200 Facts You NEED To Know About One Direction!

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Think you are a true Directioner and know everything about the boys? Well we have 200 fun facts about them which may take you by surprise…

[We originally posted this back in October last year, but we thought we’d give it a re-post today, just cos we’re nice and all]

Harry Styles

Who would have thought that cute Harry Styles has a love for pole dancing and walking around naked? Looks like it’s time to get to know him more and see what other secrets he’s hiding behind those curly locks…

1. He came up with the name ‘One Direction’.

2. If he wasn’t in the band he would be at university studying and would work in a bakery!

3. Liam and Louis have mad Harry cry twice. By giving him a GIANT wedgie then ripping his Calvin Klein underwear and straightening his gorgeous curly hair in his sleep. – Let’s hope he doesn’t take to the straightening idea!

4. His favorite food is sweetcorn and his fave drink is apple juice.

5. He thinks that if he wasn’t in One Direction people wouldn’t like him as much as they do.

6. He can play the kazoo – Is there anything he can’t do?

7. Harry says that if he had the chance,, he’d date Taylor Swift – Back off, Swifty!

8. He thinks that ‘Bambi’ is the perfect first date movie because your date will get emotional and cuddle up to you – Aww!

9. When he was younger he used to write on his toast with food colouring.

10. Harry’s first word was ‘cat’

11. He says he’s awful at covering up his emotions.

12. Harry’s favorite song on the album is ‘More Than This’.

13. GIRLS!! – Harry likes girls who wear pink!

14. He once told a girl he was gay because he wasn’t interested in her.

15. Harry thinks Niall looks like Furby.

16. He likes a girl with a good appetite!

17. For Harry a romantic date would be tandem bike riding – What’s wrong with Nandos?

18. He would rather kiss a girl than eat pizza.

19. One time Harry fell in front of the paparazzi, so the rest of the boys fell over too so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed – Brotherly Love!

20. He thought ‘The Hunger Games’ was about food.

21. He does not like mayonnaise.

22. Harry doesn’t like signing boobs…So in advance, don’t ask him to!

23. Harry’s dress up doll on ‘Stardoll’ has four nipples.

24. He walks around naked.

25. He hates it when more popular fans consider themselves amazing.

26. Has ridden a motorbike completely naked before!

27. Got a fans number at a signing once – Jealous!!

28. His Facebook name used to be Harry “Nugget” Styles!

29. He had his first kiss aged 11.

30. Harry finds girls cute when they wear soccer jerseys – Time to save up for one!

31. He sometimes calls Louis ‘Pumpkin’.

32. He is fluent in French – Ooh La La!

33. He sleeps with a blanky!

34. He has always dreamed of playing Hide & Seek under the sheets with his girlfriend!

35. He is still waiting for his passionate kiss in the rain – We’re ready, Harry!

36. Most of his girlfriends have been blonde but he likes a good brunette!

37. He’d date someone three years younger and would wait if necessary.

38. The boys think Harry gives the best hugs – We’d like to judge that!

39. He used to pole dance in the school playground.

40. “How incredible would it be if we were like outside meeting fans and we all just grabbed one fan and gave them a proper snogging?!” – Harry Styles.

Zayn Malik

So, ‘hot and spicy’ Zayn is really a softie on the quiet? We’re eager to know all about his romantic ways and what he likes in a girl…

1. Zayn has a tattoo on his chest which says his Grandfathers name, in Arabic.

2. If he wasn’t in the band he would be an English teacher. – We would never miss a lesson!

3. Zayn‘s Youtube account goes by the name of ‘bradfordboizayn‘.

4. He does funny dancing when he is drunk!

5. He can play the triangle.

6. He wants to quit smoking because he knows the fans don’t like it.

7. Louis describes Zayn‘s body as ‘hot and spicy’. – We agree, Louis!

8. Zayn wishes he could swap voices with Niall.

9. He likes girls who are intelligent.

10. Once he mimed ‘hello’ through the car window to a fan and she passed out!

11. He wanted the album to be called ‘Zayn and the Boys’. – Thank God nobody let him!

12. Zayn once ate Niall last chip and he tried to eat Zayn‘s hand as punishment.

13. He doesn’t like his lips – Err, why?!

14. He is a cuddling sort of guy.

15. He had his first kiss when he was 9!

16. If Zayn was a girl he says that he’d date Liam.

17. He used to eat paper when he was younger.

18. His favourite food is chicken.

19. His ideal kiss is on a roof under the moonlight – That’s ours too, what a coincidence!

20. He cries watching chick flicks!

21. He will date no younger than 16.

22. His secret talent is drawing!

23. He bites his lip when he’s nervous or hiding something.

24. He likes curvy girls!

25.He used to write songs for his girlfriend – We want a Zayn!

