1D To Attend NRJ Awards In France On Saturday Night

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Tomorrow night One Direction will be at the NRJ Awards in France, as will Taylor Swift…


The 1D boys are up for ‘Best International Group’, obviously they’re going to win…

The NJR Awards are like the same as our BRIT Awards, but they’re French, not British.


Rumours have been circulating that Harry and Taylor’s relationship is not completely over, and that this could be their opportunity to get back together!

Apparently, they have both booked into the same hotel and are expected to spend some time alone after the show.


Maybe they will rekindle their romance? 😉

A friend of Harry’s told Heat magazine:

They won’t let each other go that easily. They’re waiting for the dust to settle after their row made front-page news.”

The insider added:

“But this is not the last you’ve seen of their romance.”

Hmm, who knows what will happen?

Anyway, Good Luck boys you go get ’em!

Oh yeah.. speaking of France, remember this?


Ooh la la 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/annabeth.chase.3192 Annabeth Chase


    • http://twitter.com/1DNiallsBabe1D ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

      You are totally my new best friend :) haha

      • ZarMaz

        And you both are MY new best friends! ;P

        • http://www.facebook.com/annabeth.chase.3192 Annabeth Chase

          And all of you guys are mine

    • Paola Malik

      Well, even if you dont ship it, you still have to respect it!!! There is nothing wrong with their relationship!!! I think Harry knows what he is getting into, you dont even know Taylor Swift well enough to not like her!!

  • Molly

    Good luck boys

  • 1direction#amazing!

    Oui oui!! Can’t wait until the boys win! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  • icametocelebrate

    Ah.. One Direction drama…best drama

    • Anonymous


  • Aylin Morelos

    tee hee no louis save him

  • Olivia Jones

    UGG!! I don’t hate Haylor bc hate is a strong word! I just dint agree with Harry’s decision.

    • Anna Grace

      Thank You,someone finally agrees with me.

      • Olivia Jones

        Yup cheeka anytime!

    • havazoe


  • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

    Not sure that I would agree about the NRJ music awards being like the brits, it’s more like the MTV music awards in term of prestige IMHO…

    Whatever happens between Harry and Taylor, I just hope that they are happy in the end. I am of course more concerned about Harry than Taylor, but I don’t wish her bad things either. I don’t know if they can really work out as a couple considering how things turned out previously, but I will support Harry and 1D either way!

  • chloe

    Good luck boys xxx

  • http://twitter.com/IraLovesOreos Ira Ris

    Listen, if Harry still loves Taylor, then why not let them getting back together? I hate them as a couple and I am so sick of this Haylor madness. But its Harry’s life, and we can at least accept their love. You don’t have to respect it, but at least accept it.

    • ILOVE1DX5

      I totally agree!!!!!

    • 1d_sister

      so damn true!
      Their relationship is totally their business and popping up into theirs won’t be nice…
      Accept it,girls!

      • Sarah

        10000000000% accept!!!!

        • 1d_sister

          =) agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

    • havazoe

      I tots agree!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with u!!!!

  • emily

    Louis is sooooo cute in that pic

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Zayn_Malik_Ella Ella schwartz

    guys Harry Like taylor SO WHAT! the need a love life of their own i say it is fine with me
    If they happy i happy
    Now let them be PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (0_0) PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! I’m tired of fans that hate haylor because they think they’re in love with him, even though they’ve never met him!!!!

  • Go 1D you guys are awesome

    Good luck guys. Ya deserve to win. You guys are awesome:-)

  • http://twitter.com/IGoOneWay1D Christine Says Hi :]

    Im not gonna send hate and blabber on about how much i hate haylor. If they’re both truly inlove i’ll respect! Anyways, cant wait for One Direction to take the NJR awards home 😀

  • http://twitter.com/Megan_Niall_1D Megan

    I can’t wait, I hope One Direction wins a NRJ music award! Awww so excited! 1D 1D 1D 😉

  • Alexa♥s1D

    Um wonder what harry and taylor are gonna do there

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiara.pengue Kiara Pengue

    Oh Louis!!!!

  • Michelle Direction

    Good luck 1D

    • Michelle Direction

      Good good luck 1D

  • mystery

    Haylor should not happen Taylor is WAY too good for Harry

    • havazoe

      Whoa, Whoa, Whose! Taylor

      • havazoe

        To good for Hazza,? Um check your sirections ……. Mystery, because I think your on the wrong fan site. Don’t need you to come over here and insult us!!

        • mystery

          Dont always have to be a fan of every one of them…

  • Jazmine


  • http://twitter.com/_maddystyles MrsMaddySetterfield

    I strongly dislike haylor but we though i dont want to respect it i do for harry, so that means i respect it but dont accept it!!!

  • Sophia

    Can we vote?

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    Taylor needs to back off. I heard she has her sights on someone new, so I don’t believe a bit of this B.S.

  • Carolina Munayer


  • Directioner_Life

    While reading this We are never ever getting back together came on…… One Direction is totes gonna win.

  • Mrs.Malik

    Go One Direction win the NRJ awards

    • Mrs.Malik

      Unless harry really love taylor than he has the right to date her thats his life

  • 1Dfever

    I ship emma and harry better -.-“

  • Ishita

    Happy republic day to all Indians!!

    • Anonymous

      Happy republic day!

      • Ishita


  • 1d_sister

    I love our boys! They always make me proud!
    Just can’t wait for them to take it home!!!

  • havazoe

    Dust not settling! Dust not settling! Stirring up the dust! Dust will never settle! I lurve Harry!

  • Andrea :3

    One Direction has won an award in Spain!!! :3

  • http://twitter.com/katrina_ruffo Katrina Rūfføñātör

    Okay seriously everyone is like “you’re not a true directioner if you don’t support the boys in their relationships” the thing is I strongly support all the boys’ relationships EXCEPT this one. It’s not that I don’t want Harry to be happy or that I have some wild dream that I myself will marry Harry because that wouldn’t ever happen. It’s just that I, and many other people know what Taylor is like with relationships. She’s had what? 13 boyfriends in a year? If that doesn’t tell you anything about her then I don’t know what does. All I want is for Harry to be happy and in a long-lasting relationship and I just don’t see it with Taylor and I know he’s going to get hurt sometime :(

    • Paola Malik

      She has only had 6 boyfriends! You need to get your facts straight!!!! I think Harry knows what the hell he is doing, he is mature enough to understand. If he likes her it’s for a special reason. You dont know how Taylor Swift is because you have never met her. If you dont support them YOU ARE NOT a true Directioner!!! If Harry loves her, you should respect them. By the way, most of the guys Taylor has dated have broken up with her, so she has been heartbroken, she isn’t a heart breaker !

  • disqus_ZWOBfLfcxm

    1D will win ofc

  • http://twitter.com/ChaCha2TheMusic ChaCha ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    i’ll ship Haylor when they actually fall for each other, maybe they can convince me of that the second time around if there even is gonna be a second time…but till then team DARRY yup directioners and harry WHOO

  • Kaitlyn

    I don’t reall wat them 2 be back 2 gether. What eva makes Harry happy. Taylor don’t brake up wiv him and write a sng!

  • malisian

    this photo is cute!!!!!!!!!

  • ruby

    Wat channel on direct tv?

  • http://www.facebook.com/xxjade55 Jade Brock

    All I have to say, is NOBODY SHIPS HAYLOR!

    • Paola Malik

      Plenty of people do, the ones who dont, are not true Directioners!