Chat Now With Directioners

  • GG

    If you don’t want them then why are you on this chat.

  • Hayley Schlink

    Hi guys

  • Adrianna.Szlaga

    I love 1D <3

  • Maddie


  • femke

    Louis are beautiful and naill also

  • Alexis

    Well hello

  • skylar rick

    hi I love one direction

  • skylar rick

    have never bene to a consert

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    yo ya se la verdad de lo que paso con zayn fue despedido de los demas

  • nenna


  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    ya estan las votaciones de los kids hoise awrds mexioo one direction esta nominado y si votan one diretion podra ser el gaador de los kids chice awards 2015

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    los que no entiendan esteidioma lo pueden traducir a idima como franses o inles

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    one diretion son los finalistas de los premis kids choise awards 2015

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    one direction esta nominado en los kids choise awrds 2015 y son nominados y fina listas en las votaciones de los kids choise awards 2015 ls que son miy fans de one diretion votan diario bueno ls que no entiendan este idioma lo pueden trusir en franses o ingles para que lo entiendan

  • Lisa

    Hi I’m 1D biggest fan

  • Viyan chireh

    Hello one direction

  • NiallersPrincessx


  • Negin

    Hi girls!

  • Renita Moira

    I wish I can take a pic and talk to you peaple

  • Amy

    Omg I love one d’s new song

  • lola

    1D sucks SHITTTTTT
    i mean just look at em they are fcking gayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Lola


  • realniallhoran

    hi guys

  • Zainab Mansour

    Hi everybody

  • Zainab Mansour

    Hi Harry styles

  • Cece_666_is_life

    Hi people, and harry ☺️

  • Apoorva Edla

    hey!! Harry,how was ur day??

  • Apoorva_Styles

    Hi Harry!

  • louist91

    hi guys

  • louist91

    guys :/

  • karan larkin

    hi guys my name is karan and I love Louis from 1D

  • Niallsmine_sobackoff

    I freaking love one direction, even though most of my friends tease me about it.

  • Yos Thigun

    hello this is one direction harry number is 07456329876

  • Aya Tajuddin


  • Skylar Alexis McConnell

    my chat not working

  • Esther

    Harry Styles you always happy to me when youlike you so muo

    • Esther

      Harry styles can we go to the one direction corn st

  • Esther

    am at tatthole Milton Keynes mk 53an

  • Esther

    I hop you enjoy your summer holiday

  • Angel Devaul

    I want tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angel Devaul

    Hi Louis, Liam, Niall, and harry. I love u all so much

  • Dzeny13

    that is amazing for directions around the world!!!yey

  • No One

    This sight is so not what is use to be.

  • Ghazal dalir

    One direction I love you so so so……. Much.I can chat whit you? Really?

  • poop

    Hey guys

    • poop

      Poop is getting angry

  • Nastya

    I am from Russia
    And i want to meet with someone from USA)

  • Ellie clifford

    same here

  • Dajana JR

    One Direction are the best!!! They are my reason why i exist!!! :”) ♥
    Luv my guys: HARRY , LIAM, LOUIS, NIALL , ZAYN (miss me :'( )

  • shadow


  • Allirra Woodyard – West


  • Allirra Woodyard – West

    one direction are cute

  • shawntay moore

    i love harry

  • Cayla Decker

    liam is my love

    • Cayla Decker


  • destiniciagonzales

    hey i think that we should be friends

  • Leila Davis-Middleton

    Niall is my favouirte.

  • Himashi Minimuthu

    hi harry how are you? i loooooooooooooooooooove you.<3

  • Renita moira

    Hi Harry, Liam, Louis, zayn n niall
    I just like u guys. Even though I am a student I loveeeeeeee u guys

  • Cayla Decker

    I love Liam :)

  • HarrySyles my love

    Harry Syles is mine

  • HarrySyles my love


  • Tori

    Hello, my name is Tori Jordan and I’m apart of the One Direction fandom. My bestfriend Stephanie Wade is a cancer/double lung transplant survivor who’s only wish is to meet One direction. She is apart of the Make a wish foundation , and asked to meet the boys back in 2013. Her make a wish team denied her wise, and forced her to pick something more appropriate , they sent her to the Bahamas with her parents but that was not Stephanie’s wish. Please help me make my bestfriends wish come true please ? That is so unfair and I am not happy with Make a wish. Stephanie’s twitter user is @Steph_Officiaal , please help spread the hashtag all over twitter by using #Project1DmeetStephanie .

  • Funny


  • samin

    i love this guys verry much
    and they are my brother and they areee my best faverit singr

  • sanaz

    I love one direction as well. It is my best love group. It can really cheer me up when I am in the hot water

  • sanaz

    And among them I love harry and Louis the most and also zayn

  • Sophie Collier

    Roleplay anyone? if so PM me on here!

  • sky

    niall and liam are so cute

  • sky

    are they not

  • Jesse

    hey guys

  • Carrie Carson

    One Direction is my baes foe life

  • Harry


  • poop

    Hi niall

  • zahra_1d_styles


  • Alexandra Garibay

    Who has ticket to the triple HO show

  • Lakhneche Hicham


  • Fatuma Ebomba


  • the best lani

    my 2



  • mya Harbaugh

    my birthday is coming up on october 6 and im turning 12. I have benn all over the internet but one direction is not close by at all.I really love them but my family is struggling with money so for now im only worried about my family.Sorry one direction, See you guys soon!Hopfully.And also pray for my mom bec she is having a life or death surgery than she could most likely not wake up from.XOXO,Mya H.

  • harry lover

    hay everyone

  • Amee korsmo

    so how did you get your career to kick of so well. I also sing but just at home

  • Amee korsmo

    huge fan love you guys one question how did you get your career kicking off so well. I can sing and I would like to know how to get stated

  • Amee korsmo

    I mean how long before you guys became well known

  • matthew


  • ❤ Harry❤

    One direction fans here to answer any of your questions for the next few hours 07899718913 ❤ Harry ❤

  • ❤ Harry❤

    Come on fans in here for the next few hours to answer any questions on our latest album either on here or 07899718913 one direction for life ❤ harry ❤

  • Yo

    Is this still a thing. xD xD