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One Direction Set To Announce New UK Tour Dates Today?

Dates for the “On The Road Again” tour have been announced for several countries and continents – the US, Canada, Europe… even Africa and Asia! But what about the UK? The country launched the boys on the X Factor, and is where four of the lads are from, with Niall just over the road in

WATCH: Liam Payne Forces Fake Smile To Take Selfies With Fans

Liam Payne is SO over taking selfies. Wherever One Direction go, you can guarantee that they’re not too far away from a bunch of fans hoping to snap a quick selfie with them. We see hundreds of pictures of the boys with fans, and looking more than happy to do so. However, a new video

Niall TWERKS As We Look Behind The Scenes At “Night Changes”

Earlier this week, we went behind the scenes of Zayn Malik’s restaurant date for the “Night Changes” music video. Now, we’ve been given access to what really went on during Niall’s loved-up night in a posh country house. In the music video, we saw Niall serenading his date, playing board games with them and then accidentally

Niall Is Happy To Be In Australia & Liam Is Drunk! #1DTweets

Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday… Niall There was only one tweet from Niall yesterday. He said: “arias tomorrow! Happy to be back in Australia, f’in love this country” Liam Yesterday, Liam said: “Hey everyone I almost forgot please vote for @sadierob call #1-800-868-3411 be huge for her if she could win

One Direction’s Liam Payne Says: “We’re Not Divas”

One Direction are NOT divas. Despite being some of the most famous faces in the world, they’ve managed to stay grounded and they’re pretty much still normal lads. They get invited to fancy events and drive flash cars, but they don’t really indulge in the celeb lifestyle as much as they could and they’ve certainly