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  • jessica parker dunbar

    Heya boys it is jess here Harry Did You get a letter of some -one called Jessica Kimberley Parker Sykes
    ps Please reply to this
    love ya from jess

  • jessica kimberley

    I was sitting on the swings at the park when i seen you get into a fight. I went over and told them to back off but they wouldn’t. They had a knife. I pushed you away and I got stabbed. I am lying in the hospital bed thinking about it all and… I am not hurt as much as I would have been if it was you lying in that hospital bed not knowing if you were going to make it or not. You see I don’t care if I was stabbed or not, I would rather it be me in the hospital bed than you. Copy and paste this to 6 other true friends wall
    for u all xxx jessica loves ya

  • jessica kimberley

    love your song thats what makes you beutiful :)
    tell louis i said hi and i love him from jessica’s little sister

  • http://hotmail rebecca hill

    i love you xx

  • http://hotmail rebecca hill

    i love you louis tomlinson you my best in the group and you naill xx

  • Olivia graham

    Hi i am Olivia i love you all so much always on the computer looking at photos of all of you i love all your songs especially what makes you beatiful. I love the one direction dolls. please reply. I LOVE YOU:) I LOVE YOU:) I LOVE YOU:)

  • Olivia graham

    Would you like to come for tea my mum said it was okay. love you oliviaxxxxx

  • Molly Routledge

    Hi, One direction boys…
    I have followed you since you started out on X- Factor. I love your song What makes you beautiful but i am so jealous of the girls in the film clip. Please let the boys reply to me not just he manager because if i could, i would marry you all because i am in love with you guys. OMG plz reply. Your all so hot and i bet you get HEAPS of comments like this but no one meant it more than i did. <3 <3 <3 <3 From Molly

  • http://www.muzu.tv Lainey Muzu

    Hey guys!
    Just letting you know that there’s a new exclusive One Direction interview on MUZU.TV.
    We caught up with the boys in Dublin, Ireland, on their recent visit.
    In this interview the boys talk about ‘Jedward hair’, ‘perfect dates’ and ‘musical influences and collaborations’. The interview finishes up with One Direction answering questions submitted by their fans.

  • Nadine Styles xx

    Hey Nice Page x And Guys Why Are You Saying Oh Harry Nd Hey Guys ….Its Not One Direction Its Just A Page Because The Girl That Did This Loves One Direction Like ME xxxxxxxxxx Nice Job On The Page xxxxx <3 <3 I Love Harry xx Whos You Favourite xx

  • moodle

    omg i love 1d ive made a lil wall in my room and ive made 2 a4 posters and ive got a big A1 poster!!!! I love Niall out of one direction he is the background on my phone.!!!!

  • moodle

    for my bday i got one direction limited addition album with a Niall cover and a Niall horan doll I was flattered

  • Alexzandra

    I absolutely LOVE 1D. Louis is halarious, luv the video diaries <3. Zayne is a sexy beast, so is liam <3 i love niall's accent, he is soo adorable…..and harry, darn, he's just gorgeous. xP the only reason i'm going to c the 1D and btr concert in Toronto is to c One Direction <3 screw btr 😛 honestly i really like this page, good job on it :) *currently eating carrots*

    • Kate

      i agree, Zayn is the most sexiest beast alive :)

  • Bethany J(:

    I live in the United States and can’t get there CD until March or April. So I’m stuck with going on youtube whenever I can to listen to my boys!!!!!! Soooo can’t wait until the CD comes out here!!!!! I LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!1

  • olivia platt

    Hellooo im your number 1 biggest fan i have all you books music and i have dollys to! Ahh LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU;)

  • Katie Tomlinson


    now the owner to the website will one direction be london doing book sighnings???xxx

  • Kate

    Hey 1D!!! Can i just say how gawjuss u r! Zayn I love you soooo frikin much ur soooo hot and an amazing singer!!!!!! Liam ur really cute and have a really amazing voice. Niall iss jusst amazingly adorable!! Even better, he has my birthday!!Niall:13th september 1993 Me: 13th september 1999!!!! Louis is just soooooo funny and has a great voice and Harry is too cute and has an adorable voice!! one Direction is amazing and i cant describe how much i love them! I was saying to my friend, if they walked past us in town i would scream my head off and run and give Zayn a MASSIVE hug and ask for ALL of their autographs!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVELOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION SPESH ZAYN!!!!!!!! MWAAAAAHHHH!!!!!<3 <3 <3 ,3 <3 <3 <3 ,3 <3 LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE KATE!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sehrish

    -Heey One Direction! Loads Of Love To You All, Hope Your Doing Well;D
    Your Songs Are Amazing & You Lot Are Beautiful<3
    Follow Me On Twitter Please? @SeriiX
    I Like Love You LOADDDS! It's Unbelievable, I Have One Direction Written All Over My School Books:)) ILOVEYOUUBOYS!
    Your Incredibly Hot And Just So Cute Together;D
    xxxxxx Sehrish xxxxxxx



  • http://twitter.com/IsaGfor1D IsaGLuvs1D!

    You boys are my life and I love you!

  • Karan Larkin

    dose the real one direction come on here? as I am age 42 year old and I like Louis and liam from them