Are One Direction Being Sued By The Who Over ‘Best Song Ever’?

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One Direction are apparently in line to be sued by old-school rockers The Who over their latest single ‘Best Song Ever’.

Our boys have been accused of copying the guitar riff used in The Who’s ‘Baba O’ Riley’ which was released back in 1971 before any of the boys were even born.

We find it hard to believe that One Direction will have even heard the song, let alone want to copy it.

Popular One Direction Twitter account @1DUpdatesAU said: “The boys are being sued by The Who for stealing the guitar riff in BSE”

In the space of just two weeks, the video for ‘Best Song Ever’ has been viewed an impressive 54 million times on Youtube. We’re pretty sure that most of those hits will be have been us watching the video over and over again. I’m sure most of you would say the same about yourself right?

Meanwhile, the video with the highest amount of views on Youtube for The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’ has just 10 million hits and that was uploaded seven years ago! I think it’s fair to say that One Direction win the competition when it comes to Youtube hits.

Perhaps it’s all just comes down to jealousy, The Who aren’t successful as they once were and who wouldn’t want to cash in on some of One Direction’s fame and fortune? They are the biggest band in the world right now after all!

It’s not the first time the boys have been accused of ‘ripping off’ another band’s song either. Remember two years ago when everyone was saying that ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ sounded exactly like ‘Summer Nights’ from the musical Grease?

Last year, ‘Live While We’re Young’ came under criticism for sounding similar to ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ by The Clash too. There’s something about rock bands wanting to sue One Direction and we’re not sure why that is, we’re sure they’d love the boys’ song ‘Rock Me’.

Who could forget last year when the American ‘One Direction’ tried to get our boys to change the band name too? We know the boys were originally called New Direction but it just wouldn’t feel right if they were called anything other than One Direction now.

Anyway, you can watch a video comparing ‘Best Song Ever’ and ‘Baba O’ Riley’ below. Let us know what you think.

Do they sound the same and should One Direction be sued?

This story was written by work experience Mark Willis :)

  • Jennifer Tictac Ingram

    i have to say one direction news have just pissed me off. The first hing i thought when i heard the song and the riff from baba o’riley was, ‘i really hope the who don’t sue them’. And of course they’ve heard baba o’riley!!!!!!! give them some credit. it is one of the biggest rock songs in the world. There’s more to music than youtube views you know. Jesus you need a music education. A musication.

  • Casz

    Well, who can blame them..? One Direction IS the biggest boy band in history!
    And its not like they really “copied” it… they have their own unique style that made it more catchy and incredibly amazing, right? Right.. 😀

    One Direction has been in so many issues like this, cmon, all celebretries do..!
    But, Im sure One Direction is doing their best for their fans and making alot of hard work with their works… 😀

    I love you boysss…! 😀 <3
    P.S yay! first comment! 😀 <3

    • Stini2526

      your are right

      • Guest

        What’s wrong with her right

        You need to learn grammar dear.

        • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

          Dear, our boys have international fans from all across the globe seeing their world domination, so didn’t you ever stop to think that maybe it’s a typo, or she’s young, or maybe she’s from a different country and can’t write English that well? Hmm?

        • Norah

          That was probably a typo everyone makes mistakes.Stop being so mean.

    • Kracyn McKee

      They did kinda copy it :/

      • Casz

        its not like they “copied” the whole beat and the lyrics, right?
        All I just want to say is, One Direction has its own unique way, and like I said, its not like they “copied” it.. One Direction has more beat-up music and more catchy… :)

        • VicioousAlienKlown

          Ok, we get it it, you’re a fan but the judge won’t care what you think when he slaps One Direction with a copyright infringement, will he?

      • Hannah

        Its close, but they did change it, however, the similarities are quite close. I just don’t believe it to be intentional.

      • crazy mofos!!

        well, probably one direction didn’t know this song and if they did it was 7 FREAKING YEARS AGO!!!!!

    • Kat Styles

      Couldn’t have said it any better. 😀

    • Lynnie Lucas

      I decided not to comment because yours is per-fect! Amen, sista!

