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So Called ‘Directioner’ Says Niall Should Have Died During His Knee Surgery



It has been known for a while that Niall has had a problem with his knee, and the constant tour dates are only putting more strain on it.

The majority of fans have known that at some point Niall would have to have an operation on it to make it easier for him.

It turns out that Niall had the operation in America recently and has returned to the UK to rest up.

So you would think that having had an operation, fans would be incredibly supportive of Niall and wish him a speedy recovery.

However some were a bit upset that he didn’t tell fans about the surgery but still wished he would get well soon.

But one so called fan took it to a whole new level of weird, rude and giving directioners a bad name.

One idiot on twitter said: “Niall lied to us, he should of died in surgery. im gonna stop being a Directioner.”

Quite rightly this person was then subject to a lot of abuse from fellow Directioners.

Telling someone you supposedly adore/care for that they should have died, clearly shows that you weren’t a true directioner in the first place.

So what do you think? Should Niall have to tell the world about every little thing that goes on, or should he have a bit of privacy?

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  • rayya Malik

    No i think dat he shld hav some privacy coz evry humans need privacy…..

  • Georgina Louey

    If u think he should “die” then obviously u aren’t a real fan. Niall lied about his location so that he doesn’t have to deal with the “drama” and “stress” from fans mobbing outside the hospital. Plus i don’t think would like that especially when he’d just got out of surgery so he had to “lie” to get some privacy. If u were a real Directioner, you would respect not only himself, but ALL the boys’ privacy. (Soz for the length but I had to get that out :) )

    • SarahDirection69

      U said exactly how I feel. IM GONNA KILL SOMEONE

      • Guest

        Me too.

        • bluishjane

          me three .. no just kidding .. even in other people he should not do it .. tssss.. -,-

    • ♥ Directioner

      Yaa ryt!!!!

    • 5sos+1d=myboys


    • Lizzy Boo

      preach it!

  • Leah Mae Alcantara

    watch your words!!

  • mofomofo

    Gurl what do you mean he lied to us, He ain’t gonna tweet you personally telling you about his surgery. Get a life like damn.

  • Rylee Burgess

    ‘Niall lied to us, he should of died’! Are you fricken serious. If you were a true directioner you would have appreciated that Niall got out OK. I’m guessing Niall didn’t want or need to tell us where he was going to have surgery, so he wouldn’t have to the leave the hospital with fans waiting outside for him. If you had any brain in that thick head of yours you would at least have some common courtesy to be thank full that Niall is still alive. And you know what, you don’t want to be a directioner anymore, who cares we don’t need you. Millions of other people probably feel the same way. Your just a dumb b@#$% with a black soul!

    • Laila Grace Horan


      • Rylee Burgess

        As if you’d know!

    • Laila Grace Horan


      • Rylee Burgess

        I’m sorry are you talking to me!!! You have no idea who the hell your talking to. If you think i’m not a fan, why the hell would I care about Niall? And yes i have heard the word privacy but have you ever heard of the word opinion because thats all I did. I put my opinion out there and I wouldn’t say grow up to me. Your probably a 10 yr old girl. You wanna go bad talk someone, bad talk someone your age!

        • Alessandra Gomez


          • Rylee Burgess

            Actually i’ll have you know i’m 17 this year and i’m not being rude to Niall. And another thing, how was my comment childish? Did you even read it? If not go and read it. I don’t know who you think u r but you don’t know me and what i’m capable of. For all I know you could be a directionator yourself. And i’ll have you know I am supporting him. And when I read your message, it made me very upset. And then you get Laila Grace Horan to call me a hurtful spiteful person. You are the definition of a cyber bully :(

          • Laila Grace Horan

            i am so sorry if you potray me as a cyber bully, I guess from now on i’ll keep my opinions to my self

          • Rylee Burgess

            Do you actually mean that or are you just being sarcastic?

