1D’s ‘This Is Us’ Movie Trailer Now In Cinemas – Have You Seen It Yet?

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The official 1D Facebook page have a launched a brand new ‘This Is Us’ online booking app, in association with Sony Pictures.

Click here to open the app. (opens in new window)

The buzz around the movie is really starting to gather pace now, as 1DHQ also said:

“1DFamily! Make sure you’re following @1DThisIsUs on Twitter to keep up with all the latest on the guys’ movie – not long to go now! Ps. Check out their new site below… 1DHQ x”

One Direction 'Best Song Ever'

We’d been waiting for ages to see the trailer appear at the cinema, but now it seems it’s finally hit the big screens. 1DHQ said the following on Friday:

“If any of you are off to watch Monster University at the cinema tonight, you might be in for a 1D-related surprise… The trailer is in cinemas from today! (Ok – not such a surprise anymore…!) 1DHQ x”

Get yourself all excited by watching the official trailer again below:

The 1D marketing machine is getting ready to explode again with ‘Best Song Ever’ only a week away from its release. Songwriter Ed Drewett spoke to EntertainmentWise about the track, saying:

“The chorus is pretty much about a night that they and their girl shared together, they got tipsy and forgot what the best song ever was, but they remembered the words that night, but forgot it by the morning.”

New song and new movie out at the same time.

Time for a big 1DHurray!

  • Stini2526


  • Bhen Ford

    Its so unfair Philippines wont be blessed by the said movie! We demand for “This is us” !!! Anyways, #RIPCoryMonteith

    • Annika Vergara

      Nope (: it will be showing in the Philippines (: i checked sony pictures (: #RIPCoryMonteith

      • Bhen Ford

        Really?! Oh my goodness!!! yay? ahah #RIPCoryMonteith

        • Annika Vergara

          Yeah! Check it for yourself on columbiapcitures..com.ph

          • Annika Vergara


          • Bhen Ford

            Thanks! :) x

      • marmar margs lominoque

        i think they said it will be on August…….IDK they talked about it on ABS-CBN one time idk

        • Annika Vergara

          There are already posters up for the movie on SM(:

          • marmar margs lominoque

            which SM???????

  • Sarah

    yes, I have seen it in Australian cinemas :)

  • Rrejusha Parayil

    Hurray!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

    Yesssss!!! Finally! I’ve been going to the movies hoping I’ll see it but I never do and it’s here now! :)

    • hollie

      Who is Cory Monteith???:/

      • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

        I’m sorry that before today, I didn’t know who he was either. He was a Glee star that died yesterday in a hotel room that was the idol of many Gleeks. All fandoms including us Directioners are showing our love and support for the Gleeks who lost thier idol, as we can’t even imagine if one of our own boys were to die unexpectedly.

        • hollie

          Okayy thanks #RIPCoryMonteith

          • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

            Welcome :)

  • Victoria Cortez

    this is the moment I have been waiting for 1d will release a massive song that will be global and then they’ll get bigger and better!

  • Ruchi

    OMG! I can’t wait! Any Directioners going to London Acton Vue to see it?

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Yaya finally get to go cinemas and see it yay!!!


    • Aastha Ginodia

      I wont EVER be able to watch glee without him :'( for me Finn was the best

      • i_luv_1D_14

        I no same I loved fincheal sooo much I just stand it him being dead

  • Tom Havrilka

    Happy early birthday!!

  • Gabrielle ross

    Ahhhhhhhhhh Im all excited now!!!!

  • Izla Nieves

    It looks cool to see

  • Tildisen <3

    Oh gosh.. I can’t stop smile when I see the trailer and every time I come to: MAKE SOME NOISE!! I start crying.. This is unbelievable.!! < 3333

  • weyhey1D


    • weyhey1D


    • Riel Whittle

      Same here!!!!!!!!

  • σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fσя ∞

    YESSSS!!! I fangirled so hard when it came on I was trying so hard not to scream

    • Riel Whittle

      I need to go to the movies today! Or this week! 2 weeks ago (wow) I saw movies 3 days straight and they showed the same previews over and OVER again! (Lol over again :) this will be a welcome change and its 1D!!! 😀 now all I need is to see the Percy Jackson trailer in theaters and my life will be complete… Till they both come out :3 oh! And when I went to the movies I saw the poster for this is us and I said “oh my gosh oh my gosh I need to take a pic of this! I need to stare at this glorious poster and bask in their pic…. Don’t judge me. (something along those lines…) lol same with the PJ poster when I saw it

      • σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fσя ∞

        OMG I SAW THAT POSTER!!! But the stupid cinema took it down :( I have seen the Percy Jackson trailer it is EPIC!! Now I have to see the catching fire trailer at the cinemas and I’ll be fine :)

        • Riel Whittle

          I saw that already I’m not a hunger games fan though XP and yeah! I was very critical about the PJ trailer cause its got to be the best it can! And it was really good :3 and that stinks! They should never take down beautiful posters 😀

  • ilovetysimpkins

    grrrr! i HATE my local cinema!

  • Izla Nieves

    Rip cory monteith we love you

  • T۰۪a۫۰۪y۫¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    i never go to the movies, so i havent seen it there. hah. but i sure as heck will be there for da movie!! 😀

  • Narane (:

    Me and my friends went to go watch a movie and once we entered we heard the trailer ( and im the biggest fan out of all my friends ) so i started singing and dancing really loud because no shame. :)

    && R.I.P Cory, I miss you :( Xx

  • Angie malik

    I saw grown ups 2 yesterday and it was halarious but anyways the 1D this is us preview came on I was like OMG!!! It was AWSOME! <333

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Went cinemas yesterday an j saw the ad for this is us and apperantly I saw on the cinema site that its coming out on the 19/8 soo excited if its true btw I’m in Sydney

  • Cait

    lol i love the picture of liam pulling harry’s pants above

  • Lauren

    I’ve seen it twice now in the cinema! Yay!! Love it xx

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    O si me divierte esto