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One Direction are 5 lads from the United Kingdom, comprising of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. They were discovered on the 2010 series of The X Factor (UK), and formed a group through the advice of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger.

They released their first single, “What Makes You Beautiful” in the UK in August 2011, and it became one of the fastest selling songs of the year, breaking a Sony Music record for the most pre-sales ever, and went on to hit number one in the charts.

In February 2012, the song received a Brit Award for “Best British Single”, and was also released in the USA & Canada. Since this they’ve won a huge amount of other awards, including three at the MTV VMA’s in August 2012.

“Up All Night” is the boys first album, and has received rave reviews from critics, reaching the top of the album charts in countries all across the world.

One Direction took to the stage in December 2011 for their very first UK tour which sold out in minutes, before also touring the US along with Big Time Rush in February & March 2012. They then announced a new UK & Ireland tour for March 2013, as well as further dates for Europe, North America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan!

The band launched their second album ‘Take Me Home’ in November 2012, and it was an even bigger smash that ‘Up All Night’ was.

2013 was another mammoth year for the boys, with singles ‘One Way or Another’, ‘Best Song Ever’, and a huge 2014 stadium tour announced. It’s also the year that ‘This Is Us’ – the 3D movie documentary about the band hits our cinema screens.

Oh and how about a THIRD ALBUM coming later in the year!

The impact that 1D are having is truly amazing, and thousands if not millions of fans across the globe have now got the “One Direction Infection”. These fans help make the band who they are, and together are know as the “Directioners”.

1D mania has taken over the planet, with no signs of stopping!

Make OneDirection.net your favourite place for all the latest 1D news and gossip, and don’t forget to download our iPhone and Android apps to make sure you’re never more than a press away from One Direction.

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  • kerstin


  • hannah king

    ilove you one direction

  • hannah king

    ilove one direction

  • Charisma2002

    I love harry styles

  • toussa

    love u guys big kiss mwah bizoux

  • toussa

    loooooooooooove u guys so so much u r like my life ^_^


    you got one thing in the band


    louis is that you i love you with all my heart!! i love you 1D

  • arisan

    one direction i love you and very liaaam

  • hgdfejkwhfvgker

    I love one direction…..dead

  • notpicotmalik!!

    not gay

  • Bethany

    hahah that’s goog that song

  • Andy Scott


  • Jason Shadowheart


  • mandy

    nobody loves 1D more as my I’m the biggest directioner EVERRR LOVE Liam LOVE Louis LOVE Zayn LOVE Harry LOVE Niall LOVE 1D!!!!!

  • Mrs. Horan

    I <3 u One Direction!!!!!!!! :') ._.

  • Zayn’sGirl

    i luv Zaaaayn <3

  • fatemeh

    WOW! they are always Great.

  • Maddie

    I Love Yu Zayn Malik! Your My Boo :) <3

  • http://ask.fm/ttinnkaa Malda_Ymeri


  • http://ask.fm/ttinnkaa Malda_Ymeri

    I’m Directioner

  • frances miranda


  • Kyra Elaine Donald

    I like a huge one dire tion fan and to see the boys get this far is AMAZING! I love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Esra

    I love you One direction I am a big directioner
    Please come to Austria <3333333333

  • Abby Driver

    love you all

  • ❤️Mimi Styles❤️

    Whats happening to One Direction the rest of November, December, January, Febuary, and March.Whats happening to One Direction the rest of November, December, January, Febuary, and March.

  • harrystyleslover02

    Harry u got that 1 thing <3

  • Guest

    i am crazy about you zayn i love you you are so cute

  • Guest

    i am crazy about you zayn

  • mearrakhriz

    One Direction plz help Philippense, they need help :(
    P.S. love you guys :)

  • britneyy

    MMY BABIES!!!!

  • tori fisher

    wait….. is this really Louis Tomlinson?

  • dlilah

    hi guys my is dlilah I love your music it’s reallycool.

  • dlilah

    I love you zayn

  • warhel

    you’ar wery good

  • Katie

    But I love the guy below :3

  • jolene

    i like niall,louis and harry and the rest of them i just can’t stop thinking of how great they are

  • Maggie Little

    Zayn zayn is mineeeeee I Love him soooooooo much !!!

  • maria del valle

    love,love,love a Harry , zayn ,niall liam and Louis my friensd love a niall

  • maria del valle

    i love Harry

  • stefany styles

    hary styles love you

  • juliana

    I love harry and loui

  • juliana

    Favorite boy band

  • cosvera

    You all five are talented guys and i love you all. Happy new year belated. I hope that you will do much better in your life. Take care of your health and keep distance from weird girls

  • Guest

    Hi, this is louis.yeah!

  • whitney

    i love u harry styles

  • whitney

    y cnt i meet harry its so not fare

  • mg311456@gmail.com

    Hey is Niall Horan here?????

  • mg311456@gmail.com

    Or Any of the 1D????

  • Nicole Henry

    Zayn and Niall u totally rock

  • Lujain

    They had saved my life

  • ilove1D!!!!

    i love harry he is my fave i love 1D and am uppsest with 1D i love you so much guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby Morales

    why is one direction sooooo hot ^-^

  • Altea, Mikhaela

    Hi louis…… OMGoodness i cannot believe this…..

  • McKayla Leigh

    ONE DIRECTION is awesome!!!!<33

  • CLOE

    one direction “rock me”

  • Cloe Tomlinson


  • Katrina

    Hiya peeps!

  • Katrina

    I love Niall!

  • Katrina

    I love Niall I wish that I could talk to him in real life

  • ashley

    hi one direction

  • ashley

    i love Niall Horan.

  • ashley

    Hi Louis

  • _onE DirEc_TIoneR <3


  • http://batman.com malayja

    oh my god zayn

  • keky


  • Ashley Wilson

    Hey Someone on chat told me about you need a girl who can be with you guys on your new music video is that true or not guys please talk to me and thanks love you guys

  • Ashley Wilson

    Hey Louis some guys name Styles M was telling me you guys need a girl for the new music Video and he said he helps you guys and please tell me if that’s true if you need a girl please and thanks hun

  • liam payne

    Liam Here

  • Guest

    prove it

  • yasmine

    jajajaj y pensar que estoy aprendiendo ingles solo para comprender mejor sus canciones chicos… ya que no tienen ninguna cancion en español :/ pero todo sea por ustedes n.n

  • Junna Mae Nicodemus

    i lOve onE direction

  • Shawna Tomlinson

    Hi louis! My name is shawna :)

    • Shawna Tomlinson

      I’m a huge fan ^.^

  • Shawna Tomlinson

    Hows ya doin? XD

  • Brenda Malik

    one direction <3 love better <3 yeah love death <3

  • Meagan Valenzuela

    I love Louis and Niall the most because they are the cutest.I do not like Zayn because he smokes.I do not like harry because everyone likes him and I want to be different.

  • SamanthaRamos1DLover

    Hey Everybody

  • SamanthaRamos1DLover

    Hi Louis

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