Aston Merrygold Fancies Harry Styles (Sorta)

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Ok, if you were a straight boy, and you were asked which member of One Direction you would sleep with (if they were girls), who would it be? (Get your head around that)

Aston from JLS plumped for Harry (can we please all stop fancying Harry! spread some love round the other members too), but only if he looked like Mila Kunis.

JLS were talking with Jamie East (of Big Brother fame), whilst promoting their new song for Sport Relief 2012, which Oritse reckons is a right good “anthem”.

Marvin said: “We have been working alongside Sport Relief and Comic Relief for the last couple of years now and we knew that we were going to be working with Sport Relief this year so we penned Proud and we thought that it would be fantastic to put forward as a song for the charity.”

Going back to which member of 1D you would fancy (if you were a boy), we reckon we’d go for Zayn (because he’s got fit eyes), or Louis (because he makes us laugh). Do you agree?

  • Leena Musaid

    I Think your choices are spot on, Zayn all the Way, Louis to catch a laugh from and Niall to just Always have to Hug.. :)