Are You Ready For The Kids’ Choice Awards?

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The 2012 KCA are taking place tonight in America tonight on Nickelodeon, and One Direction are set to make millions of teenage girls scream even louder than they have been doing recently, with a live performance of “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Katy Perry is also set to perform, with Nicki Minaj and Taylor Lautner also making appearances.

Justin Bieber is nominated for favourite male singer, with Selena Gomez nominated for favourite tv actress.

The awards are being hosted by none other than Will Smith, who incidentally holds the record for most Kid’s Choice Awards (after Spongebob of course), with 10 blimps.

Watch the 1D boys rapping “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” below…

Speaking recently about the event, Nial Horan said: “Kids’ Choice is the biggest night on Nickelodeon. All the big stars are going to be there, and when we found out it was just us and Katy Perry performing, we were like, ‘Geez, this is a big deal.'”

The question that everybody is asking though, is WHO WILL GET SLIMED!

We’ve got a sneaky suspicion that it just might be ONE DIRECTION!