        • Laila Grace Horan

          i am not 10 rylee, i am 21….. you are a hurtful spiteful person

          • Rylee Burgess

            Wow thats great, your 21 but ya act like a 10 year old with your ‘CAPITAL LETTER CRAP’!

          • MRS.HORAN

            So r u sayn 10 year olds are STUPID
            GROW UP

          • Rylee Burgess

            no i’m not, what i’m saying is that the way she was speaking to me was very childish! And i’m sorry but I don’t need to grow up but maybe you do!

      • Directioner

        That makes no sense she is talking about Niall wanting privacy u need to read everything properly before u get all mad and crazy. No hate please I’m just stating a fact.

        • Rylee Burgess

          Finally, someone understands what I was talking about. Thanks :)

          • MRS.HORAN

            I understand what u mean n ur frst comment but sayn shes acting like a 10 yr old is makn 10 year olds feel CRAP. And il have u no, I do not need to grow up!

          • Rylee Burgess

            Well to be honest the conversation had nothing to do with you. This whole site is to let you know what the boys are up to and you can add comments that include your opinion. I’m sorry if your 10 and I offended you but she’s 21 and using capital letters when talking to me and i’m sorry but that’s really childish. I’m really sorry if ur were offended by what I said but c’mon!

          • MRS.HORAN

            Actually im supportin laila grace horan. And I am nt dumb I no wat this website s fr. I am nt 10 years old and wat makes capital letters childish?

          • Rylee Burgess

            Ok firstly, why did you reply to me saying i’m with ya too if your supporting her, secondly I never said you were dumb and that you didn’t know what this site is for, thirdly I don’t care how old you are just like you don’t care how old I am because you don’t know me and I don’t know you. And Lastly i’m not an English teacher but using capital letters is wrong. It felt like she was yelling at me through her screen. I really didn’t appreciate it and i don’t care if you are supporting her, i’m seriously fed up with all these hate comments I keep getting from people just because I put my opinion out there. Your just another one and i’m actually sick of it. I’m sorry if it’s offended anyone but my opinion is mine and no one else’s. And i would really appreciate it if you looked at this situation from my perspective.

          • MRS.HORAN

            Actually rylee, k said im with ya 2 cause I no wa u mean n ur frst comment, bt dn u wnt crazy.
            I do c ur side f it just I dont no y u needed 2 go mad. And I am just another one of them, what is ‘them’?. Can u c my side?

          • Rylee Burgess

            I’m glad you see my perspective but did you not read Laila Grace Horan’s comment and some other randoms comment? That was incredibly mean, and then when you commented and said I needed to ‘grow up’,it made it worse. I’ve just really had enough with the fighting and aurgments about this. And I wasn’t going mad. At what point was I mad? I can definitely see your side but I didn’t mean it like that, just the use of capital letters when chatting to someone just seems like their angry and hate you and thats how I felt. I’m sorry if this has offended you but I had to stick up for myself. I wasn’t gonna let a cyberbully walk all over the top of me like that. I had to stand my ground. And if you couldn’t see that, then there was probably no point in me joining this site, downloading the app, making comments on articles, caring about Niall so much, if I knew i was going to get this for it. And can I just ask you, what would you have said if you heard it first, and you were second to make a comment about it? Would you say what I said or would you agree with whoever said it. Clearly Laila Grace Horan and some other random weren’t real Directioners if they hated what I said. I’m just hoping your not like that as well.

          • MRS.HORAN

            Oh now I feel bad, im sorz!!!!!! Bt I just fut u gt a little crazy, f I follow u hopefully I wont feel bad
            but can I just gt a sorz please, dat would make my day?

          • Rylee Burgess

            Don’t feel bad, you were only expressing your opinion to me.And if you followed me I would be very happy because no body likes me and I really am sorry for anything I said that made you feel uncomfortable or anything you didn’t like. Friends? If so do you have instagram/twitter?

          • MRS.HORAN

            No sorz I dnt, bt we can b friends

          • Rylee Burgess

            YAY! I’m actually really happy

          • MRS.HORAN

            Good, im sure u have friends

          • Rylee Burgess

            Yeah I do but they don’t really like 1D so I guess I have to make friends here instead!

