Are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Gay?

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One Direction have been over in America for god knows how long now, and they currently hold the top spot on the Billboard album charts, as well as being number six on the iTunes song chart.

US audiences have taken brilliantly to the boys, but some have started to think that Harry and Louis might be gay!

Speaking with a local radio station KXAS, in Dallas, Texas, Louis said: “Some people genuinely think that we’re in a relationship. I was looking at this thing the other day”

“They genuinely, seriously think that we’re in a relationship. It’s so funny!”

Directioners have christened the pair “Larry Stylinson”, and despite Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder making an appearance last week, the doubters just won’t go away.

PS. How funny is this Titanic photo! lol

Whilst we’re on the subject, here’s a rare treat you might not have seen. It’s One Direction performing “Only Girl in the World” at Londons G.A.Y club. Enjoy…

What do you reckon then? Are Harry and Louis gay?

It probably wouldn’t make much difference to fans if they were, but here at we reckon they’re just enjoying a great bromance, nothing more.

Leave your comments below…

  • Layne thompson

    The think is it would be weird because then the fans who are in love with harry or louis will think we will never be with them because they are gay and since i love louis so much then if he is gay it would feel weird for loving a gay guy that will offically never go out with you and then why has he gone out with so many girls……. So i believe they are not gay and who ever said they are just because they have kissed a few times but maybe it was a dare or they love each other like brothers so they kiss so show the love but i think louis isnt but i think harry is bisexual but i think it is because he loves louis in a boyfriend girlfriend way but yeah so i believe they are not a couple

    • ashley

      oh dont worry there not gay and if you think they are your stupid

    • ashley

      harrys not bisexual just stop spreding the rumer they hate it keep doing it and the band will end up breaking up tell your friends what i just told you

    • hunubi

      he woldnt go out with u anyways, just saying.

  • Kalexreed

    I think this is bullsh*t harry and lou are not gay so you are making a big mistake and they are not enjoying bromance so shut the f**k up.

    • Paige Fetters

      If their not enjoying the bromance, why haven’t they said anything about it.

  • Aliahassan3892

    this is so stupid they are not going out or anything like that they made this up, they are not gay and they are not in any type of relation ship, stop bull sh
    **ing, they just dont want anyone to like one direction, i love 1D.

  • Larrystylinsonforever

    bullshit. they are best mates! all one direction fans love larry stylinson. they are 100% straight but even if they were gay… 1D fans would totally support them. I enjoy their bromance! It is clear that people are not dedicated fans or true directioners if they think that harry and louis are gay. Only true directioners now what type of relationship they have.

    • Www Larrystylinsonforever

      hello fellow stylinson

      • ashley

        stupid stop saying that there gay and that crap cuzz there not and fyi they hate it so just stop

        • hunubi

          how do you no they hate it rofl, just saying

    • ashley

      you are absolutly right

  • Ally Ferguson

    I don’t think so. If they were I would DEFANATLY stand up for them! Anyway I LOVE Harry!!!!!!!!! He is AWESOME!

  • ashley

    fyi you people that say there gay are just making everything worst or and you guys are incredibly stupid

    • Paige Fetters

      None of us are stupid or making anything worse. Everybody has an opinion and some of us are okay with anything l. If they are gay, let them be gay. You don’t know if they are or not. So stop having a big fit about it.

  • ashley

    no they are just best friends forever you guys that say there gay are rude and stupid

  • ashley

    there not gay or bisexual they are just making it look like that they are 100 percent strait so shut up and stop spreding rumers because they hate it and you are going to ruin every thing you might even break up the band then everybody would pin on you how would ya like that so there

    • hunubi

      thats not what bisexual means rofl. look it up

    • Paige Fetters

      How would you know if they are or not? Some people dont just put their sexuality out there. They wouldn’t just break up the band because of what some of their fans think. All they would see is some of their fans being okay with the fact that Harry and Louis might together.

  • harrys girl

    harrys mine girls sorry im older than u haha

  • momokitty

    we all knew it was true that they are gay but lets give them space just think if you were them we have no room to judge so yeah don’t go telling everyone like what if they wanted it to be secret for a while just think before you speak please>.<

  • hunubi

    All you raging hormonal tweenage and teenage girls.. smh… if they were gay (I’m not saying they are, I’m not even a 1D fan just found this topic interesting from my friend) then let them love. You don’t want them to be gay because then it ruins your chance to be with them? Thats stupid. In my favorite band, SHINee, i WISH they were gay. I can come to terms with reality and realize the chance of me ever dating any of them is about .000000001% and they are a much less known compared to 1D so it makes your chances even lower. I hope reality hits you soon or already has. For all you annoying 1D fans, lol, “they are your everything and you are their nothing.”

    • Paige Fetters

      THANK YOU!!

  • Paige Fetters

    Why are you guys so against it if they are gay? Your suppose to be fans. Would it really be that bad if they were gay? I mean, I like the band, their fantastic. It wouldn’t matter if their together or not. That doesn’t change the fact their good. Just because some of you love Harry or Louis, or both. You guys should love them for who they are. You guys could still love them even if they are. If they are secretly dating good for them. I’m glad they can be happy together. And if they are secretly dating, its probably because their afraid to what their FANS would think of it. If your so against them being together, are you really fans like you say you are? You guys should really think before you post stuff like this, because obviously they are going to see your comments. It’s their choice what they do, and who they date.