1D Talk Sweet Love And Girlfriends – Awww x

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So who’s single and who’s not? Let’s run through a recap of each member in the band.

Currently only Harry and Niall aren’t with a regular partner, leaving Liam, Louis and Zayn to carry the flames of love.

Liam is in a serious relationship with dancer Danielle Peazer, and the couple look to be deeply in love.

Showing how much he misses Danielle, he tweeted her whilst over in the USA, saying: “@DaniellePeazer wish you were awake miss you”, to which Danielle replied: “@Real_Liam_Payne sorry, call me when u wake up. Miss u babe, not long now.”

It was recently claimed that Danielle had been slagging off Zayn’s new partner, Perrie Edwards – a claim since denied by her: “I’ve never said anything like that and never would! Xx.”

Louis is also happily together with his partner, Eleanor Calder – a 19-year-old student at Manchester University.

The couple were recently seen together kissing and holding hands before One Direction flew off to the USA to begin their string of tour dates.

Speaking with Top of the Pops magazine, Louis interestingly spoke about what names he would call his child:

“If I had a boy, I’d quite like to call him Leo, but I like Lucas as well.”

Louis! Tell us you’re not planning a family already!

The most recent celebrity couple amongst the One Direction members is undoubedtly Zayn and Perrie – christend Zerrie by Directioners.

Perrie spoke about her superstar boyfriend last week, saying:

“I’m really happy. When you both do the same kind of thing, there’s more understanding because you both get it… and it’s more exciting when you see each other.”

Zayn re-affirmed her statements by commenting: “We’re absolutely incredible. Everything’s going 
great. We’re buzzing.”

Aww, isn’t all this love just sooooo nice!

(thought f0ro some fans it’s hard not to feel a TEENY WEENY bit of hate / jealousy)

Jealousy ok, not hate 😉

  • iloveswac

    Hi Im jus randomly sayin hi to people in the world. I’m british live in England I hav a dog.
    I hate tea its revolting. Thx for readin wat I sed….love u 1D!!!:-)

  • http://twitter.com/lovely_legarda *MS.PERFECT [1D]*

    i hate zerrie!! im so sorry for what im complaining….i just cant understand””’sh**t

    • Nathalie Horan

      If you are a REAL fan you want Zayn is happy. And he that with Perrie
      Accept it!!

    • luvfor1d

      i don’t understand why there’s so many hate on Zerrie, while Eleanor and Danielle are  respected?!

  • Nacie

    I luv u zayn so much

  • Caitlin Payne

    I love Liam so much and it breaks my heart to know he is in a serious relationship!:'(
    Either way I will always be happy for the 1D boys!<3xx

  • Jmguites_25

    Uhmm they were in a serious relationships.. it hurts.. but if ther happy with them. well lets just be happy for them.. 

  • #1DiSaWsOmE

    I hate Perrie, and Eleonor and Danielle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are ruining 1D and if the guys get married then i wont be 1D it will be 2D because 2 of the guys will be gooing to party after conserts and have fun while the others go home to there wifes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you agree with me like the coment! If you dont, unlike it! If you have something to say, coment on the post! :)

    • Playboy5

      Are you normal?

    • xxxMExxx

      i understand what #1DiSaWsOmE2 want to say, but that isn’t a reason to hate them, they are our idols girlfriends, they love them. we have to respect them, and if they get married we should be happy, they need a family too. i know they are the idols of many girls, and there’s is so many girls wanna marry them, but that’ll change nothing… if they are happy we should be happy too (sorry for my bad English)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002644662740 Aurora Alarid

      dont hate them cuz you aint them(: i think they are really pretty and if the boys are happy who are we to let them down if you are a TRUE directioner you wouldnt be saying you hate their gf’s (:

      • sabrina_davo

        yeah right!!!lets be happy on thier love life,,,were here to support them….

      • nina

         What if you liked one of those guys, would you get mad? I know I would.

    • http://twitter.com/blevins_julie Julie

      if you were a real directioner than you would be happy if they are happy. the only reason you don’t like Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie is because they are dating the boys. if you have a solid reason come and tell me dont just say you hate them because you thing they will mess up one direction. i dont think any of the boys are thinking to get married and if they did you should be happy cuz that means they are happy


      calm down, they’re only 18, 19 and 20. im sure theyre not gonna give up their freedom yet..

    • Eatpeace5

      Don’t go thinking about the future! They are all very happy right now, but there is about 85% chance they might get married. They’re still YOUNG.

