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Harry Styles Thinks Zayn Is A Hottie

Speaking to a radio station in Atlanta, Harry spoke about which member of One Direction he thought was the most attractive. Styles said to DJ Bert Weiss: “I think if I was a girl I’d probably have a crush on Zayn.” Adding: “He’s just pretty. Just look at him. His cheekbones…” Whit woo! Zarry is

Harry Styles Goes Mingling With A Bunch Of Celebs

Yesterday we brought you the news that Harry paid a visit to a Coldplay concert, when halfway through, Chris Martin starts singing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ as he knew that Harry was in the crowd. It seems that Harry has been busy meeting and greeting a load of celebs lately, judging from his photos on Twitter.

Coldplay Sing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ During Their Concert

So, you’re one-fifth of the biggest boyband in the world, you turn up at a Coldplay concert to watch Chris Martin and co. sing all their hits, and then all of a sudden Chris Martin starts singing one of your own songs! That’s what happened last night at the Coldplay gig in Tampa, Florida, when

PIC: Zayn Malik Fancies Shaving His Hair Off!

Looks like Zayn’s bored with his current quiff at the moment then (made even more famous by The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction), as he revealed on Twitter that he fancies a change of hairstyle. Zayn said: “I either wanna cut my hair short or grow it really long what dya think?” And then added:

Totally FABULOUIS One Direction Flash Mob in Milan, Italy

Oh we just love a good flash mob here at, and here’s a cracking new one from a bunch of 500-strong Italian Directioners. The mob took place in Duomo Square, and despite the miserable rainy weather it went down a storm (no pun intended). The mob was organized by six girls and you can

Harry Styles Denies Gay Kiss With Niall (Boo Hoo)

Ok, so Harry has come out and said most definitely that it wasn’t a kiss he shared with Niall in THAT concert video. We posted the hot video 2 days ago, and since then thousands of you have been saying “yes it was” or “no it wasn’t”. Harry tweeted: “no, I was talking to him

Woo! Zayn is Back On Twitter After A 2 Week Break

He recently flew home to the UK for a couple of days amidst rumours that he was missing girlfriend Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, and before yesterday his last tweet had been on June 11th. Now that’s a long time when you’re a member of One Direction, with fans used to seeing tweets many times

Louis Tomlinson’s Mum Wants Him To Marry Eleanor!

Oy Mrs Tomlinson, please stop marrying off your son – we hope you know there’s a queue about 10 GAZILLION girls long, ok? Louis’ younger sisters Daisy and Phoebe have named their pet hamster after Eleanor Calder, and it seems that his family are all very close to her. Joannah Tomlinson tweeted the following: “@drdeakin

VIDEO: Does Harry Styles Kiss Niall Horan Or Not?

Directioners, watch this video below and pay close attention at 0:34, as it looks like Harry and Niall share an intimate moment together! What do you think? It certainly looks like Harry leans in for a quicky smoochy smoochy doesn’t it? Here’s a couple of stills from the video so you can make your minds