Awesome New Top of the Pops One Direction Special

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Are you ready for some exciting news? One Direction have a brand new magazine out which is totally dedicated to the boys.

Get down to the shops now and pick up a copy of the TOTP One Direction Magazine Special. Inside you’ll find 3 huge posters, quizzes, puzzles and exclusive interviews.

The mag is on sale now, and you can watch the quick video below to hear the boys themselves talking all about the delightful new magazine.

It’s certainly a busy time for 1D, and their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” has now broken a Sony Music record for the biggest number of pre-orders in their history, EVER! The forthcoming album is predicted to be equally as successful, and the boss of Sony Music recently spoke out and said the new album is one of the best pop records made by the label.

  • jessica

    i want the magazine so badddd, but i live in Indonesia. don’t think it comes out here :( :( :( :(

  • LaurenLoves1D

    I live in Longford and I cant find the mag anywhere!! :( I want it soo much!!! :) like posters a 1D…who wouldn’t want it!!!! LoveOneDFawevr – << Follow me on twitter xD

  • Lauren

    I want the magazine soo badlyyy, but I live in Canadaa :(
    I’m trying to find where I can order it…

  • Lilz

    Where could i buuy one?

    • ellie

      in a shop

  • http://facebook cassie

    i got the magazine it is amazing! and im stickin posters all around my room!<3

    • Audrey

      AHHH my Godd! kjdkhfjdjsh
      Where do you live? Where did you find it? Where can you order it??? I live in Florida, does it come there??? I NEED TO KNOW.

    • Sophie

      Hello are you willing to mail one to me? I’ll bear the expenses (of course) and you can trust me D: I want it really bad!

  • Imogen Clarke

    Iv tried looking everywhere for it! I live in Ireland and cant find it:( .. if anyone knows were to get it, reply please:} .. really want it;o <3 iloveyou'onedirection! H A R R Y , L I A M , N I A L L , Z A Y N , L O U I S ! <3

  • maartje

    heey everyone!

    i live in the netherlands and i cant find this magazine! so my question is, if this magazine is still available,- i pay for it- or someone who bought it but doesnt use it, would you give it me?? tweet me than; @forever1dHoran

    lots of love,


  • salmooo

    hey…i live in south africa…and was wondering if the 1D magazines are in south africa??? please reply to mee asap :) really want these magazines :) thankz Xx



  • aussie directioner

    i live in australia, i dont think they sell it here :'(

  • kirstin

    add kirstin bunce im the number one fan omg

  • Maria Pap-Styles

    can i order it to Greece??