1D’s Best Ever Twitter Trending Topics

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Twitter is getting bigger and bigger, as are our 1D boys.

And they’ve continued to take over Twitter Trends, just like they’re taking over everything else.

So, we thought we’d have a look at all the One Direction Twitter Trends, and pick out the 10 biggest and best for you.

And just so you know, this wasn’t easy, there has been LOADS of 1D trends…and we mean LOADS!


My personal fave. This trends when Directioners post their fave One Direction pickup lines, which they probably wish for the boys to use on them.

They’re usually funny, witty comments and pictures that fans have made so we love reading them!

How would you feel if they used one of these on you?



Back in May 2012, Niall Horan called a bunch of his fans “mofo’s”…yep, mofo’s.

Niall tweeted: “Love all you mofo’s..can hear u singing outside the hotel

This quickly sparked a new trend and Directioners everywhere were going crazy!

For the picky people amongst them, it was a harsh comment, but to the majority it was nothing but light-hearted fun and just another opportunity to get Niall trending.

Some of the fans reactions:

@NaviaKaur: #NiallsMofo is trending like crazy ! WOOT ! : )
@AndreaShorty1: Made my night when nialls said directioners were his mofos #NiallsMofo
‏@JBheartsfans: proud to be one of #niallsmofo 😉
@miccamoran: hahahhahahahaha, #NiallsMofo foreveeeerr, my love @NiallOfficial I love youuuuuuuu
@NiamForeva: ok Directioners we now call ourselves Mofos k? k. #NiallsMofo
@RoaaAshraf: I am proud to be #NiallsMofo the same way I am proud to be a #directioner




An ACTUAL slumber party with the ACTUAL 1D boys.


Unfortunately this wasn’t a trend to win your 1D dream, it’s just one of those trends that loads of Directioners casually use every now and then.

It often includes a bunch of pictures when they’ve painted 1D themed nails, though.

Apart from that, Niall used it once to play ‘#2TruthsAndALie’.

This just meant that all the fangirls were lured into a false belief that they were actually at a slumber party with Nialler while he was spilling his secrets, ommmm.



Have a guess who this is about?

Yup, you got it…good ol’ Harry Styles and his trusty curly locks!

There’s no denying that he probs has the most famous and envied hair around…people just can’t get enough of it!

So here it is, a trend dedicated to his ‘fro.

Harry Styles hair - sweet!


…Really? We would never have guessed 😉

Yep, Niall reaaally does just take over Twitter doesn’t he!

Especially over in the US where the girls are craaaazy about him!

The American girls just looove his blonde hair and Irish accent… don’t we all? 😉

But awwww, what about all the other boys?

Shoutout to the other 4/5 of 1D!

Niall Horan wearing a bandana



Here’s another Harry tweet, this time the 1D fans have gathered together to show their support for one of his very few, well let’s just say unfortunate features.

It was rumoured that Harry Styles has four nipples. And proved that he DOES in fact, have four nipples.

Nah, we’re just kidding, the other two are just freckles which happen to be positioned below his real nipples.

But we still love you Harry, you and all 4 of your nipples.

Although, non-directioners could have found this trend a little odd to say the least…:/



This was probably every Directioners fave day of the year!

Better than Christmas….?

Well, it was when all the dedicated Directioners got together on Twitter to celebrate the birth of One Direction.

It’s all pretty cute and supportive, until the horrid Directionaters get wind of it. Eww.



Only you Directioners would tweet something like this, haha.

Creating some sort of petition to get Harry and Louis to have sex? Yep, typical crazy fan girls 😉

This trend went viral, no doubt Harry and Louis saw it, but we’re yet to hear their reactions.

It probably just went straight over their head, they probably didn’t react..

Or did they? Who knows? 😉



Now, we all know that the 1D boys love to joke and fool around about their love for boobs…so this tweet was just ALWAYS going to happen really, wasn’t it?

Who knew you guys could be so inventive?

Some of them were AWESOME!

But we especially like…

“I’m in love with you and all your little boobs”




We guarantee that at least 80% of you guys have tweeted this, or wanted to tweet this at one point.

Because let’s face it, who’s bed doesn’t?

Loads of crazy fangirls seem to have these beds that are attracted to the 1D boys…oh the coincidence.

