Brat Cher Lloyd Thanks 1D For Help Getting Her Career Kicked Off

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Cher Lloyd on the cover of 'Inked' magazine

Cher Lloyd has a successful stateside career that she has built around her personality and hard work.

In her own right, she has done really well. Collaborating with Demi Lovato, Ne-Yo and Becky G have lifted her profile.

But one particular group has really helped Cher leapfrog her way into the mainstream – and that is One Direction.

Of course they competed against each other in the X Factor competition and have had a similar background in the way that they have made it to the top.

With One Direction making a splash first, the door was open for Cher to follow and increase her music sales off the back of 1D.

Cher Lloyd and Harry Styles

Cher said:

“We are always all over the place trying to work hard and trying to get somewhere, so I’ve seen a lot of [1D] on the Internet and on TV, and it’s great they’re doing so well.”

The sexy little minx added:

“It kind of sets it up for me, too. You know, if someone else can do it from a TV show, then I can do it, too. It’s hard for anyone to break into this music industry, and I think having a collective bunch of people makes it slightly easier – and the guys, too.”

Cher, who kicked off her UK career wit the nursery-rhyme-come-pop-song ‘Swagger Jagger’ continued:

Girls loves guys [Cher laughs]…I’m very much a One Direction fan. I think they’re the best boyband out there right now.”

One Direction photo from their X-Factor days

With Cher’s UK career seemingly put on hold, it looks like she will be firmly sticking to the US market – where her brats love her.

A new album is on the way, but one of her hit singles hasn’t even been released in the UK yet. Maybe she has given up completely?

Are you a brat?

  • Nia malik

    Why does the title call her a brat

    • Alannah

      Yeah, I don’t understand that at all lol

      • Megan Payne <3

        My Brat friend said its because on X Factor, Simon or one if the judges or someone called her a brat.


      Her fan base are called Brats

      • Nia malik

        Oh ok thanks


      Cher calls her fans brats 😉

  • σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fσя ∞

    Love the pic of the boys eating lol!

    • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

      wheres lou lou

      • Megan Payne <3

        Where’s Liam in that pic too?? Lou is there though, I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3
        Nice name btw lol

    • Harry’s Cupcake

      Yes me too but where is Liam??? And they are very cute in the picture

  • marmar margs lominoque

    I love them both best singers ever!

  • directionnerrrr

    ohh i didn’t expect her to be so good..!!! SO CUTE.!! HAHAHAH <33

  • ZarMaz

    Hey,chat do you guys mean by BRAT??? #onedirectiondotnet

    • Megan Payne <3

      Because her fandom is called the Brats.


      Yup thats right. We’re not being nasty or anything :)

      • ZarMaz

        Ooops! Really sorry about that :( :)

  • RIHAM ♥

    Did any of u notice that she has a bird cage tattoo on her arm? And harry has one too? Hmmm. lool

    • Megan Payne <3

      Very interesting…

    • kel

      Yea I noticed too

  • Directioner ∞

    she calls her fans brats , thats probably why . .

  • Abigail

    Love the pic of the boys eating!!!:)

  • Dani Styles

    I’m a Directioner, Brat, Mixer, and Sheerio. In that order.

  • Kylee Styles

    I am most definitely a brat

  • 1Dlol

    Well i love Cher Lloyd and 1D so this was cool

  • weyhey1D

    ugh i hate Cher

  • kel

    I’m definitely a Directioner, Brat and a Mixer. :)

  • mehnaz mourshed

    Love Cher Lloyd! but where the hell is Liam?

  • jazzy

    hi what up guys

  • JSRRamsaran

    when i first saw that first pic of cher and harry, i totally shipped them
    when i saw the second pic i wonder hw the person who served them the food feels now that they are famous and i also realised how happy niall was!

  • Riiaa Horan