26. His favourite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson.

27. He came #3 in Sugarscape’s top 50 hottest males of 2011!

28. He dates no older than 40…

29. ‘Zayn’ means beautiful – How convenient!

30. He loves girls with the name Emily.

31. He takes a mirror everywhere with him! – Because why wouldn’t he want to look at himself everyday?

32. Zayn thinks the best part of a girl is her eyes.

33. His favourite date is dinner and a movie.

34. He always sticks his tongue out when he’s tweeting – Cute!

35. He always brushes his teeth before a concert.

36. If he thinks a fan is cute, he’ll bob his head next to her in pictures!

37. His first job was a waiter at a family restaurant.

38. He has a bad habit of scrunching his nose and making his eyes really small while laughing!

39. He likes girls with a nice smile.

40.”I’d make Liam my slave and i’d make him my personal trainer”Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

We can’t see why anyone would want to bully Liam! They must regret that now, just like Liam must regret his recent haircut…

1. Liam has a fear of spoons.

2. He cried while watching ‘Toy Story 3’ – N’awww!

3. Liam thinks it would be great to employ people to play games with them – How do we apply?

4. He bought Niall a life sized ‘Barack Obama’ for Christmas!

5. He is the only one in the band that calls Harry ‘Hazza’.

6. Liam wants to get married in his mid-twenties.

7. He can beatbox Wow!!

8. Liam can play a bit of piano and a bit of guitar – Anything else?!

9. He gets emotional while singing ‘Moments’.

10. He says he’s awful at flirting and he just goes shy!

11. He used to practice kissing on the back of his hand – Haven’t we all?

12. Liam thinks tattoos are ‘Hot’.

13. He used to skip school to get away from being bullied by his classmates – I bet those bullies regret it now!

14. Liam says his accent is just a mix of all the boys because he spends so much time with them!

15. If Liam could make an ice-cream flavor it would be KrispyKreme flavoured.

16. Liam wants to call his first born ‘Taylor’ – N’awww!

17. He loves snuggling and Disney movies!

18. He will date no younger than 14!

19. He hates loud girls – Pipe down, girls!

20. He likes quiet, happy and smiley girls.

21. He thinks dedicated fans are the cutest!

22. Liam finds PDA’s, knee high socks, giggling and tattoos a turn on.

23. He used to wear girls clothes! – Err?

24. He can’t live without his hair wax!

25. His dream valentine is Kim Kardashian.

26. His favourite song is Happy Birthday because it means presents!

27. He once caught a shark! – Eeeek!

28. His favourite food is Sugar Puffs!

29. He wants to be muscular.

30. He loves turtles!

31. He sings the first verse in almost every song.

32. He only has one kidney!

33. He threw up on the Queen of England – Niiiice!

34. He has 25 bodyguards – No chance of getting anywhere near him!

35. He said if he was a girl, he would date Zayn.

36. He does a good impersonation of Kermit the Frog.

37. He plucks his eyebrows.

38. His nickname is ‘Daddy Directioner’.

39. He is ‘king of monopoly’.

40. “If i could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be chocolate because it’s chocolatey” – Liam Payne

Niall Horan

No way, blonde bombshell Niall is actually a brunette?! What else is he hiding?