          • MRS.HORAN

            Oh sorz
            im ur friend

          • Rylee Burgess

            Aww thanks. I’m so glad were friends now!

          • MRS.HORAN

            me 2

          • Rylee Burgess

            So what do we do now?

          • MRS.HORAN

            I have no idea, what about you?

          • Rylee Burgess

            Yeah i’ve got no idea either!

          • MRS.HORAN

            Ha ha lol☆ were u frm?

          • Rylee Burgess

            I’m from Australia, how about you?

        • Guest

          i’m with ya;ll

    • Summer Love

      i’m offended at that “directioner” That is real rude

      • Rylee Burgess

        Thanks :)

        • MRS.HORAN

          Im with ya 2

    • Stormy Nix

      preach it sister everybody needs privacy sometime

      • Rylee Burgess

        Thxs! I comment on it and then I get hate for it!

  • Leah Mae Alcantara

    Stop being a directioner?you’re not a real directioner!you want Niall to die?SHUT UP!

  • kamelia malik

    all the people need privacy…I dont know who is that idiot but if the boys tell lie to us, its not important to me cause i know what they say and Im directioner 4ever

  • sophia

    This person needs to go to a mental home

  • Directioner<3

    That is wrong in so many ways. You do not ever tell someone to die, especially if they did nothing wrong. He doesn’t have to announce everything I don’t get why it’s such a big deal he just wanted some resting time geezzzz. It’s ok Niall, the REAL Directioners are here to support you no matter what<3

  • Stini2526

    i think this person is not a fan that is just wrong to say to anyone

    • Laila Grace Horan


  • Arielle S

    Umm first of all tht ‘fan’ is just a directionater they obviously dont really care for 1D, to be honest they should get banned from everything tht contains 1D n realize tht the boys NEED n DESERVE privacy.

  • jessica a

    I think he should have privacy but I already knew he was in America to have the knee surgery but don’t know where but they don’t need to tell us every detail of their life

    • Laila Grace Horan

      totally agreed

  • Emma Aldasoro

    I understand about the fake location,but you need to understand,you want to go to the hospital relaxed,and not getting mobbed with fans and then when you stress to much by getting mobbed,it means your not relaxed at all and then you stress out too much! And he shouldn’t die,with out him there no 1D <3

  • Shannon Smithwick

    I knew that he was in the hospital when he was and I tweeted my well wishes to him, I’m just so happy that he’s okay :D but about what some person said, that’s just terrible, I can’t believe that someone said that :’((

    • Laila Grace Horan


  • 1DcrazymofoKevinbatmanperson

    I don’t care about this so called fan! Can we take the moment and see Niall is ALIVE! He made it through surgery! Hope his recovery is fast! Love ya Niall!

  • Abby Burlison

    Thinking about this truly makes me sick. It does. I would LOVE to talk to Niall Horan, BUT NOT BECAUSE OF HATE! Some people are so freakin’ stupid, they need to shut up before someone shuts it for them. You should be glad Niall lived! I am! I just…. I can’t tell you how much anger I’m containing at this moment. I love you Nialler. :)

  • nala

    What if Niall died? You guys would b so sad I cant imagine people saying thats what he gets. I mean think if Niall died there would b no 1D. U may of not liked Niall and liked the other group members but still they would just split up. So think of Iit like that. And remember its all about forgiving and forgetting.

    • Summer Love

      i’d personally would be heart broken

  • lexig 76

    That’s rude and a disappointment to this family we want to make it seem like were true, supportive, and dedicative fans not complete idiots poor niall :( :O

  • Laila Grace Horan


    • Cat

      Not even, more like stupid-bitchy-asshole!

  • Celine N. Sayah

    Those idiots …. will never be called Directioners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*ck them !!!!!!!!!! >:(

  • CarrotsAllDaWay<3

    he needs privacy!!! if you are a true directioner you cant stop being one!!

