‘Cheating’ Zayn Malik Suffers Hand Injury

As if this week hasn’t been bad enough for him, One Direction’s Zayn has now been spotted with an injury to his hand.

Celebrities at the studios of Radio 1, London, Britain - 20 Aug 2012

P.s that’s not Zayn’s actual bandaged hand, just what we imagine it to look like ;)

Earlier this week, Zayn was accused of cheating on Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

After having crisis talks with her about the situation, Zayn was spotted with his hand all bandaged up.

During a break from rehearsals with the boys on Wednesday, Zayn was snapped with two of his fingers taped together.

There was also a bandage covering his hand and wrist, as well as some visible scratches on his knuckles.

It is still unknown how he got the injuries.

Aww, poor Zayn he really is having a bad time! :(