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1D Need Your Vote To Win MTV’s “Battle Of The Boybands”

Ok directioners, you’ve got a job to do. MTV have launched a brand new “Battle of the Boybands” competition, pitting 32 boybands from over the years against each other. Each band gets voted for against their opponents, and the winner goes through to the next stage, with there being two more stages after that, culminating

Niall Wants To Dye His Hair Black – But Simon Cowell Says No!

Niall’s had a telling off from bosses over news that he wanted to dye his lovely blonde locks jet-black. The Irish crooner was strictly told by Simon that he didn’t think it was good idea, and could cost the group fans. We’re not too sure whether any hair-dying malarkey would lose fans – possibly the

Poor/Lucky Harry Gets His Butt Pinched!

This is a great video – in fact it’s probably one of the funniest One Direction vids we’ve seen in a while. It was recorded live on tour in Auckland, New Zealand on the 21st April 2012. Little old Harry is desperately trying his best to sing his solo part – whilst the other members

Oh No! Niall Horan Is Sick With Food Poisoning!

Little old leprechaun Niall Horan has been suffering with a bout of nasty food poisoning since coming back from Australia and New Zealand. Niall tweeted the following message: “Not feeling the best! sore all over! under the weather as they say!” He then tweeted again, saying: “Yessss! Back in london! Sleep for the next week,

Europe And Asia Tours Being Planned For One Direction?

Speculation is increasing that One Direction are planning to tour Asia and contintental Europe for the first time, with sources saying that management are currently considering offers from concert promoters. Any tour could possibly be scheduled for later this year – a rumour which will surely set many a fans heart racing! The band are

Want To Host Your Own “Up All Night” Party?

Ok directioners, want to host your own “Up all Night” party? DOH – STUPID QUESTION! Course you do 😉 Well, the official One Direction website in association with have banged their heads together and come up with a great idea where you can win one of 1,000 limited spots to be the host of

It’s Very VEVO For The Latest One Direction Videos

Right you lot, these new One Direction videos are simply amayZAYN, brilLIAM, fabuLOUIS, ext­raordinHARRY, not to mention phenomeNIALL. They’re a brand new VEVO Lift release of four songs performed live by 1D, recorded whilst over in Los Angeles in front of a small (and damn lucky!) crowd. The quality is top-notch – so much that

1D On Their Way Back To The UK

It seems like they’ve been away forever, but UK directioners will now get a chance to get closer to their stars as 1D make their way back to British shores. They’ve had a blast over in North America, Australia & New Zealand, but after their contant gigging, radio & tv appearances and general meeting &

One Direction Swap Clothes in Wellington!

LOL, only the eagle-eyed Directioners will notice this, but look closely at the outfit each boy is wearing, and something just looks odd. That’s right, they’ve all swapped clothes! Liam is wearing Zayn’s outfit, Niall has Louis’ ensemble on, Harry is dressed in Niall’s red t-shirt, Zayn has Liam’s checked shirt on whilst Louis is

Harry Styles Papped Kissing American Model Emma Ostilly!

Weeks of rumours linking Harry with what seems like every single female under the sun have now come full circle, and The Mirror have published exclusive photos showing our Hazza full-on-snogging American model Emma Ostilly! Eeek! In the photos, Harry is wrapping his lips around blonde Emma after a night out in Auckland, New Zealand.