Write For Us

  • http://twitter.com/jackielyn_NJH Jackielyn ♔

    hoping :”)

  • Roseanne

    No fair :,( why can’t I be 16.

  • Tonette_tomarong

    ohhhh y its over 16

  • Islamridwana


  • guest

    its over 16 :/ im only 15 .. aww 

  • Azbaca1

    I really want this!

  • NiamhLove_

    Dammit…. Im only 15!! :(

  • http://twitter.com/Camillap14 Camilla M.M Petersen

    crap i am only 14, but i love to write songs and my friends like them and i dont care about the money i just do because i love and i can write about every thing so why do 16 that not good i think eveyone should have a change!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1740264176 Ysabel Arevalo

    maybe someday then, i’m only 13 .. 

  • Beatrice

    I’m only 11. :( But I really want to join! I went to journalism seminars this summer. :) I hope they still look for writers when I turn 16. :)

  • reem

    i really wanna do this but im only 12

    • Grace Moorhead

      im 13, im good at writing, but dont have any examples

      • l <3 Harry

        im only 11 but i still tried. maybe they will be me

    • tiana


    • javeria ahmed

      same here i really wanna do this but im just 11

  • Eatpeace5

    I wanna do this tooooooo!  I love writing, but come one! Over 16?! I’m only 12 :'(

  • gnee1998

    Money? who needs it? 

    I am more interested in the writing with ma soul for 1D!!!!!!!!Why over 16? …. I have 3 more years… ;( tear tear

  • Teapot

    Who over 16 would like 1d….. I’m only 12 common

    • Emily :)

      Erm, actually, people over the age of 18 (and younger) like them. Trust me, I’ve seen people (men and women, really) wearing “I <3 1D" shirts, and they were, like, 75! It's crazy, right? Yeah.

  • harry’swife

    yeah great! why over 16?!?!? 2 more years…

    • Nooshin Horan

      Ahhhhh, 1 more year…
      I can’t wait !!!!

  • Mariah

    I really want to join but I’m only 12 years old..

  • Maxvvelazco

    Ahhh, just sent my application in. :)

  • Dttearoha

    I’m 19 and love one direction 😀 I’m at uni pretty much studying  journalism so this is for me 😀

  • Emilyunser

    I’m only 11 but I really want to do it. Maybe we can just have our moms but their information but our name?

  • DesperateYoungJournalist

    Are you serious?
    Please lower it to 15!!

  • Stephanie Espejo

    Applied! Hoping for the best :)

  • Jessica

    arghhh, im 12, and i would love to do it………………………..

  • Stephanie Price

    I’am a girl who is a massive fan of One Direction Harry Styles Louis Tomlison Niall Horan Liam Payne Zayn Malik I LOVE them all but my bigget fear is the boy’s breaking up like My other best pop starb Take That splitting up because I would be hurt and upset. But i really want want to meet them their all amzing really very sooooooooooh good Stephanie Price so are they splitting up for the fans like me.

    • Emily :)

      Don’t worry about it. They’ll be breaking up in 2016, but hey, it doesn’t mean they’ll no longer be a band forever. The break may be temporary, maybe even permanent. You never know! :) .x

      • eddie

        there not gonna break up in 2016

  • Emily :)

    I am only 12, but . . ahh, who cares, right? I mean, just because we’re pretty young, doesn’t mean we aren’t good at writing. It still bugs me that you need to be 16, but whatever.

  • Katie

    Same here :/

  • Brittni Nicole

    Just submitted my form :)

  • Zaynie Malik

    Awwww! I’m 14 people!

  • Olivia

    I love ❤ you one direction in a hyoog fan of yours iv got all the booked and perfum and mackup

  • dhiya adriana

    i love you louiss!

  • princess nicole magalonga

    i want to join but im 10