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1D Tweet Round-Up: Weekend! 5-7th July 2013 Where Are Louis And Zayn?!


Here’s what the 1D boys have been tweeting about for the past three days…


On Friday, Harry posted a Vine video with the caption: “It’s like watching a rhino on a skateboard.”

Liam tweeted: “Montreal such an amazing gig thank you so much as I said tonight can’t believe I get to do this everyday thank you x”

Niall posted: “Montreal! Unbelievable gig! One of my favourites of the whole tour from the start! U were incredible!”

“Can we all just put our hands together for the one and only @benwinston ! Seen the music video For BSE ! Smashed it Benjamin! Love u!”

He also tweeted: “I’ve said it 100 times and I’ll say it again! Joe Walsh from the eagles is a guitar genius!

“We are on the same route around the states and canada as @brunomars just a day behind him! Would love to go see him! #moonshinejungle”


On Saturday, Niall said: “I tell you what! Hershey was incredible tonight 30,000 of you guys in there! The heat was stupid!”

“yes @lionsofficial ! champs! If it wasnt so warm out I’d be wearing my lions shirt! #InBODWeTrust”

“last night!Louis made me rolly poly the whole way up the stage!regretting it!Back is destroyed in scratches and bruises from the stage”

“34 degrees out! And about 90 % humidity ! The heat is chronic!”


On Sunday, Harry tweeted: “Thank you Hershey for the amazing shows. You were so loud. Thanks for having us .xx”

“Happy Birthday to @Ashton5SOS. A true gentleman and an all round lovely fellow. Hope you have a good one sir. Dingo.”

Harry then posted a Vine video saying: “Go on Lloyd.”

He then tweeted: “Lloyd has possibly the best fighting montage I’ve ever seen.”

Niall also tweeted quite a lot yesterday. He posted: “Hershey ! What a place! 2 incredible nights there! Big love ! Thanks to all of you who came t see us!”

“Just listening to some @elliegoulding ! What a talent she is! Beautiful voice !”

“Good show tonight lads @louis_tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne @zaynmalik @harry_styles @JoshDevineDrums @sandybeales @JonShoneKeys @guitarmandan”

He also posted: “Hahaha ! @SpiderAnderson just proved that cocky and arrogance will get you nowhere! @ChrisWeidmanUFC champion”

“Happy birthday to one of our brothers @Ashton5SOS ! Love you bro !”


He also tweeted some support for British tennis number one Andy Murray who was competing in the Wimbledon final: “This final is soo tense! c’mon Murray”

Once again there were no tweets from Louis or Zayn.

Come back tomorrow to see what the boys were tweeting about today!

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  • 1d biggest fan

    Im gettin really worried about zayn nd louis!!! :(

    • Alannah

      I know. What if something happened?

      • 0BEY T0 1D

        Nothing happened. Some people don’t spend their time on Twitter. They do have a life outside of Twitter.

        • RIHAM ♥

          looooool yeahh.

        • directionnerrrr

          soo true.!! we mustn’t be worried about them.!! don’t you think..?? :-/

      • Nia malik

        Nothing haPpened as they’ve been seen otherwhere

      • RIHAM ♥

        If something happened we would’ve known.

      • A’alyciaP._1D

        I’m pretty sure nothing happened because if something did we would know by now plus just saw a video and a recent pic of all of them

    • A’alyciaP._1D

      Nothing to worry about love I’m sure everything’s fine x

    • Harry’s Cupcake

      Me 2 omg they didn’t tweet from June

  • Nia malik

    Maybe they just forgot or have nothing to say): it’s really bad! I know zayn was never much of a tweeter but Louis?

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    I just think Zayn and Louis is more concerned about family and friends probly and texing them or calling them…..!:))) i hope nothin bad happens or happened

  • hollie

    Being a true directioner, I always am worried about all five of my boys. However, i’ve been thinking about Louis and Zayn’s twitter situation and maybe they just don’t want to tweet….I mean it’s a free country and they can tweet whenever they want to! x)

  • Saratomlinson#

    I think they just don’t post that much if something happened the boys would say it or some crAzy fan might find out wich there are alot so think threre ok

  • Samantha Wollacott

    Nothing has happened to them you idiots.
    Maybe there with Perrie and El.
    If so there not gonna tweet whilst spending time with their girls.
    There rarely together.

    • Abigail


  • Abigail

    I’m getting worried about Louis and Zayn

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    Louis and Zayn and worrying me…

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