  • Lynnie Lucas

    She was never a real fan in the first place.

  • Lauren

    Whoever that was was clearly a directionator. How sick and twisted is it to say that though? How could you. How could you want Niall not here, we love you Niall<3

  • Jennifer (Slimm)

    Can you stop saying things like this. It’s in humane. He didn’t lie. How dare you. Leave all of one direction and our directioners alone

  • Silvia Cantu

    she should go 2 hell

  • carolynn

    niall deserves respect for his privacy. if he didn’t tell us, it was for a good reason! if you think the he should die, your not a real fan. he doesn’t need this stress from you. LEAVE HIM ALONE

  • jane horan

    We still love Niall

  • ♥ Directioner

    Is that Idiot “MAD”……I think she should have a surgery of “BRAIN” in a MENTAL hospital……
    He should have a bit Privacy…….

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    IDGAF about Directioners like that… like… WHAT THE?!?! That’s so weird…. woah xD

  • DarcyX

    OMG that is o mean that’s why people call us crazy and idiots! True Directioners are the best and we know it ;)

  • @Directioner1422

    Obviously this person wasn’t a fan. God you don’t just tell someone they should of died. Why do we have to have people like this in the fandom, it gives us real directioners a bad name.

  • Belu Ki

    two words :cruel fans

    • Ezzy ❤

      Ik I completely agree! xxx

      • Belu Ki


  • Ushashi Basu

    What a jobless pathetic loser. If she says Niall should have died, I say she should. Someone throw sherbet on this lowly peasant.

  • Maddison Strubhar

    Well sorry he doesn’t tell you every little thing that is going to happen in his life!!!!! OH MY HECK I AM SICK OF THIS!! EVERYONE DOES IT!!! They expect them to share everything with the fans, and they don’t need or want to!!! He didn’t tell us because he probably didn’t want any chaos…for anyone in the hospital

  • Brianna<31D5SOS

    My reaction when I saw the girl said tht about Niall

  • No.1 directioner

    He didn’t lie he just didn’t want to be mobbed by fans just after leaving hospital after a knee surgery. That person wasn’t a directioner in the first place, directioners dont ‘stop being a directioner’ cause Niall didn’t tell you the place he was going to get surgery, and wish he died, she should have at least known that anyone that says that would be hated by directioners forever. If you expected him to tell you where he was going to get surgery, and she didn’t stop being a directioner you were never a directioner!

  • Kristen Angel Payang


  • Kristen Angel Payang


  • Aniyah

    You’re are a serious hater like, if you we’re a Directioner ever you wouldn’t be so quick to judge him for not telling us.And besides you weren’t even worried about what he did until after he became famous .So clearly you should just go ruin someone elses day.You should go ship another fan-girl boat.And please don’t ever talk about directioners like that.

  • maurine kimbrel

    saying he should die is just plain rude he just wanted privacy anything wrong with that really that Is just mean you are a cold heartless person ok you shouldn’t be a directioner if you think that and i’m really happy he is alive one more thing you a dumba** you know that so step out of the fandom now I say let the boys have privacy #privacy

  • judojo

    the telling of lies, or false statements. the definition of lying. niall never lied he just did not tell us for privacy.

  • madison horan

    Well I don’t think he was should have died besides I think he’s cute like really cute and cool.

  • Emily mc Carthy

    Get well soon niall <3

  • 1D fan forever

    something is wrong with whoever that was who said that, your not much of directioner if u want to be told everything and expect them to tell you everything happening in their lives. also most directioners knew he was going into surgery and when he was, dont blame him bc u didnt know, that call ignorance.

  • Bella

    I can’t believe someone would say something like that, it is just sad! Plus Niall did say that he was going to have surgery, but he doesn’t need to tell everyone the exact details of his personal life. He needs rest and seeing things like this is going to stress him out even more.