    • Roger Daltry is Better

      I know you’re a 1D fan but even then i was giving this infamous fandom a little hope as to see whether they can at least not be so ignorant to this situation?? 1D is not the biggest boy band in history, so get off that high horse, sweetie. And just because someone did not copy someone else’s work word for word, beat to beat, what have you, doesnt mean they didnt really copy it, because they did, and they know they did because they are in fact the Who fans (which disappoints me more how they didnt even ask permission for the riff).

      They did not make the song ‘more catchy and amazing,’ no, they brought it down to their level of music which, frankly, my dear, is not really much.
      10 years form now (whatever your age) most of you fans will look back on this and feel embarrassed, hell, I had my fair share of preteen disappointments. the Who is a band that’s approaching their 50th anniversary and they are STILL touring and STILL having sold out shows and STILL moving and sweating around the stage like teenagers. Roger Daltrey is STILL an incredibly handsome and charming man with incredible musical ability, Pete Townshend is STILL the cussy man with the Windmill ability and cheeky behaviour, and Keith Moon and John Entwistle are STILL remembered as the rock legends they where.

      One Direction has already reached their peak and they’re falling

      • Laugh Page

        I know, I love them but they definitely did copy it. I’m 13 and I know the song! Anyone who has a parent born in that time period should recognize it. And Youtube wasn’t around back then so it was posted in this era, where not as many people would enjoy it.

      • Julia Wilkinson

        yes! Saw the Who in November and they were just as amazing as always!! Rock on my friend!

      • Norah

        That is so mean.One Direction has been around for 3 years and has made more money AND fans then The Who.And why are you even on this website if you aren’t even fans of 1D?

        Who’s even heard of The Who?
        NOT ME.

        • gemma

          thats because you have no taste in music

        • VicioousAlienKlown

          No, One Direction hasn’t made more money than The Who and will probably fizzle ( Like all boy bands do in a couple of years) These boy bands have a very short shelf life and you want to know why? Their fans grow up. The Who has lasted 50+ years and continues to make a lot of money with sales and tours. One Direction has sold well but those sales will disappear in just a few short years and will be forgotten and that’s for the best. It’s disposable music.

    • 0BEY T0 1D

      I agree with you. A lot of celebs does the same thing. The beat was only copied and that’s it. They probably didn’t even know that was a copied beat.

  • Anastasya Ho

    The Who? who’s The Who? yeah, a confusing question. I may be born in 2000, and my 13th b-day is coming up, but I try to be the most updated in music, and so far, never heard of The Who. another target for the burn list? and BTW for all the haters, Zayn IS NOT a freakin’ terrorist. no racism. and BTW, if you call someone a terrorist, you’re a freakin’ terrorist. the worst kind, b*tch.

    • loz

      im a full directioner, but the who were pretty big and are pretty well known and I’m only 3 years older than you. the tunes sound similar but they aren’t the same, so they shouldn’t get sued, but i completely agree with you on the terrorist matter

    • Abby Terrill

      You’re 13 sweetie, that’s probably why

    • Roger Daltry is Better

      I feel second hand embarrassment for your comment up to ‘burn list?’

    • The Who >> One Direction

      You think you’re updated in music but you don’t know who The Who are? Get outta here you dummy. The Who are one of the biggest bands in history, almost as big as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. You’re obviously not that updated on music.

    • Dominique

      Watch or listen to The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. The Rolling Stones themselves felt out-shined by the Who’s 8-minute performance!

  • Andie Espineli

    Wow! You think you know who they are! Well… You don’t. If I was to ask The… WHO?! I will ask them:
    1. Do you see them stealing the guitar?
    2.Is that guitar yours?
    and 3. Are you telling the truth? Or you just wanna hit them with their fame?

    • Desiree

      haha oh my god?!

    • Marta

      The Who wrote that song. So, it’s THEIR guitar solo. And i think they bought their own guitars too … ;))
      One DIrection doesn’t even play anything. They just have some playback.
      The real music was from the 60’s-80’s.

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    It’s just the beginning is a bit similar maybe but idk.. In BSE it sounds waaaaaay better :3

    • Roger Daltry is Better


    • Mary

      then you must be deaf. honestly.

      • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

        Excuse me?

      • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

        We all have our own opinions, honest. chill! I think BSE sounds better too, okay? If you think it doesn’t, that’s your opinion and that’s cool too, I accept that and respect that. See that’s what its called: respect.

