Aussie Directioners Revolt As Re-Timed Concerts Clash With Final Exams

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One Direction were scheduled to arrive on the east coast of Australia before the final HSC year 12 exams next year, which would have allowed countless final year high school students to have enjoyed 1D before stressing out about exams.

Unfortunately for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Directioners, the original dates have been shifted into a really terrible slot right in the middle of the final exams, which means some people will have to wait for exam timetables to be released to see if they can still see 1D!

How outrageous is that?!

Needless to say countless frustrated fans took to twitter to vent their frustrations, with people saying things like:

“It’s ok one direction my HSC isn’t important and my future means nothing bye”

“Guyss my ticket was for a mon during the holidays & now it’s for a friday during HSC! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IF I HAVE AN EXAM D: #stressing.”

“Can’t believe I’m actually crying over this. IT”S NOT LIKE WE’VE ALL BEEN COUNTING DOWN OR ANYTHING”

The New South Wales Board of Studies states that the 2013 HSC exams start on the 14th of October which is a Monday and finish on November the 8th which is a Friday. This puts the new tour date of Sydney on the 23rd of October smack bang in the middle of the typically stressful exam time.

The tour visits Brisbane on the 19th and then goes to Melbourne on the 28th and 29th.

Sony Music told the Sydney Morning Herald that:

“efforts were made to avoid a conflict with the exams but it was unfortunately unavoidable”.

Directioners can apply for a refund of all or some of the tickets that they have purchased, as long as the request is lodged by the 31st of December.

For any Australian directioners out there affected by this, email under the banner of “Refund Request” including your ticketek account information and the confirmed details of your purchase.