  • 1D fan forever

    im also mad that shes blaming Niall for her competence. Niall has said over and over again that he was going into surgery he has been talking about for a month its ur fault you didnt hear about it. if you watched interviews you would see he says it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDwKcxxPteY katie_styles

    Are you serious? So “Directioner” I hope you have a good time feeling guilty about yourself. That’s so mean! Poor Niall, he doesn’t deserve any of this hate! He’s amazing, perfect, funny, and so sweet!!!
    Btw I love that picture <3

    • Summer Love

      very good pic of niall

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDwKcxxPteY katie_styles

        he looks gorg <3 ahhhh his eyes, his hair, his beanie!!! I CANNOT I CANNOT THE FEELS THE FEELS asdf afsglk ja;g

  • Maritza

    I think that he should have some privacy
    and that person is so stupid why would you you say that

  • Dawn Sprague

    I ‘m a Niall girl, and whenever I hear some bad stuff people say about him, it really heats me up. But this is truly a rotten thing to say. Even if you hate the person, you should still hope that they make it through an operation. Boy, she is glad I don’t know where she lives…

  • Ayako Setsuoko

    maybe that so called “Directioner” would die instead of Niall …

  • sarah

    i pray for stupid people like this.

  • esme~styles

    Wtf fake directioners make me sooo mad

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    What a DIRECTIONATOR!! ughh!! i hate when ppl hate on Niall he doesn’t deserve it .. none of them do if we were true fans “DirectionERS” we wouldn’t hate any of them >:(

  • Emily Day

    Wtf! Firstly if u think he should’ve died in his surgery then ur obviously not a proper directioner! Secondly u should never say that to anyone! For example, I don’t like Justin bieber but if he had surgery I wouldn’t say he should have died, do people have no heart!?

    • cupcake306

      Exactly! And this isn’t just some random person, she calls herself a fan! I really hate when this happens…

  • eloise.maree

    he did not lied to us

  • ♥ mrs 1D ♥

    this person is f****** out of her senses, like 1st she calls herself a directioner and then she says he shouldve died………….. like that is seriously _______
    he lied cuz he didnt want disturbance u f*** head, u seriously need mental treatment sweatheart :)

  • 1Dfanatic

    every boy in 1D should have a little privacy. People should totally regret saying that about our boys you should respect them and love them the way they are and love their choices

  • 1Dfanatic

    People do you think he would say hi location people would find that place and if they were in a different country they would totally fly over and see him and that would disturb his personal life #give1Dptivacy

  • samantha rose

    ‘Niall lied to us’ he should die’ is a bunch of bull because he doesn’t need fans outside the hospital giving him more stress than he’s already in getting surgery done. You wouldn’t like it if your in a bunch of stress getting surgery done and people are outside giving you even more stress. There’s this thing called PRIVACY that everybody has the right to. So back off Niall with your rude comments!
    Love you Niall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla Leigh Patterson

    He should have at least a little privacy! But that’s just me.. But seriously.? You can’t be a Directioner if you wanted him to die?!?!?! Everyone respect him but you!! He already had enough stress… He didn’t want to let anyone know where he want and every Directioner respects that. !

  • karinasilvz

    niall should be able to have privacy sometimes. If hes in pain while having surgery, he doesnt really want fans knocking his door down or screaming through the window! You’re not a Directioner if you hate on our Niall for trying to get some privacy for once!

  • Riiaa Horan

    Please don’t say that. Can we just be happy, the surgery was a success?!. A few days after the rumor about Niall having a surgery, a friend of mine died from one. It’s not on his knee, but on the back. It just made me cry even more, seeing the tweets from everyone tweeting about the surgery that is about to come. I prayed every single night, hoping it won’t happen the exact same thing as my friend. I don’t even know why people would even joke about dying. Clearly they don’t know what it feels like losing that person your close to. I just hope Niall will eventually get well soon. I know we hate seeing him like this.

  • Lou Lou Horan

    if i ever meet someone of this opinion god help you!!!!

