Brilliam! Watch The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction Cartoon!

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This is like, the best thing, ever!

Watch the very first One Direction cartoon below, created by a YouTuber called chimpshrimp – better known as Mark Parsons, a dude responsible for animating spy cartoon Archer.

How bloody marvellous was that!

The story shows One Direction as they attempt to save the world from doom against the evil Lord Faptaguise.

We’re particularly impressed with the accents – Harrys had us ROFLMAO! ‘Pussy Magnet’ anyone? :)

We wanna see more now, so Mr Parsons, can you please do another one very very soon?

In an email to Wired magazine, Mark said:

“What inspired me to make the cartoon was back in March, when I first heard of 1D, and I thought, ‘They are heroes whose story needs to be told’. I did do the voices, which is why Zayn and Niall start sounding alike. And why the girls sound pretty dude-y.”

Quite possibly the best thing we’ve seen for ages.

Mark talks about the world needing more 1D fanfic written by males, so this is precisely what he’s done.

We’ve got a dedicated fanfic section on our forum which you can visit here.

  • iloveswac

    They r better lookin as cartoons!!!!!:-)

  • Ana Horan:)

    hahaha i love it but you shouldn’t make fun of them

  • 4ever 1D

    It was cool but poor zayn got left behind,and it kinda did make fun of them alot

  • Breaking_dawn_04

    I saw it a couple days ago d: I watched it 3 times<3

  • Lailadrake

    Umm i havent even watched it yet n yall are sayin it is makin fun of them y would i want to see somethin that might be negative bout them i love harry alot n i dont want anything or hear any thing negative bout him it would break my big heart that i have for him! So im not gonna watch it yall makin it sound bad!

  • 1dlover

    i love it 

  • 1dlover

    this  is amazayn

  • 1dlover


  • Caitlin Payne

    XD How cute!!!

  • Aiesharox

    XD HAHA so funny!!!

  • Narane22


  • EmilieRStyles

    That was a cute story about friendship <3 AND IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!

  • Emily

    that part louis hit harry in the balls lol! i love harry!

  • Emily

    i have harry’s # and uuuuuu don’t! jk but i seriously do

  • TayMPayne

    BrilLiamly, ExtraordinHarryly, FabuLouisly, AmaZaynly, PhenomeNiall! I hope he makes more, that was hillarious! Love it!

    • 1Dfan mwahaha <3

      And they are 1Derful <3

  • me<3 1D

    Hahaaha thats cool. Harry is the funny dummy in the cartoon instead of louise. They look so.cute… I <3 1D !!

  • Ariel Horan

    That was phenomiNIALL!! I loved it, he shoud definitely make more:)

  • Cynthia Martinez

    hahaha this is so halarious and i loved it. i support you mark and encourage you to keep making these cartoons and maybe just maybe 1d can do their own voices

  • Stini2526


  • 1DVasHappeninBaby

    Lmfaooo That Was So Funny <3
    I love One Direction We Got To Get Them too See This!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛
    Poor Zayn Left Behind My Poor Babby <3
    Harry Was The Funniest <3
    Niall Kept Makin Fun Of Zayn Hair do xDD
    Louie Cant Do Anything Without Harry :)
    Liam Wasnt A Really Big Part But Its Good I love Him So Much <3
    I love 0N3 D1R3CT10N <3333

    • Victorialuvszayn

      I know right

  • sam

    Tac-O’s! <3

  • Jessica

    that was great!

  • Christine

    some guys that are not hating on one direction

    • 1DLuver4Ever

      Sooo true!!! I’m sooo tired of guys at my school making fun of them and hating on them!!! I mean SERIOUSLY!! This guy rocks!!!

  • Gogo


  • Cierasherrod

    Zayn and niall and harry look so cute

  • I LOVE HARRY<3 !!!!

    OMG!!!! That was amazing!!!! He needs to make more of these videos!!!! Cuz that was hilarious!!!!! It had me ROFLMFAO

  • Nathalia De souza

    hahhahah OMG thats AmaZayn!!!!! LMAO

  • EJ

    OMFG I totally laughed SOOOO much at that!!!

  • Olivia

    Omg that was extraordinharry!!!! Harrys voice sounded really relistic!!:)

  • Lionbaby17

    I guess its okay.

  • Oliviajames13

    That seriously was so funny and really good lol

  • Victorialuvszayn

    OOh know molly! Did thay get molly!?!? <3

  • Kate Anne Billeaud

    Funny little movie glad a guy understands what girl scream for

  • hande1D

    ı laughed sooo much!! so funny and brilliam! <3

  • victorialuvszayn

    BBest video ever cant stop wacthing it lol

  • Savanna Tomlinson♥

    That was soo AMAZAYN!:)<3

  • guea

    Boys need to do fanfic more often if it ends uplike this

  • Yaisirymalik

    Fave vid ever.

  • 1DLuver4Ever

    He should DEFIANTLY make more!!! These vids ROCK!!!! Rofl!!

  • victorialuvszayn

    The way the guy did girls voices is weird

  • Sweety Mittenspye

    Funny!Thanks and poor Zayn…:(

  • Shayla Mille

    that was sooooo awesome!!!!!!! im glad that not just the girls like glad everyone does:)

    • Arleth 1D #1fan

      i like how u think tht way 

  • Emily

    That was amazayn! How did he even do that?!

  • Dolphinwoman5

    One direction cartoon , what’s next ?

  • Dolphinwoman5

    I do like one direction and I’m a parent.

  • Maraya abarca

    I can honesty say FANtabulous amZayn brilliam extraordinHarry fabulouis niallerificw

  • Alii1Dfreak

    Someone has to show One Direction this!



  • Risheikaellington

    one direction is my faviorte group

  • Brianna Garicia

    ikr my brothers do the same maybe caz they look better than them

  • rawr

    OMG i love the video its sooooo AWESOME!

  • kellybeautiful1

    i love ONE DIRECTION

  • maya18147

    That was hillarious you have to make another one!