Are They or Aren’t They? Liona Rumours Heat Up

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Just as Harry supposedly meets Taylor Swift’s parents and vice versa, the biggest romance rumours to arise today are between Liam Payne and Leona Lewis, both absolute superstars and X Factor alums!

Liona, as we think they should be called, have been skirting around questions in interviews for weeks, assuring everyone that they are just good friends and not a couple. Leona has been in particular quite vocal about the bond they both share and the common interests they both have, saying:

“You’d be surprised how much we have in common. He’s great. We see each other when we can. It’s very flattering to get compliments like that. It’s cute… I’m not saying (if we’re together) . I’m having fun and enjoying myself.”

Leona carried on to say:

“If you have a bond with someone it doesn’t come into it. I’d date someone younger or older, ages doesn’t matter to me. Or looks, really – it’s all about maturity.”

Leona only recently split from her dancer boyfriend, Dennis Jauch – which is such a coincidence as Liam dumped his dancer girlfriend Danielle at the same -who Directioners were quite fond of back in the day.

Today reports have emerged that the pair are going on holiday together in the new year, and daddy direction is keen to bulk himself up and look as ripped as possible for the presumably romantic getaway. He is a regular at his local Virgin Active gym, but has upped his routine to tone his body and impress his potential girlfy, Leona.

“He’s been down a lot more lately and has started asking some of the lads for tips and pointers.He said he’ll be taking his new girlfriend away when he gets the chance and wants to be fit.”

The source also said:

“He’s a naturally slim lad but if he keeps following the tips he’s been given, he’ll have that six pack in no time.”

We like this extra gym time. #takeyourshirtoff.