CLOSED: One Direction Funny Caption Contest! #1DCOMP14

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One Direction Funny Caption competition

It’s time for another 1D Competition!

  • We want you to come up with some funny 1D captions, just like the ones you see on Twitter or Tumblr
  • It can be anything that makes you LOL – so have a look on the internet for similar ones and come up with some of your own
  • They can be anything, face merges, text captions, funny gifs or whatever you like!
  • Once you’ve created your funny pic, just save it as a JPEG and upload it our One Direction Funnies Gallery, and we’ll pick the funniest ones when the competition ends

Here’s a few examples :)  (We’ve got a wierd sense of humour so you might be able to find some funnier ones.

Funny One Direction pics

What can I win?

The winner will win the following:

There will also be 5 runner-up prizes of 1D wristbands and keyrings. Awesome!

How do I enter?

Create your funny 1D pics in whichever app you have (Photoshop, Picasa, Pixlr, or anything else you might use), and then save it as a JPEG. Then just simply upload it to our One Direction Funnies gallery, and we’ll pick the winners once the competition ends!

So who won?

The lucky winner of the 1D Gift Bundle is our forum member StephBeck10 with her super-funny 4-pic combo, shown below:

One Direction Meme - 1

The five runners up are:

spanish-directioner4ever – awwww cutey lookalike cats!

One Direction Meme - 2

Yasminayas – loldog meets One Direction

One Direction Meme - 3

iLoveNialler – heh, we thought this was pretty funny

One Direction Meme - 4

infinitypumpkin – clever bit of word play on the Irish one

One Direction Meme - 5

LoveLiamJamesPayne – and again for Mr Tomlinson

One Direction Meme - 6

How funny are all of them :)

Congratulations to all the winners above, we’ll be contacting you through the forum to let you know you’ve won!

If you didn’t then bad luck but thanks for entering. Check out our current competitions here.

The competition deadline is Sunday March 17th 2013 11:59pm (GMT). Multiple entries are allowed. The winners of the prizes will be chosen via a panel of three people for the best submissions. This competition is open to entrants from all over the world. By entering the competition you may accept to receive monthly email newsletters from us but you can choose to unsubscribe as necessary above. Winners will be contacted via the email address which they submit (so please submit a real, working one).

Good luck!

  • Wanderlust Soul ❤

    I’m like , wow this is cool I wanna win but I have to give others a chance . Could I win again if I won before ? :/ xo


      Yep the competition is open to everyone, if you’ve won before or not. We’re just going to pick the funniest pics!

      • DirectionInfection!

        How do upload images onto the website?!

        • Rekha

          Are you find it?

      • 1d_sister

        I’ll give it a best shot…Yeah I’ve got sense of humor!!!!
        But then will you bee publishing the images…
        Like when you choose the funniest, will you be showing them to us?

      • Nur’ Izni Bolia

        Thank you for your reply :) good to know ! Lets do this thing ! Haha xo

      • ZarMaz

        And what if I have an iPad? How do I send you pictures?

      • I Luv LIAM!!!!

        But how do we upload the pictures

      • Shannie<3 1D

        i can’t log in to the site :( so i can’t upload pic.’s and i have really a good one 😀

      • Shannie<3 1D

        i can’t log in to the site :( so i can’t upload pic.’s and i have really a good one 😀

      • Zoe

        Hi! I am wondering when you’ll notify the winner. Will you email them on the day of the contest, or a few days after? Thanks!

    • Zaynforever

      Omg have you Ever won omg omg!!!!

    • havazoe

      Have you won already?

    • Grace Moorhead

      you’ve won something from one of these contests?

    • Caroline Thompson

      oh cool uv won before!!

  • 1Derfull03

    This is a really cool competition!

  • Michelle Direction

    Really cool

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    YAY! I probably won’t win but I wanna see other people’s funny ones ha.

  • malisian

    it’s so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • aiesha styles

    Can someone plzzzzzzz help me! This is really a stupid question but how do i upload an image?

