Chat Now With Directioners

  • heroobestgirl*1D*

    One direction are my everything <3

  • Liam_lover

    supporting them all the way in every best way possible!! <—- every fan should have this as one of their motto #motivation

  • Liam_lover

    hey liam.. love u always !! i hope u find happiness in ur life …. i will love u 4 ever!! xx
    Harry ure getting all the girls attention as usual :D just remember we’re here to support u till the end so don’t give up!!
    Niall keep being as weird and sweet as u are .. love ya!! xx ps: i have lots of food..xd
    lious keep smiling for us don’t matter whats bothering you , just remember u have ur wonderful fans who love and cherish u, keep on smiling :) !
    Zayn keep ur relationship going and enjoy ur married life.Just remember to appreciate and love her to the fullest !! love ya still :D!!
    Guys keep up ur good work !!! we’re rooting for u guys and remember don’t matter what u choose in life as long as ur happy ur fans will be also!! Love u guys so much!! <3

  • mariana garcia Aguirre

    Hola fans de one direction nesesito que me sigan enviando solisitudes de instagram porque ya estoy asiendo para que one direction no se separé y las fans que no quiere que se separé me tienen que enviar solisitudes de instagram

  • Lindymae

    Hi guys

  • alexis

    Wish I could get tickets for august 18 my birthday is august 9th that would be amazing birthday gift.