  • Laila Grace Horan

    no wonder why i don’t hardly come on this site anymore, people who say niall should’ve died, is nothing but a cruel hater, no real directioner says stuff like that

  • madison horan

    If you say Niall should have died your NOT a directioner at all.
    Besides he is like really really CUTE beyond cute his adorable.

  • madison horan


  • Ashleyn

    Hi i am probably more of a directionar that all of you guys so just be quiet and be glad that he is alive if he was dead there would be no more one direction and Niall if you read this stuff you are my life i am you biggest fan. I love you Niall

  • i_luv_1D_14

    How rude is she , she is such a B****
    If she really was a directioner she wouldn’t say that
    I just would like to wish niall that he gets well soon

  • Zaybel Nharry Alfonso Alinson

    i agree on niall c’mon were just fans… and fans should accept their idols and ofcourse support them, c’mon knee surgery is so complicated what if it cause of something? c’mon not bcause their not that open were going to leave them in air.

  • jean rose magumcia

    i think no . cause even if hes so famous we dont need to know every thing about him he need to had even if a little privacy hes still human guys

  • Laila Grace Horan

    I’m so happy Niall’s surgery was a success, Recover soon Niall!

  • Summer Love

    whoa, someone cause a lot of drama, here, Georgina said it right, he probably lied about the location b/c of the stress and drama that very well could’ve happened. But calling people idiots and bullies is a tad bit extreme, I am overjoyed that nialler is ok, and I am sure every directioner prays for a speedy recovery.

  • Nathalia Rosas

    of course he shouldn’t tell us about EVERY little detail going on, it’s not like we HAVE to know it, of course he HAS to have a little privacy, who’s with me?

  • DJellza Sheholli

    OMG!!!! Are u freakin’ crazy??!!!?? You should grow up !!! How can u call yourself a Directioner if u want Niall (my nando) to die…U should grow up….

  • directioner_4_life

    He should be able to do some thing in privacy he has a life and everyone should respect that, I can’t believe somebody would say that about and to himiI love him and I hope he gets better really fast

  • Stormy Nix

    Just leave the bloody hell him alone. Niall is just a normal person sometimes he needs privacy just like you do leave him alone Not everybody needs to know his location just leave him alone He has to have privacy too you know back the bloody hell off

  • Joshua Tabuzo

    he should have a privacy, in fact he’s just a person like us…
    and we should support everything that he do and we should be happy of thaqt!

  • Joshua Tabuzo

    he’s really an idiot!

  • Joshua Tabuzo

    ok we should fix this argument remember we are one family we are DIRECTIONERS…

  • Name

    I bet this was just a person trying to give Directioners a bad reputation…. Stupid critics!

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    Well for one, this girl is not only not a fan, but very stupid. the knee isn’t connected to anything in the human body that can kill anyone.Maybe she should go die in a surgery, instead telling Niall he should. Niall is more important, and loved than she will ever be.i love you nialler:)

  • Name

    This girl is trying her best to make us look bad, she isn’t a fan, we would never say that!

  • GabbyG


  • Viveka Gupta

    i honestly dont have a big ass( pardon my french) thing to write… i just want to say that if you want to leave the fandom

  • Pez,Dani&El3

    People these days. Niall doesn’t have to tell us every little thing about his life. He’s his own person and he can do whatever he wants. He probably never mentioned it because he didn’t want all the stress and Drama. Maybe he just didn’t want to start rumours.. I’m thankful he’s still alive #StayStrongNiall #GetBetter :) <3 xoxo

  • lalatheb

    Il a eu une opérations et alors! C’est sa vie privée! Les Directionners n’ont pas a l’inventer. Si ils nous disent pas des choses c’est qu’on est pas sencer le savoir! He had an operation and then! It’s his private life! The Directionners do not have to invent If not they tell us things is that we are not Sencer know!

  • julia_styles

    If somebody hate one direction it’s Ok but it’s not ok if you say than he should have died !!!!! I hope this person die !!!!!!!!

