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1D’s Funniest Ever Photos!


I don’t think you’re ready for this one, we’re giving you 10 of the funniest EVER pics of the boys!

We know how much the boys love to mess around and just be stupid, so you kinda know what to expect… but, prepare yourself!


Ok, so we know this isn’t exactly true, and there’s been a tad photoshop’in going on here, but we still found it HILARIOUS

Something missing, boys?


How much would you love to bury Zayn under a mountain of sand? He seems to be loving it and he still looks cute without a body…


Oh, Louis! Not quite sure how to describe this face, or what it’s meant to be but he has got a bit of the terrified/dying-to-laugh look going on here!


Pretty self explanatory, basically Harry went skinny dipping and what we’d really like to know is where is this pool and why wasn’t we invited?


Aww, look! It’s Zarry gettin’ a bit cosy!


Now, I don’t know about you but we just LOVE this pic of Harry Styles! Looks as if he’s telling Louis off, but we couldn’t take him serious if he was telling us off with his face like that...


Probably not one of Niall and Harry’s best pics yet…


Oh Liam, we just love this look…


The look really suits you boys, although we’re not too sure if we’d be OK with it on a day-to-day basis…


OMG! This is just creepy. Hello Niall Malik?!


Sooooooo…. which one’s your fave?!

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