1D To Be Treated Like Kings At MTV VMA’s

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We still can’t get over how BIG the boys have become. Brings a tear to our collective eye’s, when only 2 years ago they hadn’t even performed on the first live show of X Factor yet. Oh the nostalgia.

Right, after that little reminiscent experience, lets cut to here and NOW!

Apparently, the 1D fella’s are going to be treated with the highest honour at the VMA’s. They will be getting one of the biggest area’s backstage and will be setting front & centre at the awards – expect them to be on stage to accept at least one award!

Of course, there is also the unforgettable performance we have all been promised. The boys are thought to be performing “What Makes You Beautiful”, because they want to go out with a bang to close up this chapter of their careers.

The “Up All Night” era is nearly over *sad face*.

Can you believe we’re about to have another single and another album and then another tour (and then another tour), DVD and then and *breathes* – phew so much to look forward too.

Although you’ve heard “What makes you beautiful” thousands of times before, 1D want this to be the most elaborate production of the song ever, as a thank you to faithful directioners.

Naww, so sweet.

Make sure you cast your vote for One Direction in the VMA’s here. And it’s very, very close in the running for “Most Share-Worthy Video” between our boys and Justin Bieber. Tweet the following to cast your vote for that:

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We can’t wait to see them rock the stage. The reception they got at the Logie Awards in Australia was unbelievable, with security said to be the tightest it has ever been.

No doubt some directioners hoping for a glimpse will also be waiting outside the VMA’s!