  • Esha Patel

    Niall deserves his privacy

  • Hannah Styles

    even if someone lied, that doent give you the right to wish death upon them. im about to cry! this is… SICK. ok, yes. he lied to us. but he wanted it to be more of a private thing. if you had surgery, you want thousands of people screaming outside of a hospital. it could distract the doctors, and they could have messed up on the surgery. IM GONNA STAB SOMEONE IN THE FACE. that ”fan” has a big head, but a small brain.

  • tia<31D

    they all have lives to live and they all deserve as much privacy as they can get! i mean, it’s their break. they should be allowed to just kick back and relax without being harassed. and r u kidding me?! whoever said that Niall should have died, needs to die. that’s just rude!

  • Jess Horan xxx

    he did not really ‘lie’ to us though did he? He still told us about his knee surgery didn’t he? You cant tell someone who is a lifesaver, my lifesaver to die because he ‘lied’ to you and your going to stop being a directioner? good we wont miss you :)

  • McKenzie May

    She seriously said Niall should’ve ‘died’ during the knee surgery? She doesn’t know who I am because obviously me and a lot of other people love, love, love One Direction (1D) and we’ll stand up for them and we’ll never ever stop standing up for them or at least I wont I’ll stand up for them everyday and every breath I take everyday! 1D’s a lot more then just a band who sings and performs! They have feelings too! Even though they’re known worldwide and are famous doesn’t change the obvious fact that they’re people with feelings! Everybody has feelings even though some people are b****** who seem to hate on everything deep, deep, deep inside of them they have some feelings! I mean 1D’s truly talented and successful and are known by I think almost everyone they are always going to stay known as the boys who changed a lot of people’s life’s and that’s Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik! 1D needs there time and privacy as well even though they’re known worldwide they need P-R-I-V-A-C-Y and that’s the truth and nothing except the truth! They’re people too and I happen to think/know that people like 1D and myself need privacy and need a quiet time to themselves without people screaming at them for a long, long, long time constantly! 1D’s loves there fellow 1D Directioners and they’re always saying “THANK YOU!” to them and saying they wish they had the time to personally meet everyone but they can’t because of time and management! I don’t mind you sharing your opinions with me because I try, try, try to deeply understand and respect others and there opinions but I don’t want your hate and honestly I don’t care whether you agree or disagree with me! P.s. I love, love, love 1D and I’m 100% Directioner and I’ll say Niall’s my #1, #1, #1 even though I love them all and I’ll stand up for them all but when someone says something about Niall I freak out a lot more even though I’ll freak out when someone says something bad towards Louis, Liam, Harry, or Zayn! Sorry, for the long behind message just had a lot to say a lot!

  • Adore Dior

    that girl too it way too far i mean who would wish death cute Niall i mean seriously

  • demi

    i think that niall did a good thing yh he might have lied but that does not mean people can say that he should die for that niall is a good person and he did what he had to do so respect that or get lost because i really care about niall and i hate it when people are being horrible to him whe he has done nothing horrible to us

  • directioner4ever


  • Skylene

    Niall should have some privacy.

  • #1Dluvr

    I think Niall should have a bit privacy it is his decision if he wants to tell us or not we don’t need to know every little thing about him or what he is doing every single second give him some space, when he recovers he will let us know how he feels don’t rush it give him time….


    U say ur a real fan!!!!!!!!! Well if I get my hands on u.
    u should b happy that niall ok.
    I am so MMMMMAAAAAADDDDD!!!!!!!!!!.
    HOW COULD U SAY THAT WHEN UR A DIRECTIONER. oh yeah wait shes not a directioner!!!!!!!!!
    how du u think that niall would feel if he heard that.
    HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God I had to get that out

  • Guest

    Forget not being a “true fan”, that is being a heartless human-being to make a comment like that. She wishes he had died because he did not tell the fans he was having surgery? Wow.

  • keller

    i wonder who that person was, so that i can make him/her my best friend

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