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Demi Lovato Says Niall Horan Is Just a Friend – Aww

Poor Niall, he must be gutted! The Mullingar megastar was rumoured to be dating the new X Factor Judge after news they had spent the day together recently amidst a flurry of Skype chats and text messages. Demi, speaking with B104 radio station said: “I don’t even know who One Direction is it’s so crazy.

More News On The Lucy Horobin + Harry Styles Shocker

It seems you Directioners aren’t a happy bunch after discovering the news that 32-year-old Lucy Horobin slep with Harry Styles last August. The internet world has gone mad at the story since it broke yesterday, and poor Lucy has found herself on the received end of abuse from all over the Twittosphere. Here’s a few

Harry Styles Slept With Older Woman Lucy Horbin Last August!

Harry only turned 18 earlier this year on February 1st, and before One Direction hit the headlines all over the world for a string of record-breaking releases, he was famous for dating British TV presenter Caroline Flack – 15 years his senior. In new reports from the Sunday Mirror, Lucy Horbin, a previous Key 103

Harry Styles’ Dad Talks About Walking Out On The Family

Des Styles has been talking with the Daily Record about what it was like to break up from Harry and the rest of his family, adding that it was “the worst day of his life”. Des said: “He was only about seven when I sat them down and told them I was leaving. Everybody was

One Direction UK Hit Back At One Direction USA

It was announced back in April that the US One Direction were sueing the British One Direction for stealing their name. Harry and Zayn spoke out about the legal action saying they would not be changing their name, and today comes the news that our boys are now countersuing the lesser band, with the reasoning

One Direction Join Greenpeace’s ‘Save The Arctic’ Campaign

One Direction are amongst a number of high profile acts who have thrown their weight behind Greenpeace’s ‘Save The Arctic’ campaign. The campaign aims to ban oil drilling in the arctic as well as unsustainable fishing, and wants to turn the North Pole into a global sanctuary. As well as 1D, other artists, actors and

Justin Bieber Talks More About The New One Direction Album

Well Directioners, it looks like it could really happen. Justin Bieber has again been talking with BBC Radio 2 about his forthcoming projects, and the 18-year-old Canadian superstar said: “The One Direction guys are great. We have a lot of fun whenever we hang out. They came over my house and we were just chilling

Niall Horan And Demi Lovato: The Latest Gossip!

The apparent new celebrity couple spent a day together at the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles, with Niall being introduced to Demi’s family at the same time. Wowzers. It looks like things are developing pretty fast for the Mullingar superstar and the newly crowned X Factor princess, as they were spotted with Demi’s sister

Zayn Malik Flies Back To The UK On His Own

Ok, so we admit we were tempted to give it the old “Zayn Splits From One Direction” headline – but we resisted this time, lol Yesterday, Zayn flew back to the UK on his own, leaving the rest of his 1D bandmates in America. Rumours are that Zayn is is missing girlfriend Perrie Edwards and

Zayn Malik Caught Up In ‘Islamic Pimping’ Scaremongering

Debbie Schlussel, an infamous anti-islam blogger has commented on how Zayn Malik is supposedly “pimping islam on your kids”. Debbie posted an article on her website criticising him for his pro-islam tattoos, and talks about how he uses social media to promote the religion to millions of fans around the world. Laughably, she accuses Zayn