1. Niall is a natural brunette.

2. He cried while watching ‘Finding Nemo’ – N’awww!

3. If he wasn’t in the band he would be a sound engineer.

4. He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him – We would, too!

5. Niall can play guitar.

6. He usually ends his tweets with kisses.

7. He sings loud in the shower.

8. He used to sing to his girlfriend.

9. He thinks Harry’s constant nudity is contagious – Haha!

10. Niall has a Nando’s black card, which gives him free Nando’s and is only given to celebrities!

11. He talks about his day in his sleep.

12. He likes it when girls can put on different accents and can speak different languages.

13. Niall had the green one piece but traded with Zayn because he didn’t want there to be any leprechaun jokes.

14. When he gets homesick the rest of the boys speak to him in an Irish accent – Cute!

15. Niall annoys Zayn by singing everything in opera. One morning Niall was singing in opera and Zayn slapped him – Harsh!

16. He wants a girl who eats just as much as him.

17. He goes after shy girls.

18. He doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

19. He would rather lick a fat man’s armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise!

20. He loves his bed almost as much as he loves food and sleeping.

21. He wants to live at NandosCan we join?

22. He would date a fan as long as she didn’t fangirl in front of him! – How could you not?!

23. When he met Justin Bieber, Liam had to escort him out of the studio so he could scream!

24. He finds hot pants, farting and being funny a turn on!

25. He cried after having a dream about all of the food in the world being gone!

26. He loves green eyes.

27. He likes it when girls play with his hair!

28. You usually hear him before you see him!

29. His dream valentine is Miranda Cosgrove:(

30. His fave song is ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay.

31. On a facebook survey, 60% said Niall was their fave member!

32. He got a mug from Harry with a picture on of himself on the toilet!

33. He does a weird Irish dance when bored or thinks something is awkward – We’d love to see that!

34. The only book he has read is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

35. He loves giraffes!

36. He would love to collab with Justin BieberYes please!

37. He sang ‘Party In The USA’ when he arrived at LAX.

38. Niall cried the most when they lost the X factor – Aww!

39. He is the ‘group clown’.

40. “I always defend the people I love, even though I’m about as terrifying as a … baby penguin.” – Niall Horan

Louis Tomlinson

We don’t understand how anyone can have a foot fetish. But, each to their own..ey, Louis?

1. Louis can play a bit of the piano.

2. He cries when he watches romantic comedies – Awww!

3. He doesn’t see the point in flings, or short-term relationships.

4. Louis like it when girls wear glasses, real or not!

5. Louis dreams about Harry and Niall the most – Err?

6. Louis pokes Harry’s cheeks when he’s bored.

7. Louis fancies Natalie Portman!

8. Louis wants to be able to fly – Don’t we all!

9. After watching New Moon he pretended to be Edward Cullen for the rest of the night!

10. He would love to date a fan!!

11. If he was a fan he would fancy Harry.

12. His favourite band is The Fray!

13. He dates no younger than 17!

14. He likes girls who eats carrots.

15. He can’t have a girlfriend that’s tidy!

16. He can’t live without his phone – Just like us all!

17. His favourite kind of date is dinner and a movie – Aww!

18. Has a picture of him and Harry on his nightstand – How romantic!

19. He loves ‘Grease’ the movie.

20. He always gives Liam lovebites to make Liam’s girlfriend paranoid! – Strange…

21. He doesn’t like cheesy chat up lines and baked beans!

22. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Narnia!

23. If he could be a girl for the day, he would be Cheryl Cole to see what she looks like naked!

24. Every time he see’s Harry, he slaps his bum.

25. He goes for ‘cheeky girls’ – Ooo!

26. He likes to get to know girls before starting a relationship.

27. His favourite word is ‘boobs’…

28. He tells the other boys they aren’t allowed to wear stripes!

29. He once got dumped for not being attractive enough – Awwww :(

30. He’s the muscliest of the group!

31. He has a foot fetish?

32. He prefers kissing to hugging.

33. He sleepwalks!

34. Apparently he’s not good at playing hard to get.

35. He doesn’t want to grow up, he just wants to stay immature forever!

36. He’s good with kids!

37. He wishes he could wear high heels sometimes because he feels he is too short!

38. He says he confronts his hate with humour.

39. He loves girls with strong accents!

40. “I’d like to think I’m sexy, but I don’t really think i am, I’m not sure there’s anything sexy about the way i look” – Louis Tomlinson


So, now we know all there is to know about our favourite boys! Even after reading some of those facts,  you’ve gotta love em!

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