  • Stini2526


  • Holly Martin

    The crazy thing is, is the boys are actually fans of The Who. Niall I know has at least one The Who t-shirt and I personally think it is a publicity stunt. Many people out beats, guitar riffs, and sounds in their songs that have been used before

    • Marta

      Yeah and I guess EVERYONE who has a The Ramones/Rolling Stones shirt is a fan of that band too?
      No, not really.
      Their Logo has become a “Fashion Brand” and people doesn’t even know who they are, they have probably never heard the music.

      • Mary

        Well then those people are posers and shouldnt go out buying shirts for bands they know nothing about.. Seriously kids these days are so dumb.

  • Lolo Awad

    not the same , the similarity is very very small , this is not the same , bse is different

  • Crazymofos <3

    It sound the same, but 1d has bass and the whos hasnt so its to different versions of it… They shouldnt be sued for that!

    • John Entwistle

      The Who’s version doesn’t have bass? You have got to be kidding me.

      • Ivan Knjezo Knjezevic

        HAHAHAHHAA…this deserves more likes!!! 😀

  • Mrs. Horan

    It kind of sound a little like The Who whoever :) they are but one direction probably don’t give a flying butt cheek

  • sara

    I just want to say ” Who is The Who?”

    • Marta

      “The Who are an English rock band formed in 1964 by singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend and bassist John Entwistle. They were joined shortly after by drummer Keith Moon and became known for energetic live performances which often included instrument destruction. The Who have sold about 100 million records, and have charted 27 top forty singles in the United Kingdom and United States, as well as17 top ten albums, with 18 Gold, 12 Platinum and 5 Multi-Platinum album awards in the United States alone.”

  • 1DL❤ver

    C’mon guys we can’t blame them ok it sounds the same but all the celebrities do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roger Daltry is Better

      okay yeah so here can i have your essay assignment that took you time and energy to write for school and pretty much write word for word what you wrote bc i dont feel like putting my own time and effort to come up with my own essay thank you

  • Marrriiiaaa

    Did u just say that ppl really want from them to change the band’s name ! Okay okay now they crossed the line ugh let them do what they wanna do bc… ” THIS IS US ” ! Ik that i completly ignored the rest of the article but it’s just that ppl wouldn’t let them be. X

    • Desiree

      that was a reallylong time ago sweetheart

  • Total Directioner

    Its not the same that one is old ass country and they other one is actual music . No offense to anyone from this generation who actually listens to that crap but this is the 2000’s now get a grip. All THE WHO really probably wanted was some publicity saw a chance and and took it because they haven’t had a hit in 45 years and are sitting in an attic basement going through 2000’s musicians who ar actually making money. Probably suing more people as we write

  • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

    Kinda sounds like the Who’s song a little in the beginning, but that’s it. BSE is a totally different and much better, catchier, dancier song! <3

    • Grace

      yes exactly!!! and its just like in “feel this moment” by pitbull. he used the tune from “Take on Me” and I don’t think he got sued! its not like they stole song lyrics or anything

      • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

        Omg yes! They’re two totally different songs!!

        • Grace

          ikr? and I mean I really don’t think it’s a huge deal here, but then again im a little biased lol 😀

          • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

            Haha it’s okay I totally agree with you! But I do understand why all these the Who fans are mad, because what if this happened to our boys? We would probably react even worse considering how us Directioners are lol

          • Grace

            OMG youre right we would be rioting the streets!!

          • Leeyuum’sGirl❤


      • Mary

        he didn’t get sued because he ASKED TO USE THE SONG. One Direction just did it without asking, like it was theres to begin with. And it definitely isn’t. They could never think up anything as good as the who.

        • Guest

          Is there any proof? Where’s the letter written to Pete Townshend asking for permission to use Baba O’Riley or tweak it to use in their song?

          • Grace

            ok thank you for letting me know sweetie

          • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

            Exactly! How do we know this isn’t just some rumor?

        • Norah

          Really, 1D has WAY better songs. You’re just to jealous to admit it.

    • Marta

      I think the law is, that the song has to be over 70 years old before you can just Copy it. Or you have to speak to the Owner of the song. And the owner in this case is The Who’s Pete Townshend.
      It’s a special riff. And this is just sad.

      • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

        well idk about the law, but its not the same song. i went and listened to the who’s song and its not really the same, just similar. The songs are two different ones so like Grace said, its not like they stole the song.