    • Mrs.Malik♥

      dont hate them they are juss in love and the boys wont change! how would you like it if you were dating one of them and you read these comments saying they hate you.? you dont have to love them but you dont have to hate either there juss livin there .!(:

    • Robyn123xx

      Why are you being so horrible 1D have a life outside being fameous, don’t you want them to be happy?..they deserve beautiful looking girls and don’t need you to judge.

    • Hala M’hamdi

      Come on ! You’re sure you’re a truedirectionner cause what you just said don’t show you are: it’s true we’re all diying to be in the place of those three lucky girls but unfortunately we’re just not but it doesn’t mean we have to hate them! No we should be happy that our boys are now living happily and why not as true directionners wich they live happily ever after with them or any other girls and have a cute family ? I think we have to be nice to danielle elanor and perrie because our boys love them for some special reasons and we should respect them and why not to make friends with them; we can then know why they choose them and try to be more like them so.if the boys ever meet us theyll probabily like us too 😉 this eas my tjoughts and i hope you understood me :)

    • vashappningchick<3


    • Alii1Dfreak

       A true Directioner would like their Gfs. The girls make them happy. Why hate what makes them happy.It only makes them upset again. Respect.Like if you agree..-.-

    • Christine Garcia(:<3

      dude really? leave them alone. they don’t deserve hate. danielle, eleanor and perrie are gorgeous and you’re just jealous. so shut up and let them be.

      • nina

         Christine, if you had a crush on one of those three and they were dating those chicks would you get mad? I know I would. I am mad at eleanor.>:(

    • Dianatinajero_bandgeek

      Omg seriously, the boys have lives. Be realistic sweetie, they will never be yours and all the girls are simply amazayn.

    • Idigniallhoran

      You know when you hate their girlfriends they hate you right

    • http://twitter.com/SwagMonsterx3 ❤Ter-r-r-r-r-rence❤

      Directionator Alert! Directionator Alert! OMFG!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003637035565 Alexa Tomlinson-Payne Malik-Ho

      yea sure you’re going to be jelous but you hate all three? im mean really? im as jelous as you are but i dont hate them! you should be happy for them that they find someone they love!! and if you cant support that then i guess you aren’t a directioner.

    • Some Girl Called Cray-Cray

      REAL directioners, SUPPORT Perrie, Eleonor, and Danielle. One Direction have their own lives, so let them live it. Just because Perrie, Eleonor, and Danielle, are dating your dream guy, it automatically ruins One Direction? -__-

      • Guest

         REAL directioners know how to spell Eleanor

        • nina

           You spelled her name wrong.

          • nina

             Never mind

    • S00ner07

      your an idiot

    • girlyschoolchik

      what if u were them and u read that comment? i would be pretty pissed off at that person that said that

    • http://twitter.com/1DLover600229 ✰ ĐīŗέςŧἶөῆξŘ ✰

      You shouldn’t hate on them. Hating them more is going to make One Direction love you less.

    • J.hongganator<3

      If you were a true Directioner, you would be happy for them. I am. You should be too. I’m hurt that Liam, Zayn, and Louis have girlfriends because I love them too. I’m glad they’re in a relationship because they’re going on tour and they won’t be able to see each other. Just be glad for them

    • Yaisirymalik

      Your fucking pathetic. You basically don’t even know them you fucking DIRECTIONATOR. You need to re- make your life.

    • Mrs.Horan

      thats a horrible thing to say! why can’t people like u just be happt for them?!?!?! if u met the bos and they new what u said about their girl a i can gurentte they wouldn’t like you! deal with it! they have have girlfriends there happy ok! why cant you be happy if they are hmmmm? like if u agree! lets be happy 4 the lads coz there happy! its what a true directioner would do!

    • Kaylamalik1D

      I understand you hating Perrie. But there is absolutely NO reason for you to hate on Danielle and El. They are both amazing and you can tell that they really really love the boys. If you REALLY loved them, you’d be happy for them. Perrie, to me, doesnt give off the same vibes as Dani and El. And to be honest, I dont like Zerrie. AT ALL. But Im not gonna send her hate because that would not only hurt Perrie, but also Zayn. And I dont want that.

    • 1love1D

      u dont have to hate them…better for them to have girlfriend then havinga boyfriend instead..its good for..what if danielle eleanor and perrie are all u?so aspect everyone hates u?!

