host of lovely ladies.

All in a few weeks work 😉

British radio station Radio 1 ran a documentary on their rise to fame in American, and we’ve got the first two parts below. Give them a listen below…

British fans, have you missed the boys whilst they’ve been away?