Coldplay Sing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ During Their Concert

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So, you’re one-fifth of the biggest boyband in the world, you turn up at a Coldplay concert to watch Chris Martin and co. sing all their hits, and then all of a sudden Chris Martin starts singing one of your own songs!

That’s what happened last night at the Coldplay gig in Tampa, Florida, when Harry Styles was in the crowd.

The band started playing their first hit ‘Yellow’, and then halfway through, Martin blasts out “That’s what makes you beautiful!”

Totally awesome!

One Direction performed the Coldplay classic ‘Viva la Vida’ during their X Factor live performances, so perhaps this was a reflection back on that from Chris Martin.

Harry tweeted the two following messages:

“Icon. @Coldplay were in another class tonight!!”

“Good night guys… I leave you with the best video I’ve ever seen. This was incredible”

Good on ya Chris!