So it seems that our beds want 1D just as much as we do, and they’re not afraid to admit it!

1D in JAPAN!

So what’s been your fave 1D Twitter Trend? 😀

  • Guest

    haha How about: #andHarrywaslikeOWlouisyoufortgotthelube xD

  • http://twitter.com/IraLovesOreos Ira Ris

    HAHAHA “I’m in love with you, and all your little boobs” xD

  • http://twitter.com/xoxpunkstar3003 zayn malik fan

    Luv in da pic

  • Shayla styles

    Hahaha 😀

  • Olivia Jones

    I think harry and Niall are the cutest! So I think that I would go for like niall though

    • Sydney_holand

      I think they ALL r cute but I would go 4 who ever likes ME

      • Olivia Jones

        You make a good point! I just look for one with the best personality and seems like he could take care of a girl the best!

      • JSRRamsaran


      • Sarah

        Yey me too!!! But I crazily hope that guy was Liam!!!!

  • Tessa__xx

    How about: #iwanttomarryharrybuthedoesntknowiexistbutikeepdreaming :)

    • 1D Sweety

      Ya I know I guess there isn’t enough Harry to go around.

  • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

    I thought the greatest trend was “Why are you so fit?” (no idea how they wrote it)…

    How it came about was just so funny, and it was just both a hilarious and bad question to ask, and so in the vein of “will you marry me?” but unexpected…
    It was such a spontanous trend and a really funny moment from what I understand.

  • Sydney_holand

    We would have a FUN sleepover pillow fight

  • Aylin Morelos

    directioner day but don’t forget

  • Nia malik

    Wb it’s gotta be boobs? LOL

  • http://twitter.com/I_needHoran_hug Valentina

    I really don’t like picking any of them.I love them all very much! So I think mine is #IWant1DInMyBed <3

  • http://twitter.com/1DNiallsBabe1D ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

    #OneDirectionAndTheMofos 😉

    • http://twitter.com/annie99914 Angela T.

      lets put this on twitter!

  • Ashley Reyes

    I love all those pics. go 1d.

  • Emilyrose555


    • Aime

      Omg.! Yea xD

    • http://twitter.com/Joanne_Qiu Asheyy_OneDirection

      That was so my favourite ;>

  • 1D Sweety

    Haha Harry has 4 nipples. He is soo adorable! I love you Harold.


    They were all funny!!!!! March 14 gotta remember it!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/IGoOneWay1D Christine Says Hi :]

    Oh gosh. My one direction poster fell onto my bed so i was like “I KNOW YOU WANT MEH!” Hehe…

  • http://twitter.com/chandniamin ツ Moon Malik ツ

    Bo Zayn trends

  • http://twitter.com/chandniamin ツ Moon Malik ツ


  • http://twitter.com/love1dlovepink sarah

    My personal favorite trend was #SleepWithMe1D

  • Sarah+1D

    I am going to draw that sign on my hand on march 24

  • http://twitter.com/Rylee_roo Rylee Anderton

    If we had a sleep over we would play a game; rock, paper take all your clothes off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/belieber312 Kristen Hunt

    #HarrystylestohavesexwithLouis_Tomlinson <3

  • Styles

    ALL The Trendings. hahaha IM PROUD TO BE A DRECTIONER. x

  • 1d_sister

    Yay! I’m a Nialler’s MOFO!!
    Love all of them!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m an american directioner for Niall!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharri montgomery

    The closest I get to sleeping with 1D is my wonderful one direction blanket!

  • madelyn paige

    I’m American and I like hazza I wish hazza was my boyfriend and Niall was my best friend

  • Monlisarxxxx

    #CurlsGettingGurlsz hahah My Fav.
    #HowCanYaBeMoreSexierThanHarry :]
    #UCant :)

  • disqus_zsxc2W1vvB

    Hi do you think there is enough Louis Tomlinson to go around? I don’t since all the girls in ma class including me got his autograph in america!!!

  • havazoe


  • hoi

    hoi louis is van mij!!

  • nikkilovesnialler


  • http://twitter.com/madison5743 madison marberry

    XD im Niall’s mofo and im damn proud of it

  • abby

    Niall! I am you’re keyboard!

  • abby

    Niall! I am you’re keyboard!

  • marry

    1 direction <3

  • marry

    do anyone know where to ask 1 direction somthing??????????