  • Emily MC Cathy

    one direction world can i ask a question:
    where can i find the one direction funnies gallery
    it would be great if you could reply
    i came up with one and sent it to you on google+ but i am not sure if you got it
    p.s you are an awsome website

    • 1d_sister

      yeah….could you tell me too?
      I really wanna upload a few pics…
      I reckon I have a great sense of humor and it would be fun to put it into action!
      So please could you tell me how to upload the images and where?
      thanks a lot!
      I love this website coz it’s Awesome!! =)

  • DirectionInfection!

    How do you upload a picture?!

  • Mrs. Horan

    I would love to win and what is the website for photoshop

  • Kaitlyn


  • Olivia Jones

    Haha I like the pic with Niall all like do I smell Nandos?! I just keep on crackin’ up!

    • Grace

      Lol ikr

  • Kelsey

    how do you upload i keep trying but i cant figure out how

  • gabriela martinez rivero

    what is “JPEG “

    • ∝1D’s babe (sтɛpʜ).

      It’s the file name of the image. For example: “1D.jpeg”

  • gabriela martinez rivero

    how do you upload i keep trying but i cant figure out

  • Zaynforever

    Soo cool live competitions even if id never win!!!

    • Zaynforever

      I mean love

  • Zaynforever

    I never win i mean oups!

  • ashdirectioner2798

    Huh i cant upload…. How do i upload???? Plz tell me

  • Sophia


  • Ishita

    Plz can someone tell me how do u upload it and where do u find the funnies gallery?

  • ♥ нαяяү’s cυρcαкε ♥

    How the heck do i upload

  • Chocolate7207

    Hey! Did u guys get the but mommy I want the. Kitty off my instagram?

  • havazoe


    • Olivia Jones

      Calm down gurl…I know you can win I routing for ya! I wouldn’t have a chance I mean I ain’t very funny!

  • havazoe


    • havazoe

      To win!!!

  • Amber Richardson

    How do you upload pictures? Please help?!?!

  • Ishita

    I donno anything about all this but I just have some ideas I just took a quick look at all my pics and found a few ideas……….but how to do it?
    Plz give suggestions or tell me how to upload it here then one of u can post it. :p

    • NiallHoranisawesome

      Use photoshop or anyything that u can find that alte
      rs photos…

      • Hazza

        I’ll do that but where is the funnies gallery?

        • NiallHoranisawesome

          I don’t know… sorry…

          • Hazza

            That’s fine
            P.S Ishits and Hazza are my accounts so Hazza was me only!:p

  • nialls princess

    But i’m not from england!! Is that bad? :s

  • nialls princess

    Oh i just have read it false ! :) lets go!! :)

  • kathryn

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  • saroony1d

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  • gest

    How do u load the images! ?!!!?!?!?!?! 😀

  • disqus_3IjXVWudsq

    I can´t wait March 17th 2013 11:59pm OMG I´m so excited about this competition. I think that isn´t fair that somebody who download image from internet win in this competition. I made just 3 pics.

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  • disqus_fm5Ntoz4Zn

    i made this all by my self…..i cant understand hoe to upload it on the One Direction Funnies gallery is it ok if i upload it here oh and guys plz dont cheat plzzzzzz


    Love 1D
    Cool I’m in

  • Emily MC Cathy


  • sara

    I’ve looked for many time but I still don’t know how you must uploud images onto the webiste? please tell me someone? pleaseeee? x

  • Olivia Jones

    Niall my favorite in that one picture, “Do I smell Nandos?!”

  • Louis for life

    I love the one with Harry and they have put “but mommy I want the kitty” and th one with Niall “do I smell nandos?” and the one with Liam “you know all the lyrics to WMYB? That’s cool know shut up” so really I love all of them

  • karen styles

    How do you put a picture for the profile pic?

  • Cuity Aya

    hey i’m in uae so how the gifts will be sent to me

  • l <3 Harry

    i would love to win but i live in new jersey

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    I never won one of these so i hope i win, i uploaded a lot

  • Jeanette

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  • Guest

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  • Allie

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  • John Le

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  • Anirdh K Ananth

    I love You 1D
    I want to go to london

  • Anirdh K Ananth


  • nadia ortiz

    the cat pictures are so cute just like one direction…… can people hate them if they are so freaking hot? to all the haters STOP HATEING

  • Guest

    i like the pic with the cats

  • MGlovesLouis

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