        • Guest

          They can still sue for copyright infringement. The intro is all they need.

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    With the first one, the only thing that’s the same is the on going beat. BSE sounds kinda the same with BOR, but it’s way better.

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    The Who who?!?!?!

    • SomeoneDifferent

      Are you serious?

      • harrygirl1Dadele

        I was being sarcastic!!

  • Livey Moore

    They were similar but you can tell the difference it was probably by accident I mean how would they know they weren’t even born yet

    • Marta

      They’re British. They probably grew up the The Who, The Beatles, The Clash, Pink Floyd.
      It doesn’t matter if the wasn’t born Yet. They have heard it.

  • Ada Fillers

    It does sound a little similar. But, I don’t think they copied it. Besides, that song is pretty old. I think it is just a coincidence. I mean, why would they copy it if they knew it sounded like another song?!?

    • Guest

      That’s what Vanilla Ice said when he took the bass from “Under Pressure” for Ice Ice Baby. Yes, Queen filed a lawsuit and they won.

  • Samantha Sancen

    I guess the beginning sounded the same but not exactly the same so I don’t think anything is wrong with tht

  • Sonia

    i honestly dont think it sounds that similar. the who’s version is abit boring and simple and one directions version is perky and happy and just better

  • Abby Terrill

    Ahem, there are 23456765432 pics of the band wearing Who T-Shirts, and I’m quite WE HAVE ALL HEARD Baba O’Riley (Or Teenage Wasteland for you guys who don’t know about The Who) at least once, so I call BS on them never hearing the song before. Car commercials use that song like crazy, it’s arguably the band’s most famous song. And if they’re wearing Who t-shirts, I’m assuming they’re fans. I have reviewed both songs. The third chord in ‘Best Song Ever’ is not the same as Baba O’Riley but the progression is the exact same. Pretty dang similar. If they wanted, Pete Townshend (The Who’s guitarist and songwirter) and Spirit Music Group (who owns Townshend’s catalog) could sue for copyright infringement.

    These men (Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend) have plenty of money and have just completed a very successful tour of the US and the UK and are in no need of more, they just want the rights to their song.

    And Youtube hits don’t secure your rights as legends. Remember N’Sync and New Kids on the Block? They lasted about 10 years. The Who will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next year and still sell out stadiums to this day. And more young people are getting into The Who each day. And they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, 4 years after it was opened.

    I have nothing against 1D and I respect them as musicians, but you can’t just go around and use the intros to other people songs. That’s plagiarism, and that’s a federal offense.

    Rant over.

    • Desiree

      Thank you for being the only reasonable person here.

    • Roger Daltry is Better

      I’m not even religious but bless you

    • SomeoneDifferent


    • Alex

      Yes I could not of said it better they copied the clash too look it up

    • Anonymous

      Someone with sense! I’m fine with songs with similar riffs, okay, but the way the writero the article puts it…. Based on YouTube viewers, seriously? Then Baby and Friday must have been AMAZING.

      Baba O’Riley is one of the songs that have achieved legendary status, and constantly included in Top 100 lists of greatest songs ever, yet the writer is demeaning The Who as if they are nothing.

  • Dona

    One direction’s sounds better and the who’s was bit boring. the starting sounds similar but that doesnt mean that one direction copies the who

  • directioner4life

    i hate these news omg offff why just cant let them alone one direction is practicly has the best fans af all time and even practicly they are the biggest boyband in the world sure they lost the xfactor but won the hearts of million people all aroud the world cant they think about that before the are doing these chilidish things about one directi0on

  • directioner4life

    directioner no matter what happend

  • Louise Slinger

    They do sounds similar but one direction probably didn’t intend to do it so shut up.

  • Marissa

    It’s a bit similar but it’s fine!
    I think if it’s not EXACTLY the same, then there’s no reason for 1D to be sued. It’s really just them wanting to put down the biggest band. It’s silly.

