Harry Styles

Known to us as ‘Curly’ and our very own ‘Hazza’, Harry Edward Styles was born in Worcestershire on the 1st February 1994. He grew up in Holmes Chapel and is the son of Des Styles and Anne Cox. His parents split up when he was just seven years old and his mum later re-married in 2013 to Robin Twist. Harry has one older sister: Gemma.

Harry is the youngest member of One Direction and auditioned in for The X Factor in Manchester when he was 16 years old. His audition song was ‘Isn’t She Lovely?’ by Stevie Wonder and two out of three judges gave him a ‘yes’ after his performance. At boot camp, Harry sang ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ by Oasis but didn’t make it through as a solo artist. He was then however chosen by the judges to become part of One Direction.

Over the years, Harry has been romantically linked with many women including: Caroline Flack and Taylor Swift. He started dating Caroline Flack towards the end of the 2011 which caused lots of controversy due to their 15 year age-gap. The couple eventually split in January 2012 but they both still remain friends. A year later, Harry then dated Taylor Swift for a few months. Rumours started to circulate in December 2012 when they were photographed holding hands but the pair broke up in the February 2013.

A few interesting facts about Harry include the following: his favourite colours are orange and blue, he loves getting naked, the first gig he ever went to was a Nickelback concert in Manchester, his favourite track from their debut album is ‘More Than This‘ and if he wasn’t in the band, Harry reckons he’d be a physiotherapist.

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