1D Will Do Anything To See Their Fans – Aww

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One Direction have done so well with fan interaction and have really created an atmosphere of connection where Directioners around the world have felt like they’re recognised and seen by each of the lads.

It does seem that One Direction have started to take some fairly risky moves in order to see their fans though, even going as far to dodge their own security…only to get a scolding from some other high up officials.

There has been a report that the lads climbed on top of a building, against security protocol, to get a glance of adoring fans waiting below. Talking to the Daily Star Louis and Zayn explained how the incident unfolded.

“When we were in the studio, there were fans outside and we couldn’t leave as it was a security risk,” explains Zayn.

“So me and Louis snuck out the back and got up on to the roof. Our security were furious.”

Louis elaborates: “Liam and I got a bit bored. We managed to climb right to the top of the roof, which was really high.”

Adding, “We were laughing and joking but then looked over the edge and realized there were people who worked there looking at us, absolutely furious that we might fall.”

Be safe lads, we don’t want any broken One Direction boys!

To hold onto such adoring fans, One Direction has to produce fantastic music. But it looks like they binge on some less than great food choice to get them through the recording of it!

Harry says:

“We ate loads of fast food while recording. I think we were in one studio for about two weeks and it was just a rotation of a certain Thai restaurant and Portuguese chicken restaurant over and over again.”

“It’s very easy to get stuck in there – you end up with studio tan where you just go green because you have been inside for a week.”

We don’t know about you guys, but WOW the new album certainly delivers in every way.

What is your favourite track from the new LP?