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Simply look down at the bottom of the site and you’ll see our Chat bars. We always have two permanent rooms – “Main 1D Chat” & “Vas Happenin” to talk in, but if you want you can create your own new rooms, and call them whatever you want!

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Click where it says “175 People Here” (or whatever number it says for you), and you’ll see a list of names pop up. You can then choose to chat with any of them, or join in with the group conversations in the “Main 1D Chat” and “Vas Happenin” rooms.

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As well as chatting right here on our website, we also have an amazing app called One Direction Planet, available on both iPhone and Android. The app lets you connect with Directioners all over the world, and you can have 1 to 1 chats as well as join in with group conversations.


You’ll also be able to keep up with the latest One Direction news & gossip, read song lyrics, see what the boys are tweeting about and loads more. Click the links below to download it and make new friends.

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Android App on Google Play    Available on iTunes

As with all chat rooms, please be careful and do not give out any personal details. Also, unless otherwise stated, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis & Niall probably don’t come on here and chat – so be careful of imposters. It’s easy for people to give themselves the same name, but you can usually check the flags to the right of their names on the main user list to see which country they’re from.

PS. You can chat anywhere on this website, you don’t just have to stay on this page! Go browsing ;)

  • celinemcneill

    Omgg one directionn you guyss

  • celinemcneill

    Omg hey one direction we love you guys x

  • celinemcneill

    They arent gonna give there number out on this to many people would be amazing yeah not gonna happen there obvs not gonna follow you on twitter ifcontinue to ask haha

  • No_Heart_No_Love

    I like harry styles me and you are born on the same month

  • No_Heart_No_Love

    hi harry

  • alexis valtierra


  • samantha hazel

    my first tym crush in my wholle life niall horan……………………………love niall

  • samantha hazel

    sometimes i see niall in my dreaaaammmmmmmm…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alyssa


  • reigineia

    I’m a hooge fan you are my life and heart 1D

  • AAAA

    Hey Zayn you are so cute I will be at One Direction Concert Sept. 28 can not wait!!!!

  • samantha

    hi one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lavin_xoxo_

    1d is my life

  • lavin_xoxo_

    1D saved my life xx

  • Marika

    One Direction Hello, I trust in You All More What to do so because they do not help me IF YOU Heart, So What Are the Very Important and not listen to me, but if you’re at my place ….. What would you do?
    Questa and my story;
    I have 14 years old, and I attend the first year of high school.
    I suffer from depression and most likely I’ll have to take of Psychotropic to solve my problem.
    Even as a child I Immediately bullying:
    Since WHEN I was in kindergarten my Companions They realized that there was something strange to me, my character Closed, my tendency to isolation were incomprehensible to Them.
    Everything for Kindergarten and the Elementary Schools Immediately I of Everything, unable to react, and all the times I’ve Tried What turned against me. It ‘s true that children can be cruel! My sufferings were heightened after the third grade, when I started to have everyone against.
    Arriving at mid hoped that the situation would improve, but it was not so:
    I happened into a class issue.They took me to aim, they said That I was bad, they did not dare to touch my things, and I took Directioner compretamente slapped.
    The teachers for three years they have never done anything to stop all THIS!
    From the output averages Completely devastated Check to high school, I find myself in a class mainly Female, divided by contrasting Many Among the Groups.
    During the first year I was in class a girl I knew a long time, I considered my best friend, just that after a while ‘time I was no longer endure it:
    She is a spoiled bully, weak, with the need to subdue someone. During L ‘year we had a fight and she has changed class, found new friends, and I am left alone.
    In class I talk to a few people, my teammates said they were delayed behind me, I feel any defect in what I do, and probably this year I’ll be rejected because too many absences.
    As if that was not enough I’m afraid to leave the house,I feel the people’s eyes on him, I’m afraid of being judged, I eat very little, I sleep badly, I have frequent panic attacks, I do not feel interested in anything, I cry for no reason, I always feel tired and weak, I often think about suicide, and I do nothing but curse the day I was born.
    Depression: a disease that makes me see the world black and that keeps me from living.
    I’ve always been depressed, but now I have come to the limit! Do not take it anymore! So I know that for me there is no way out, but I still hope that one day all this will end!There is only one thing: my teacher is trying to help me, and in this I am very grateful!
    My name is Marika and I’m a directioner I love london and you Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn you’re my soul.

    I’m Fine, (
    Help my

    By Marika Thursday, August 14, 2014.

  • Niall’s Girl<3

    I am so a Niall’s girl! I absolutely love food! And I laugh a lot! I love Niall more than I love food and trust me.. I love food! :)

  • MarisaLuvsYuh


  • Jessica Lalonde

    niall horan made a private instagram account to interact with fans he posts just photos but im sure hes 100% real share and go follow him at niall_horan_prv !!!!!!

  • marissa

    one direction is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. they are everything to us directioners!

  • marissa


  • marissa

    how’s everyone going. i met a stalker and sarah helped me out

  • Sara Styles

    Hi my name is Sara and I love One Direction so much and I am going to their concert this August 30 which is next week and I get to see 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER AND ONE DIRECTION

  • Fuenciado