    • Shonamcnicol

      So, me and my friend are really good friends and then I got a boyfriend. Yeah she would go to parties and I would go out with my boyfriend but it doesn’t mean that she and I aren’t steal friends

    • Beccajordan2016

      y hate them??  The 1D boys are allowed to have lives, they are like any other normal human being who wants to be in love… I dont think the boys will stop being in 1D at all, they love it.  So stop being mean and hateing on them just because its not you  so if you really were a fan of one direction and cared you would be happy for them. <3

  • Louise My

    Perrie, Danielle and Eleonor are really lucky girls ! Okay I admit it Im jealous of them :/ but Im sooo happy for the boys they deserve to be happy. Who knows maybe one day one of us we’ll be one of there girlfriend 😀

  • Elizabeth malik

    I dont like perrie! I think eleanor and danielle are fine but i just dont like perrie! I have to admit i might be just a little jealous bcus I’ve always considered zayn as mine but i just dont like HER! Not the fact that shes zayns girlifriend!

  • Supertomlinson

    I’m happy for you guys..although it hurts me A LOT. But nvm, fight for you love guys!

  • Niall’s Mofo (;

    Um, hello? Hating Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie won’t make the boys love you at all. People like you are the ones they hate. You call yourself a directioner? Nahh, you’re a directinator. You think they’ll fall in love with you just because you hate on their girlfriends? Ha, what logic do you think this is? A true directioner or as we TRUE directioners like to say ‘Niall’s mofos’, would support them in everything they do. You are welcome to leave this fandom if you hate them.

  • k!!

    What I dont hate them…..i mean them having girlfriends and already thinking about marrying or having a family has a good chance of ruiningtheir career. What is that avout Danielle slagging on perie I didnt understand? Of course it’s gonna be hs rd to accept perrie cuz noone knows her that much yet.. But the same time she doesnt look like a nice person.. °_°

  • Zidene1D

    I love Danielle and Elenanor but not sure on Perrie. Im sure we will all come to accept her soon (hopefully)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003014871525 Kate Anne Billeaud

    I wish people would stop making freakin rumors they have been out for 2 years and just really got popular this year. and already s**t is going through the roof like really. The guys have girlfriends GET OVER IT! It happens they aren’t going to be single all there life.Give them a freakin break. You wish it was you i understand, but  it just isn’t meant to be. so once again GET OVER IT! I wish I was them to but Im not. Life still goes on.

  • True Directioner

    Girls Girls before we start sending hate mail to these girls lets think……Are they really gonna stay wih the same girl for the rest of their life? Thats what I thought, NO way their gonna stay with the same girl forever! I doubt their realtionships could even last 6 months with out some one cheating on the other person. Esspecially the boys, with girls thowing themselves at them, do you really think they can turn down EVERY one?

    I hope this comment gave you Directioners some hope for the future! – XOXO Directioner

  • Hherr2001@gmail.com

    A true directioner will be happy for them…

  • True Directioner

    I dont hate them cause think about it,do you really think that they will stay together forever? I didnt think so. Hating on them wont get you any where in life, it will just make you sound bitter. Its PERFECTLY ok to be jealous,but not hate. What have they done? NOTHING, but try to be happy. Dont worry I dont think that they will stay together forever, but for however long they do stay together,I hope their happy!

    One Direction + Gf = Happines
    Happines = Better Songs <3 ( not that they arent amazing already )
    Better Songs = Happier Fans

  • horan,imfree<3

    as long as their happy, im happy :) you shouldent hate on the girls! they have done nothing wrong.. you cant help falling in love :) <3

  • Amyloo2009

    Apparantly zayn and perrie ain’t going out no mote. she dumped him over text he’s heart broken. Bitch how could she do that!!!?? Xx :'(

  • Unkown

    Don’t hate on the girls ok. We can’t expect the 1D guys to be single forever

  • Makayliemartin57

    The most important thing is that they are happy! There is no reason to hate on Eleanor, Perrie,and Danielle: if you were them you wouldn’t want to be hated on for being in love. I absolutely love Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie.((: But, Eleanor && Louis are so adorable together. <3

  • http://twitter.com/JohanaGarcia1 Johana Garcia

    I Love! the relationships of Liam&Danielle & Louis&Eleanor!! but I Respect Zerrie  😉

  • Amanda:)

    No I don’t hate them :) no true Directioner could ever hate the.people our boys love :) ok a little sad…honestly who wouldn’t be. but as much as a lot of people don’t want to admit..they r part of the family now and if Liam Louis and zayn love them and they make them happy, then I love them too :) <3

  • Lainey1006

    What about Niall’s girlfriend??????????????Please tell me i am not the only one who remembered!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003795382739 Nalina Styles

    u all are my bff

  • Adriana_anisa14

    Wahaaaaa!!! I’m so jealous:-(btw i like elanor,she’s cute;-) ahh zayn why u choose perrie? Haha it’s ok im only can singing I WISH song hahah

  • lan44

    @9da6fedb1da3dbf2c4b00dc895d6014e:disqus calm down what if you were famous and people said things like that to your boyfriends would you like that I did’t think so.

