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Hey guys and girls!

  • Do you like writing?
  • Are you good at it?
  • Are you fan of One Direction and popular music?

If you answered yes to all three of the above questions then we’d like to hear from you. We’re always looking to expand our team here at with talented individuals who have a passion for writing. Our team is only small, and the right person could really help us out – plus we’d reward you for your efforts.

If you have a bit of passion and a natural spark, and would like to show your skills to the world then please get in touch with us using the form below.

We just don’t want anybody, we want the best, so make sure you’ve got some great examples of your work to show us. Either paste them into the message below or send us a couple of links to look at. If we like you and think you would be a great addition to the team then the first three articles you write for us will be unpaid, but if we like you even more then you will be rewarded for your efforts on an ongoing basis. Yes, that means regular cash!

Just think, you could be paid to write about One Direction!

We also have another website called which is about pop music, tv & movies, so there could be possibilites to expand your work on that site too.

We’re a bunch of individuals with big plans, so this is a great opportunity for the right person to start a career in journalism.


  • You have to be good at writing stuff, in English
  • You have to be clever, witty and passionate about what you write
  • Need examples of previous work
  • Looking to start a career in journalism
  • Over 16
  • Like One Direction!
  • Like pop music, tv & movies (who doesn’t!)

Our offices are in the United Kingdom but you can be based anywhere in the world, all you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection. Communication with us will be via Email, Windows Live Messenger/Skype, Google Drive (and probably anything else useful).

Interested? Tell us about yourself below…

Your Name *

Your Age * (over 16's only)

Your Country *

Your Email *

Tell us why you think you're good enough to write for us. We will only accept genuine submissions so please consider what you enter below. Some examples of your writing style and techniques will be welcome. We want to be impressed :)

  • Jackielyn ♔

    hoping :”)

  • Roseanne

    No fair :,( why can’t I be 16.

  • Tonette_tomarong

    ohhhh y its over 16

  • Islamridwana


  • guest

    its over 16 :/ im only 15 .. aww 

  • Azbaca1

    I really want this!

  • NiamhLove_

    Dammit…. Im only 15!! :(

  • Camilla M.M Petersen

    crap i am only 14, but i love to write songs and my friends like them and i dont care about the money i just do because i love and i can write about every thing so why do 16 that not good i think eveyone should have a change!

  • Ysabel Arevalo

    maybe someday then, i’m only 13 .. 

  • Beatrice

    I’m only 11. :( But I really want to join! I went to journalism seminars this summer. :) I hope they still look for writers when I turn 16. :)

  • reem

    i really wanna do this but im only 12

    • Grace Moorhead

      im 13, im good at writing, but dont have any examples

      • l <3 Harry

        im only 11 but i still tried. maybe they will be me

    • tiana


  • Eatpeace5

    I wanna do this tooooooo!  I love writing, but come one! Over 16?! I’m only 12 :'(

  • gnee1998

    Money? who needs it? 

    I am more interested in the writing with ma soul for 1D!!!!!!!!Why over 16? …. I have 3 more years… ;( tear tear

  • Teapot

    Who over 16 would like 1d….. I’m only 12 common

    • Emily :)

      Erm, actually, people over the age of 18 (and younger) like them. Trust me, I’ve seen people (men and women, really) wearing “I <3 1D" shirts, and they were, like, 75! It's crazy, right? Yeah.

  • harry’swife

    yeah great! why over 16?!?!? 2 more years…

  • Mariah

    I really want to join but I’m only 12 years old..

  • Maxvvelazco

    Ahhh, just sent my application in. :)

  • Dttearoha

    I’m 19 and love one direction :D I’m at uni pretty much studying  journalism so this is for me :D

  • Emilyunser

    I’m only 11 but I really want to do it. Maybe we can just have our moms but their information but our name?

  • DesperateYoungJournalist

    Are you serious?
    Please lower it to 15!!

  • Stephanie Espejo

    Applied! Hoping for the best :)

  • Jessica

    arghhh, im 12, and i would love to do it………………………..

  • Stephanie Price

    I’am a girl who is a massive fan of One Direction Harry Styles Louis Tomlison Niall Horan Liam Payne Zayn Malik I LOVE them all but my bigget fear is the boy’s breaking up like My other best pop starb Take That splitting up because I would be hurt and upset. But i really want want to meet them their all amzing really very sooooooooooh good Stephanie Price so are they splitting up for the fans like me.

    • Emily :)

      Don’t worry about it. They’ll be breaking up in 2016, but hey, it doesn’t mean they’ll no longer be a band forever. The break may be temporary, maybe even permanent. You never know! :) .x

      • eddie

        there not gonna break up in 2016

  • Emily :)

    I am only 12, but . . ahh, who cares, right? I mean, just because we’re pretty young, doesn’t mean we aren’t good at writing. It still bugs me that you need to be 16, but whatever.

  • Katie

    Same here :/

  • Brittni Nicole

    Just submitted my form :)

  • Zaynie Malik

    Awwww! I’m 14 people!

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