Amazon Launch A Mega 1D Competition – Win Tickets To “Where We Are”

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It’s 1D competition time again!

Amazon's new One Direction competition

Do you want a chance to see One Direction perform at their 2014 “Where We Are” tour? We do. And, unfortunately, they haven’t released any word of dates for Australia or North America, among other places, so we’re pretty bummed.

But then we heard about this and, well, needless to say we’re pretty stoked!

The last few months have been really busy for the boys with their car commercials, “This Is Us” premier in Japan, the end of their tour, oh my! They’re probably looking forward to what little time off that they get before everything starts up again.

And by that we mean all of the craziness in November. They’re relasing their third album “Midnight Memories”, they’ve got 1DDay, and they’re also performing at the American Music Awards, to nave a few.

Then, to top it all off, our boys recently announced a new competition with Amazon.

You can win a chance to go to Brazil to see the boys during their 2014 ‘Where We Are’ world tour!

You and two friends can win tickets to the May 8th, 2014 show, including flight and accommodations in Rio de Janerio.

How exciting is that?

In order to enter the contest, you can either proceed through a Facebook account or an account, and you just have to like a page before clicking enter.

The contest ends on the 15th of November, so what are you waiting for?

Enter the contest here.

Good luck, Directioners!

Was anyone else mesmerized by Niall’s voice in the video, or was that just us?

  • rayya mALIK

    Omg thank u amazon ……luvin u soo much<3<3<3

    First commmmment



  • ♥ 1D ♥

    Omg……………they’re so cute!!!!

  • Stenita Horace

    I clicked on the link and you have to be a resident of the UK.

    I live in the USA….

    • Stini2526

      me to live in usa not cool

    • asia_nunez

      same here

    • directionnerrrr

      no you don’t .!! i live in GREECE but it opened mine.! 😐

      • Stenita Horace

        Really?!? So I can open it.

  • katie_styles

    Well that sucks cuz in every single thing u have to be a member of the UK! 😛

  • 1D fan forever

    i see comments saying you have to be a resident of the UK but i dont see that on the page, all i see is you have to be 18+ to enter it, where is everybody seeing the UK thing

    • 1D fan forever

      oh now i see it, well thats unfair, UK people freaking live near them and get to see them on the streets, i live in USA i havent seen them or even been to a concert ._. i think i might send a complaint letter to the UK amazon and tell them to open to US amazon, im over 18 but cant enter. piss off right now, going to complain to uk amazon is possible, bc this UK only thing has been happening way more often now.

      • 1D fan forever

        t(-_-t) my answer to you UK contest only


        they should open the contest to Australiian residents too

    • 1D fan forever

      what pisses me off more is that the UK part of the tour is announced the US and Aussie part isnt, yet ur giving the UK people a chance to see them again. WTF

  • Anonymously Harry

    Of course only in the UK…
    I should’ve seen that coming.

    • Alexis Mansur

      Where does it say that? I think you just have to have Amazon or facebook

      • Grace

        well I mean it defaults to amazon uk so idk 😛 I hope its open to all of us!

  • Abigail Loves 1D

    Why just UK?!?!?!?!?

    I live in the USA

  • Oceania Horan

    Thts right Niall kill us wiv the wink

  • annabella s.

    Thats not fair! I’m not a resident of the UK, I’m a resident of the USA! And I’m not over 18! C’mon like wth. UK directioners can see them whenever but not the US ones because, there’s a huge gap hat separates the US from the UK called the Atlantic Ocean. Lucky UK directioners •_•

  • Madison love

    I’m sick and tired of all these competitions cuz u have to live in the UK. Don’t u think they can just spot y’all on the streets or outside y’all house. Us USA fans can’t do that cuz we’re so far apart. Give us a competition dammit. I feel as if the UK fans get more chances to do stuff then us and it’s no fair. But I’ll still be happy if one of y’all win or w/e :(

    • vibhana kanwar

      Excuse me I can’t believe that I.just read such a horrible comment! U r talking about freaking comp

    • ___SPM___


    • shaya mobley

      I aggre with u it stupid cause what if you don’t win

  • Audra Mitter

    You have to be 18 or oder and a UK resident. Gee thanks, now give me something I can actually work with.

  • Jayne

    Live in Australia only open to uk. That sucks


    i live in Australia that is not fair, they’ve said the dates for some one the shows on 2014 and uk is in it and Australia isnt and now to make things worse the trip of a life time to see one direction in Rio cant happen because i dont live in the UK. this is a load of crap

  • Sidney Wawak

    Once again even if I won … Mom: Sweetie your to young to go that far away from home . Me: BUT MOM I LOVE THEM D: . Mom: No is my final answer and you and everyone else will forget them in 15 years. Me: UGH UR RUINING MY LIFE >.< ! End of story

    • katie_styles

      OMG so true haha!

  • #1DDay

    am i the only one who watched it a llot of times to see expressions of all 5

  • #1DDay

    any one noticed harry at last his smile OMG killing hahahah otherwise he was behaving like a scul child who is punished

  • #1DDay

    again uk only oh y cant others do

  • Vangie

    Why does the uk fans always get wat they want im just saying that it seems like the boys only love their uk fans:( :(

  • Syiqin♥♥

    it only in uk cannot join the competition

  • Riiaa Horan

    Damn. Now I wish I live In UK instead of the US :(.. Well good luck to that person who win.

  • Reshma Tomlinson

    everyone is upset there’s no competition in the US. Well world there is a continent called asia… which apparently MANY PEOPLE live in. i mean come on ITS THE FRICKIN LARGEST CONTINENT IN THE WORLD. I’m not complaining that the boys havent come to asia, bcuz they hav (Japan). Im just saying they should go more deep into asia say…….. DUBAI!!! We hav nandos here!!!! Please come!!!

  • arisan payne


  • Gaby

    I am probably not going to enter because I don’t live in the UK but May 8 is my birthday! :)

  • katie_styles

    My mom won’t let me! Haha this is the conversation we had in the kitchen…

    Me: MOM! MOM MOM MOM! There’s this One Direction contest right? And if you have an Amazon account you can join! So can I please please do it!
    Mom: I-
    Me: And you get to go to Brazil and MEET ONE DIRECTION! PLEASE! OMG!
    Mom: Honey, of course not, you’re not going to Brazil. You’re going to get kidnapped or something being by yourself.
    Me: Erm no…I get to bring erm three friends!
    Dad: Humph, yeah you’re gonna go with Harry huh?
    Mom and Dad: *shake heads, facepalm at the same time*

  • Skylar

    its on my birthday !!! but i dont live in the uk so i cant enter :( .

  • Onedirection4life

    Of course in brazil i cant go unless it comes with two plane tickets because i cant go out of the house without a adult even tho im a teen -.-

  • yvettis

    but you have to live in U:K for that:(, guys other countries need this to we know u love U:K but this is so mest up:(#letothercountrispersitiet.

  • chelsea

    oh my god iwas reading on face book people saying they would not care if they were dead we should start ilove one driction club any body in get back to me

  • shaya mobley

    I am a huge directioner I was bullinf my eyes cause I live far away from were they are right know so if anyone has free tickets my brithday comeing up soon and I would really love to see my boys faces to face ecsppcely niall amd harry I live in dubque that why.