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Are One Direction Preparing To Release A “Split Statement”?

Are One Direction about to split for good? The past two months have been a little crazy in One Direction world, since Zayn Malik left the band on 25th March. Ever since then, there’s been non-stop rumours about the remaining four members calling it a day, too. A ‘source’ close to the band apparently told

One Direction Add Four New Songs To On The Road Again Set List

One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour is about to get even better. And we didn’t think that was possible… The boys are getting ready to kick off the European leg of their tour in the UK next week, and have revealed that they’re mixing the set list up a little for the upcoming shows.

WATCH: Liam Payne Sings Oasis Hit “Wonderwall” In A Monaco Bar

One Direction are currently on a break from touring, with them returning to the stage next week in Cardiff. They’ve been on a tour break since April, but it hasn’t stopped one of the boys from performing in foreign countries. Liam Payne was recently seen in a short clip, singing Oasis hit “Wonderwall” in a bar

Louis, Niall & Zayn All Rumoured To Become X Factor Judges

The X Factor is currently in the middle of a huge revamp, with judge Louis Walsh set to get the axe, and host Dermot O’Leary moving on to be replaced by Olly Murs and Caroline Flack. In the midst of all the upcoming changes, are plenty of rumours suggesting members of One Direction will return

Caroline Flack Will “Never Apologise” For Fling With Harry Styles

Back in 2011, Harry Styles dated Caroline Flack. It was quite the controversial relationship, considering there was a 14 year age gap between the pair; Harry being just 17-years-old at the time. Their relationship hit the headlines and is still talked about to this day, but Caroline Flack isn’t ashamed, nor will she apologise for

Songwriter Jamie Scott Reveals Zayn Left Because Of Busy Tour Schedule

1D songwriter Jamie Scott has shed some light on Zayn leaving the band. There’s been plenty of speculation about why he departed the group, with some suggestions that he’d had a bust up with his former band mates. However, Jamie Scott, the co-writer of tracks “Ready To Run” and “Night Changes” amongst others, has revealed

One Direction Advised Not To Work Too Hard By Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan has advised One Direction not to work too hard. Of course, we know that the boys work incredibly hard and have done for the past five years. But, could they be working too hard? Australian actor and singer Jason Donovan has warned the boys against working too hard, telling FEMAIL: “One Direction’s fame is

Simon Cowell Confirms Zayn Malik Will NOT Be Replaced #Phew

Some good news to end the week… Zayn Malik will NOT be replaced! Although a few people had talked about the chances of departed band member Zayn getting replaced with a new face, we had never really thought of it as a possibility. It turns out 1D boss Simon Cowell didn’t either. Simon was talking

Are Niall Horan & Ed Sheeran Enemies? Definitely Not!

Remember those stupid press stories from last year, that suggested Niall had fallen out with friend of the band Ed Sheeran? Apparently, Niall went off and had a bit of a fling with Ellie Goulding, who at the time was dating Ed Sheeran. This ‘supposedly’ led to Niall and Ellie becoming the subjects of Sheeran’s

Zayn Malik Is “Very Happy” Now That He’s Left One Direction

Zayn Malik is doing just fine without the 1D boys. If you’ve been worrying how Zayn Malik is holding up since splitting from One Direction two months ago, you needn’t bother as he’s “very happy”. According to Zayn’s older sister, Doniya Malik, Zayn is loving life without One Direction. Talking to Now! Magazine, Doniya reportedly said