VIDEO: 1D Return From Ghana “Experience Of A Lifetime”

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We told you yesterday that the lads were heading for Africa in aid of charity, but it looks like it was a really quick trip because the boys are already back on western soil.

Harry Styles and Liam Payne playing with a 1D doll

All the lads had an experience of a lifetime and seem to have been completely humbled and enlightened by the often shocking sights they saw over there. They also captured some footage that will have their version of Blondie’s hit “One Way or Another” layered over the top .

Harry was particularly moved by his exposure to Ghana’s widespread poverty, tweeting:

‘Today was the most amazing day I’ve had so far.. In my life ever,’

He continued:

‘@rednoseday Thank you so much for having us. It was amazing and we’ll see you soon xx.’

Nialler was heavily impacted by the short trip, describing it as an experience that ‘changed my life’.

He also tweeted:

‘Just arrived back from Accra,Ghana! Best life experience ever! This @rednoseday please get involved!!’

‘Watch comic relief this @rednoseday, you are in for a shock and eye opener ! and fun too.’

He was also shocked that poverty is actually real…yes Nialler, people genuinely live in squalor.

He exclaimed:

‘I’ve seen the slums right in front of me! This is no joke! They really need your help! Poverty is real!’

Perhaps the most poignant statement from the Irishman was this:

‘We all are the most selfish people ever! U would not believe that country.’

The charity single will be out in March and you must buy it!

Watch 1D in Ghana in this fan filmed video:


    Yes Niall proverty is real(so sweet so innoncent) and we really are the most selfish people ever!!!!!Now I feel bad!!!!! But if those people are in proverty how did they have phones and computers????? I am sooooo confused!!!!!

    • Gg

      Ok that makes no scence what so eva. Girl u need to sort ur sentences out!!

      • ILOVE1DX5

        He didn’t know provert was real so I was sayin “Yes it is real” he said we are the most selfish people ever so I was agreeing with him and it made me feel bad. I’m confused because if those people were in proverty then how did the fans post that vid online. Plus the fans were sayin they want to get a pic with their phones.

        • Gg

          Ok if u say so

          • ILOVE1DX5

            Don’t belive me then read the article again

          • Gg

            Wat I didn’t understand is the thing u said about phones and stuff ?!

          • ILOVE1DX5

            I thought if u were in proverty that u were poor so I did’t understand how they could have a cell fones and computers

          • Gg

            They dont

          • Gg

            And it doesn’t say any wer in the artical that they do

          • Gg

            And it doesn’t say any wer in the artical that they do

          • ILOVE1DX5

            In the vid the fans recorded that vid and one girl said “l wanna get a pic with my fone”

          • Gg

            Not all of the people in that country r in poverty

          • ILOVE1DX5

            Ok then

  • Aastha Ginodia

    Hahaha pverty is real Niall want more proif come to Kolkata in India! 😛

    • Aastha Ginodia


  • ♥ нαяяү’s cυρcαкε ♥

    Niall is right. We are all becoming too selfish. We don’t realize that there are people out there who really need our help, but when they ask for help from us, we ignore them. I love 1D and doing this thing might just be the purest thing they have ever done. This is one of the reasons why I love them the most. <3

    • Sarah

      Yes right! I really feel proud of lads when they do sth for charity! It’s so nice!

    • 1d_sister

      yep! you are right! We can’t just ignore poverty and pretend that it doesn’t exist!
      I’m so glad that our boys took interest in solving some matters like these!
      Nialler,I love you!

    • dorina

      Sooooooooooo true 1D see things like they are they are so right ..They are perfect and we should realy stop bein selfish <3:') So proud of 1D proud to be a directioner

  • Ishita

    Yes Niall poverty is real!!!come to India u will see what is real poverty

  • Jasmine

    Ever seen First World Problems on YouTube? So terrible how we take advantage of things when there are people who struggle to get free and food and clothing. :'( Just so sad!

  • lea rodriguez

    Preach it Niall !

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    When did they leave nd wen did they come back..??…
    the video wasn’t that clear…I could just hear the girl sayin’…..:


  • Griffin Horan

    My parents think that 1D might just B teenage brats, but I doubt that, because they put so much of their time into helping the charities, plus, it just wouldn’t be possible, because they goof around so much!

    • 1d_sister

      our parents might think we are obsessed! but what they don’t see is that we are in love with these amazing boys! They are really charitable! Hats off to you, boys!

  • Griffin Horan

    Niall is SOOO right!!!!!

    • 1d_sister


  • Georgia Woolley

    Niall is ma boy xxx

  • Olivia Jones

    I think he just be preachn’! Das my niall

  • Sally

    I am so proud that they took the time to do that:)

  • 1D lover

    well….i’m shocked that Niall got shocked by real poverty….hmm…

  • This Is Us

    Charity SINGLE? You mean another song?