So Called ‘Directioner’ Says Niall Should Have Died During His Knee Surgery

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It has been known for a while that Niall has had a problem with his knee, and the constant tour dates are only putting more strain on it.

The majority of fans have known that at some point Niall would have to have an operation on it to make it easier for him.

It turns out that Niall had the operation in America recently and has returned to the UK to rest up.

So you would think that having had an operation, fans would be incredibly supportive of Niall and wish him a speedy recovery.

However some were a bit upset that he didn’t tell fans about the surgery but still wished he would get well soon.

But one so called fan took it to a whole new level of weird, rude and giving directioners a bad name.

One idiot on twitter said: “Niall lied to us, he should of died in surgery. im gonna stop being a Directioner.”

Quite rightly this person was then subject to a lot of abuse from fellow Directioners.

Telling someone you supposedly adore/care for that they should have died, clearly shows that you weren’t a true directioner in the first place.

So what do you think? Should Niall have to tell the world about every little thing that goes on, or should he have a bit of privacy?

  • Ash

    Well someone is just a little ray of sunshine isn’t she! Niall is just as important as any of the rest of them If she can’t see that I am going to have a hard time calling her a directioner! If you where a hard core directioner you would understand that he wanted to have his own privacy and he didn’t need to deal with anymore stress than he already had with the knee surgery if you really cared about ONE DIRECTION you would care to respect their privacy!!!!!!!

  • Vickey Lynn

    I’m a real dirrectioner and I care about them and wish they had more privacy. Just think, if u were them would u like it if people knew where u were every minute of every day. No. I didn’t think so.

  • halie

    Stop don’t do that I think he did not lie he said I was cute . So you guy can SHUT UP YOUR FACES you jearks