Are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Gay?

One Direction have been over in America for god knows how long now, and they currently hold the top spot on the Billboard album charts, as well as being number six on the iTunes song chart.

US audiences have taken brilliantly to the boys, but some have started to think that Harry and Louis might be gay!

Speaking with a local radio station KXAS, in Dallas, Texas, Louis said: “Some people genuinely think that we’re in a relationship. I was looking at this thing the other day”

“They genuinely, seriously think that we’re in a relationship. It’s so funny!”

Directioners have christened the pair “Larry Stylinson”, and despite Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder making an appearance last week, the doubters just won’t go away.

PS. How funny is this Titanic photo! lol

Whilst we’re on the subject, here’s a rare treat you might not have seen. It’s One Direction performing “Only Girl in the World” at Londons G.A.Y club. Enjoy…

What do you reckon then? Are Harry and Louis gay?

It probably wouldn’t make much difference to fans if they were, but here at we reckon they’re just enjoying a great bromance, nothing more.

Leave your comments below…

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