Niall Horan

Known to us as our very own ‘Nialler’, Niall James Horan was born in Mullingar on the 13th September 1993. He is the son of Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher. His parents split up when he was just five years old and his mum later re-married to Chris Gallagher. Niall has one older brother: Greg.

Niall is the second youngest member of One Direction and auditioned for The X Factor in Dublin when he was 16 years old. His audition song was ‘So Sick?’ by Ne-Yo and three out of four judges gave him a ‘yes’ after his performance. At boot camp, Niall sang ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis but didn’t make it through as a solo artist. He was then however chosen by the judges to become part of One Direction.

Over the years, Niall has been romantically linked with many women including: Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding and Zoe Whelan. The only girlfriend that has actually been confirmed is his ex-girlfriend Holly Scally. Niall was dating Holly before he auditioned for The X Factor and they broke up during the show as he wanted to focus on his music career.

A few interesting facts about Niall include the following: his favourite colour is green, his favourite album is ‘Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits’, he once supported X Factor star Lloyd Daniels before appearing on the show himself, his favourite track from their debut album is ‘One Thing‘ and the first gig he ever went to was a Busted concert in Dublin.

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