  • Bailey Thibodeaux

    Okay…. I know the song Baba O’Riley (Thanks to my grandparents) And I love it, BUT One Direction don’t even know what that song is so they really can’t sue them just because the guitar riff sounds the same

    • MrsTomlinson

      I told my dad what happened and he said either it’s a coincedence or there producers did that on purpose because one direction didnt write BSE

      • MrsTomlinson

        but i dont really care :p

    • Marta

      They know about the song. They’re British. And you don’t have to talk to your Grandparents to get to hear some “Old” music.
      They like that kind of music, I know Harry do.
      So he/they have heard it.
      People are not stupid.
      Everyone have heard it.
      Just watch CSI

  • Katie

    Well it does sound pretty similar, but if they have to sue someone than they should sue the person who wrote the song and not 1D

  • Daniella Styles

    This looks very bad for One Direction…i do not believe tht One Direction would copy a song just like tht , but it does look like they did. The two songs sound almost identical!

    • Guest

      Thank you for having sense

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    New Direction??? One Direction is very nc

  • Marta

    Um. I’m not really chocked that they’re copied some bigger band. It’s common. But that 1D haven’t heard The Who’s song is just… omg, who haven’t heard it?!
    Of course they want to copy the song. The Who will Always be a Big and great band. After 40 years, they’re still popular.
    I doubt 1D and even Justin Bieber will be popular in 20 (!) years. Not a chance.
    They will probably end up in some drug addiction, get killed or whatever.
    The Who will always be a bigger band. End of the story. :)

    • Livey Moore

      First of all the Beatles were the biggest band of All time even 1D said it and look how some of them died.I personally think it was a mistake that they used the same riff,who hasn’t used some else’s tune or riff in a song.And 1D sold more then The Who and The Beatles so I think we know who the bigger band is

      • The Who >> One Direction

        One Direction have NOT sold more than The Beatles (the biggest selling act of all time) and the Who. Are you an idiot?

        • Livey Moore

          No,But obviously you haven’t checked your facts.Everyone knows that One Direction Sold more then the Beatles you can ask anyone!

          • The Who >> One Direction

            Please tell me you’re joking. Or are you just stupid? The Beatles are the highest selling act of all time. They’ve sold more than Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis, ABBA and, yes, One Direction. Check YOUR facts honey.

          • Livey Moore

            No,honey I think you are sadly mistaken They have sold more and had the the highest number on the charts for a debut album in U.K. look it up.

  • Hannah

    The guitar riff does sound very similar. Almost exactly the same. However, the Who were popular years before One Direction were even born yet, so I don’t believe they copied it intentionally.

  • Gaëlle Horan

    It’s obvious that they copied it. And they obviously heard it, the boys are fans of The Who. And I don’t think they’d love “Rock Me”, once again they copied, Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and didn’t even tried to hide it. And One Direction is nowhere close as good or better than The Who.

  • Bethany

    OMG as if they’d copy that… And it’s just a song so I don’t know why The Who are making such a big deal about it. I mean, they are just jealous…

    • Guest

      It’s their song and their intro, they have the right to protect it

    • Mary

      The Who, a legendary band full of legendary members who wrote and performed their own songs for decades, are jealous of a poppy boyband who cant even play their own instruments and are only successful because 10 yr olds think they’re cute?? try again sweetheart.

  • Laugh Page

    I WAS BORN IN 1999 AND I KNOW THAT SONG. IT’S NOT UNPOPULAR, SO I DOUBT THEY HAVEN’T HEARD IT. I EVEN KNOW IT’S CALLED ‘Baba O’ Riley’ BUT EVERYONE THINKS IT’S CALLED TEENAGE WASTELAND. Look, I love the boys, but I noticed long ago that What Makes You Beautiful sounds a lot like a Grease song. I love ’em, but I noticed as soon as BSE started that it sounded like it. Baba O’Riley is in the CSI New York opening, so it isn’t unheard of. -_-

    • Laugh Page

      It’s only the beginning of BSE that sounds like it, anyways. I don’t want them to get sued, but the thing about it being made long before they were born ticked me off.
      And Youtube wasn’t around in 1971. Of course it doesn’t have as many hits BECAUSE WHEN IT WAS POPULAR THERE WASN’T YOUTUBE TO RECORD HOW MANY VIEWS IT HAS.

  • lauren stypayhorlikson

    they r all just jealous cause they arent as awesome or hot as our boyz

    • Guest


    • Roger Daltry is Better

      is this for real I mean wow I almost have to think you’re joking this is the funniest thing someone in here has ever said.

  • catluver1402

    i dont think they copied it or at least intentionally did. the boys would never do something like that.