  • Katehennessy


  • nina

     Louis dont plan a family already. That is harsh already. Louis can you come visit with the band one day my address is 2330 Westminster drive in Modesto California. the closest street is Oakdale road and Autum.please come one day. I am crazy about one direction. One more thing tell harry dont shave his head.

  • Melissa Jaime80

    Omg Perrie Is So Freaking Lucky I Wish God Blessed Me Like He Did To Her With Zayn !

  • http://twitter.com/hazza_lovesUS ☮ MEME AND GABI✌♥爱

    I don’t ship #Zerrie

  • http://twitter.com/hazza_lovesUS ☮ MEME AND GABI✌♥爱

    I dont ship #Zerrie

  • http://twitter.com/stellarryx Take Me Home :)

    pff don’t be a hater girls we all know Perrie is not gonna stay and Danielle and Eleonor are just sweet :)

  • S00ner07

    I hate how #1DiSaWsOmE is so stuck up and snotty she cant feel happy for the boys. They deserve to go out with whoever they want. But your saying that since they r superstars they cant live their own lives. If you were famous ( never gonna happen) would you like it if people said you cant go out with someone. No you wouldnt. So get a life and stop bein jealous.

  • S00ner07

    And just cuz they dont like You doesnt mean you have to be mean. Your just a hater bein hateful.

  • Czarinaresurreccion

    The truth is… I love and respect Eleanor and Danielle, they’re just so pretty and amazing! While Perrie, I don’t love her, but I do respect Zayn and Perrie as a couple, because Perrie and Zayn were dating before, but then when Zayn lost X Factor, she dumped her, for me it’s just wrong. But I don’t hate her, if she makes Zayn happy then I’m happy too. You know you’re a Directioner when you’re lifelong dream is to look like Danielle and Eleanor. :) xxxx

  • Niallhoranfan

    I really like all of the 1D band but Harry… because my opinion is his hair is bigger than his head… my opinion sorry.

  • Anifeau

    They are so cute. You haters must be either 1000 pounds or completely skinny if you have horrible things to say about people you don’t even know. Get stuffed. Trashing their gfs makes them hate you even more. 

  • Amal_yucut4

    not to say anything but perrie, eleonor and danille are reining one direction srsly grls plxz dont ruin one direction plz they like inspire me to follow ma dreams nd i dont wasnt that to b ova ;(

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L57YR4ZW6267P6LJGV7CEKHEMA Kristy

    UqH, Lucky girls, Yes i am jeslous but because they are so hott, & I mean Eleonor & Danielle are pretty But perrie , auh  she ain’t even that pretty , i mean at least if she was , i wouldn’t complain, Auhh Zayne , leave her & come with me , we should get married (:

  • Rebeccameza88

    I totally respect their choices! Don’t be hating on their gf’s! A TRUE directioner would support them 100%!!!

  • nina

    I hate Eleonor, but no. I love Louis, but cant marry him. My stupid culture.

  • nina


  • Shonamcnicol

    You can’t hate someone beacuse they are with your dream guy. And do you think that Liam, Harry or Zayn would like you or want to date you ( If you were the same age or around the same age) if you were insulting there girlfriends or being mean to them. Think Twice. I bet ne Direction aren’t happy with what you people are doing. I love Liam but that does not mean that I am going to hate danielle. She is an amazayn person and so is everyone elses girlfriend.

  • guest1

    I think we all should be happy for them because they are happy and that is what is important jealousy gets you nowhere

  • Cailanicole

    i happy for all three girls!!! they arent ruining 1D :)

  • gurman gill


  • gurman gill

    well thats their choice what can we do but…. Still ONE DIRECTION I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH YOU GUYZ ARE THE BEST………

  • Bserjlham

    i liked danielle and eleanor but i don’t like perrie
    cuz’ i think perrie is to ugly for zayn
    i wish zayn has a good,intellegent gf 

  • Tahiiya Singleton

    I hacked my mom’s fb to leave this message….I love u 1d Zane you my boy lets get it lol

  • Tahiiya Singleton

    U guys are like a gods love u Zane u to Harry keep up the good work then come lend me some money lol