1D Play Their First Gig In Scandinavia As Herning Fans Go Wild

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Fantastic view from the arena in Herning

Last night One Direction mania swept into Scandinavia, and in particular Denmark, where fans in Herning were treated to the latest stage of the sell-out ‘Take Me Home Tour’.

It was a pretty wild night, and as usual we’ve gathered a selection of cool videos to check out.

Here’s the lads answering some Twitter questions. Check out the really cool view from the lucky fan in the crowd, EmmyKaulitz:

And if you thought that our boys couldn’t speak a word of Danish, then think again, as they proved they had been swotting up on the local dialect:

For a third and final treat, here’s the latest single ‘Teenage Kicks’:

Want to watch one more?

Ok go on then…. here’s one from Oberhausen on Saturday night, and its the classic ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ rap from the lads.

Do you lot get butterflies the same as us from watching all these videos?

Liam looking like he's having a stern word with Louis!

The boys on stage in Herning singing What Makes You Beautiful

Tomorrow night the band move onto Oslo in Norway as they continue their assault on Scandinavia.

Then after that its Stockholm and Copenhagen before they head south again to Berlin and Hamburg.

As usual we’ve got One Direction’s full list of concerts on our super-handy page, and if you’re looking for individual One Direction ticket information then go here.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598495296 Ronja Eriksson

    OMG!! Only a few days left until they are coming to Sweden! Can’t wait!! xD

  • Tildisen<333

    Yeah I know! I also live in sweden! In Norrköping:) Were do you live? <33

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598495296 Ronja Eriksson

      Borlänge 😀

      • Tildisen<333

        Kan vi prata svenska här tror du? Andra folk kommer tro att vi är knäppa;P

        • Tildisen<333

          Jag rider också!=D

  • Tildisen<333

    Don’t have any tickets:'(:'(:'(

  • http://twitter.com/sarahdirelieber Sarah 1Drew Bieber

    I’m a Danish Directioner, soooooooo wish I could have been there! :'( ♥

  • ddlf

    i.adooooooooore them i wish i was there

  • http://twitter.com/SaraBelictoner hommie

    I was at this concert!! It was AMAZAYN

  • Swedish_Mrs.Styles

    Omg 2 days then they’re in Sweden but I don’t have tickets!!!! Grr

    • Tildisen<333

      Neither do I…..:'(:'(:'(

  • Sarah Payne

    Um in the first video when harry and louis were competing with eachother what were they doing?

    • Kelsey

      Seeing who could hold their breath the longest

      • Sarah Payne

        Ohh thanks all the people were screaming i could not hear :)!!!!i

  • Maddison Strubhar

    #PleaseSirCanYouSpareAnyTickets I vote that to be the best hastag of the year!! ahha

  • Hoorayfor1D

    Nope no tickets. Iowa is a loneellyy place to live… But tickets are really really expensive! But I can see why! :) :)

  • Simone

    I was there! In Denmark :) You guys should really look forward to the concerts. x

  • Ya$hika

    I am stuck in Singapore… :-(


    I WANT U TO NOTICE ME 1D!!!!! :3

  • http://twitter.com/squishylover531 squishy lover

    Is it just me or are Harry’s shoes extremely big in the fist video

  • Aylin Morelos

    ahh sir spere e a ticket PLEASSSSSSSSEEEE !!!!!!