  • PhonyZebra148 .

    They may have copied it just a bit. But ever celebreity have done it at least once and maybe it was a mistake. They sound a little different but really don’t sue them ;(

  • Jojo directionner

    Btw it’s not the same one direction there is more drums the other one is more classy I don’t know ….. But all I can say is that one direction is better and they shouldn’t be sued just for two notes who are the same btw people one direction is unique I don’t think they would want to copi old songs one direction are the best and they are unique !!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Roger Daltry is Better

      sorry honey but they are just another pretty boy band who’s already had their peak of success

  • Jennifer Louise Putnam

    copyright is for 14 years and the song is older than 14 years It be different if it was patient and patient would be the persons lifetime plus 70 years actually mickey mouse is coming up for sale because of the law. The rift was modified and only used at the begging of the song. Also copyright 14 years it came out in 1971 so the copyright is no longer valid sorry folks but the Who is basically going to lose if they actually follow the law but nowadays anyone can get buy with anything. You can sue anyone for anything. i can sue you for reading my comment doesn’t mean im going to win

  • Guest

    I’ve lost respect for the 1D fans. You obviously don’t care about copyright infringement, wait until 1D is sampled without permission. I’m sure you all will go apeshit

  • liz

    1d did copy the beginnings of 3 different songs and this time it was obvious but no need to sue!

  • SomeoneDifferent

    They did copy it. The beginning of BSE is ditto to Baba O’ Riley’s intro. If you made an original tune, no matter how long ago, wouldn’t you be furious at the fact that it was copied by a boy band? The Who is ten times the band 1D is and will ever be. The only reason they’re the world’s biggest boy band right now is because there are way too many teen girls in this world. I’m almost ashamed to say I’m a teen girl as well. And this isn’t the first time 1D has copied a classic. Listen to the beginnings of We Will Rock You by Queen and Rock Me by 1D.

  • weyhey1D

    in all fairness it is really really similar

  • Adriana

    Well im late but i Honestly think maybe it sounds somewhat the same. But they changed it up a bit and i agree it its really old no one really knows about well the people i know so far and many othet artists do but thats part of thinking about music using other music that inspires you to help you think of something im pretty sure the boys didnt mean to cause anything between them and im pretty sure they dont know.

  • Nicole_Whoran

    If you don’t know who The Who are you’re probably 13 or younger.

  • Nicole_Whoran

    One Direction is a great group but they are no where near the Who I’m sorry. These comments are almost as bad as when Diretioners said that 1D was better than the Beatles. The Beatles are known as the greatest band ever for a reason. People don’t know good music anymore it’s all Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez garbage

    • Norah

      Seriously, I’ve never even heard of The Who. I bet 1D hasn’t heard about that band either- and why would they copy it without asking? And shouldn’t they sue the person who wrote the song, not 1D. I agree with the statement about the Beatles, but if you have something mean to say don’t say it at all.

  • Caity Hodson

    well, they can’t sue one direction because they didn’t exactly copy them:)

    • Roger Daltry is Better

      clean your ears honey, then listen to the comparison again, and come back to me

      • Caity Hodson

        its not 100% so yeah

  • Zaybel Nharry Alfonso Alinson

    so what’s the big? i mean there’s a lot of musician by this time and of course repeating the chords isn’t impossible there’s a lot of chances that it’ll repeat once again by another singer but i guess suing some one just because they’ve got the same sounds isn’t right , that’s unfair i don’t even know their band or what so ever …..

  • Laura

    They did kind of copy it, but Baba O’ Riley is like 40 years old and to sue One Direction over that is just dumb. If a less successful beans were to do that I don’t think the who would do anything against them.

  • Yasmine Wilford

    Shut up talking about one direction “stealing” the piano riff from that old stupid song. Not trying to be a thug but the just thirsty fo money! Let them had their fun danget! Forget about that stupid Baba O’Riley song the BEST SONG EVER IS THE BEST SONG EVA!

    • Roger Daltry is Better

      i pity you


    doesn’t “Ice Ice Baby” and “Under Pressure” have the same intro music also??? Who cares?! I think “The Who” should be gone and stop being jealous because none of us really know who they are… Just saying!!

  • Aisa de la Cruz

    I came across this website as I searched about this whole brouhaha. I listened to Best Song Ever today for the first time. I was excited to hear it as I like some other 1D songs, but as it played I got SO DISAPPOINTED. I am not a fan, yet I like some of One Direction’s songs – I never even heard the similarities between “Summer Nights” and “What Makes You Beautiful”. But this.. this is just a total rip-off. Baba O’Riley’s bridge started to play in my head at the start of Best Song Ever (“Teenage wasteland…”). 1D is in the perfect position to prove their detractors wrong with really good original music but their songwriters (who were probably born when The Who was incessantly being played on the radio), are bringing them down. Daltrey and Townshend have the right to sue, not because of jealousy but because the songwriter/s did not ask for permission for their copyrighted work. There is a legal process, and if they did go through it, then it would have been better and The Who would be on their side. If someone ripped off 1D’s music, what would you Directioners feel?

    Also, the number of Youtube hits will not faze fans of The Who including your older relatives who rocked it out during Woodstock – including probably your mom, dad, uncles, aunts, etc. etc. etc and who do not probably give a darn about social media. It won’t faze social-media savvy fans either, including rock music loving teenagers and twenty and thirtysomethings, as they are legendary already and don’t need to prove themselves with Youtube hits and have jobs, families and school to attend to (I am on work break thus I have time to do this). So the argument above isn’t really that valid. It’s weak.

    That is all. Anyway, 1D won’t lose anything by losing me. they have all of you. Thanks for reading my comment, anyway. =)

  • Alyssa

    WWMYB, LLWY, and BSE were all written by the same guy…if they all sound too similar to other songs…then maybe they just should get a new songwriter who won’t rip off other songs/bands…simple solution…

  • Zane Smith

    wow the who have been around since the 60’s since before you were born
    since before i was born. I stopped myself from commenting on several of
    these but this is just bad 7 years? 7 YEARS! Just what do you know about
    the Who all you little kids and yes I say kids I’m a kid myself only 20
    but at least i know of the Who. Your 1D can have all the youtube views
    you want they will never be as big as The Who. Their songs are used in
    CSI: Miami, CSI, CSI: NY, Almost Famous, Tenacious D, School of Rock,
    Austin Powers and one of the greatest movies of all time Apollo 13.
    There are 12 songs used in Rock Band 3 12 that’s enough for a full
    album. The Number of bands they influenced is astounding bands like U2, Green Day, Oasis, Queen, Rush, Pearl Jam, and many more who have 1D influenced? No one and that will likely be the case for many years they might not ever influence anyone. If The Who say you copied them you better get on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness they are one of the Greatest bands of all time learn your place you brats.

  • Alex

    When u steal music own up and to it and pay royalties. The who wrote it first if one direction had talent they would write their own stuff but they don’t the who and any band from the 70s or before have defecated more talent then them.

  • Jessica Payne

    They do sound pretty similar but there is now way that the boys would have heard that song.

  • VicioousAlienKlown

    What don’t you understand? These songs from One Direction sound WAY TOO MUCH like the classic rock songs from Def Leppard, The Who and amazingly the sound track from Grease. When the rip off song ( ‘What Makes You Beautiful’) from Grease came on I thought “Summer Nights” was making a comeback on top 40 radio and i’m not too far off. Sorry but they should try writing NEW material or get use to getting sued. Just ask Vanilla Ice about that.

  • VicioousAlienKlown

    Since these guys in One Direction don’t actually write their own music I wouldn’t blame the kids in the actual group here. It’s their manager and producer who obviously are bankrupt when it comes to new ideas and music. In a couple of years these boy bands disappear but they’re will be another one to replace them, unfortunately. It’s the most corporate music out there.

  • Alex McLeish

    One Direction fans are some of the silliest and rudest people imaginable.

    And yeh, this is a rip-off of Baba O’Riley, just like !D ripped off Pour Some Sugar On Me and Should I stay or Should I Go.

  • jaybeez

    I am a 50 year old dad with a teenage daughter and the first time I heard the 1D version I thought it was The Who.

    Is it a note for note ripoff? No.

    But is it close enough to confuse a listener? Absolutely.

    The jury finds for The Who.

  • Keith Moon of The Who

    Let’s not talk about YouTube hits and talk about how many records The Who sold. It was the seventies they didn’t have YouTube then. The Who have sold about 60 million records or more.