CLOSED: Win 1 of 10 Huge One Direction Wall Murals!

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Win a One Direction wall mural - awesome!

Want to win 1 of 10 absolutely amazing One Direction Wall Murals?

Following the announcement of One Direction’s ‘Where We Are’ Tour 2014, 1Wall have launched a range of Official One Direction Wall Murals, and we’ve got 10 to give away!

Transform your bedroom with these official wall murals, and be one of the first Directioners to have these fantastic modern prints adorning your wall.

  • Choose from five different designs
  • 100% Official 1D licensed giant wallpaper murals
  • Comes in six easy hang wallpaper pieces
  • Simply paste the back of the paper (paste included), or for a fast and easy removable option you can use double sided tape
  • Great alternative to those messy posters & traditional wallpaper
  • Overall size: 2.7m wide x 2.53 height
  • If your wall is smaller than the mural, it can be easily trimmed to size. If your wall is larger than the mural, it can be centred as a feature

So how do I win?

All you have to do is follow @1Direction_X and @1d_murals on Twitter, and then tweet the following message:

#1DWallMural @1Direction_X @1d_murals I want to win an Official One Direction Wall Mural because: ADD YOUR REASON HERE

You can browse the full range of murals available here as well as place a pre-order.

The competition deadline is Thursday 20th June, 2013 at 11:59pm (GMT). Multiple entries are allowed. The ten winners of the prizes will be chosen randomly. This competition is open to entrants from all over the world. Winners will be contacted via their Twitter account.

  • Annika Vergara

    Great! I don’t have twitter!


      Hey everyone, we’re wondering why you don’t have Twitter? It’s free to use. Is there another reason you don’t have it?

      • Nialler4ever

        Lol, I didn’t know the website can leave comments!

        • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

          OMN!!!!! U DIDN’T?!?

          • Niesje Horan



          Yep, course we can! 😉

      • Sarah Payne

        Well some peoples parents dont let them or not old enough hope that helps

      • Tiana Napolitano

        Maybe they r not old enough?? I am allowed but I am just saying

        • Natasha

          im old enough its just trust reasons..

      • Shonny Renee Malik

        My mum wont let me have it:(((

      • JSRRamsaran

        ugh i have no twitter
        and i was so excited while reading this
        my parents wont let me have twitter

        • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

          Same thing w me… :(

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

        Umm… Idk maybe r PARENTS WON’T LET US MAKE ONE! Not everybody has parents who let them do just about ANYTHING…

      • Annika Vergara

        My parents are very over protective, and of course they won’t let me use Twitter.

      • Olivia Clayton

        Im only 11 so cant join plus mum found out my sis had twitter so now shes not lettin me join when im 13!!!

      • Tom Havrilka

        What you maybe don’t realize is that a lot of directioners are minors, so we don’t get input on some decisions that our parents make, like the one to get a twitter. We want one, but our parents don’t want us to because they want to keep us safe from the world and because they can be overprotective sometimes. It’s not our fault, and we do know it’s free, but some of us simply aren’t allowed to make one. Seriously, is it possible to do something by email or something almost everybody has? It would make a lot of us REALLY happy!!!
        Thank you!!

        • Tildisen

          EXACTLY!! I ABSOLUTLY AGREE! You said everything that I wanted and was going to say! But I did not find all the right words..;)


          Do most of you have Facebook or is that the same situation as well?

          • Tom Havrilka

            Same situation. Either underage or have overprotective parents.

          • amy styles

            Yes it is the same situation. I only have google+ and gmail

          • Niesje Horan

            hahaha, same, i only have FB, GMAIL, and Google+

          • ninjakitty1133

            No one here has a twitter for probably very good reasons …I don’t have one , but I do have a facebook. You should use Facebook instead, so we can win :)

          • Tiana Napolitano

            ummm i dont have fb and i have twitter, they wont change it just for u guys coz wat about the peeps who have twitter?

          • ninjakitty1133

            Yes mostly over protective parents like mine… uhg , mom and dad,… you gotta love em’ but seriously mostly over protective parents

          • Shonny Renee Malik

            I have Facebook and Instagram that’s it..

          • Tiana Napolitano

            no i am not allowed 2 have Facebook cause a lot of directioners aren’t over 13 and u hav 2 b 13 2 hav FB. i have twitter but i am just saying. just keep it as twitter cause more peeps have that cause i dont think there is a age restriction 4 twitter where as u hav 2 b 13 2 hav FB and HEAPS of directioners aren’t yet 13. P.S: I GOT THE ‘DIRECTIONER’ MAGAZINE AND IT IS KILLLLEEEER!!!!

          • Niesje Horan

            i have facebook, but my parents forbid me to have twitter…(sorry for my bad english, google translate….)

        • makayla

          I have a Facebook

      • Laura Alice Lee

        Yes. My parents won’t let me :( I guess they think I’m too young, even though I’m 13. :(

      • Natasha

        I dont have a twitter anymore i had to delete it because my parents didn’t like it i dont have a fb or tublr instagram anything…

      • Gabby Davis

        Just got a twitter .. Can you follow me @one33dyerection
        Please :)

      • Alyssa Styles

        The reason I don’t have one is because my mum won’t let me have one!!

      • makayla

        My mom

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    Y dont i hv a twitter a/c..?? :(

    • Tom Havrilka

      Same!!!!! I need to get a twitter.
      Can’t they do something email?
      Or maybe tumblr?
      Lots of people have those. Quite a few directioners don’t have twitter.
      Like me, A_Dedicated_Directioner, and Annika Vergara to name three of us who’ve commented on this so far.

      • A_Dedicated_Directioner

        Yeah! Hope dey see our commnt..nd chnge thse twitter competetions…
        Coz…im sure..nt only us…a large no. of directioners doesnt hv twitter..

        • Tildisen

          I do not have twitter, me neither! But I have email and I want some of those wall murals!!…..:'(:'(:'(

        • Kelsie G

          I really want to enter but im not allowed to have a twitter
          they should think abouit that before they make contestes

      • Anna Styles

        Same no twitter no win :(((((((((

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

        I DON’T HAVE ONE EITHER! :( I only have am email!

        • Stella Haven

          Grrrr I really wish I had a twitter !!!!! These contests are really not ever fair. Because what if you dont have a Facebook or twitter like me :( then what??

          • Ellie

            Yep I agree. No Twitter, no win :-(

      • Leia

        They are gonna do email registration in future contests

        • Tom Havrilka

          That’s awesome!!! I didn’t know that!!!

      • Mercedes

        acually LOADS AND LOADS!!! of directioners have twitters..including me, stop complaining and get one then -.-

        • Tom Havrilka

          Underage. Not legal for me to without parent consent. Parents won’t consent- no twitter

    • Riana Bierman

      I dont have one either. Its not fair. All the contests you have to have a twitter. They need to have some other ones without the twitter.

    • niastyles

      Ha ha I just got one 😛

    • catmimi

      you should have twitter dear .. cause u can connect with one direction in it ! zayn, liam ,niall ,harry and louis they have it and they tweet every day so do it it’s so easy

    • LucijaMalik

      Yes i haven’t tweeter too :( thats not fair ;(

    • ashliebrianna

      Same here…… I don’t have a twitter and I honestly see a point in twitter :/

    • amy

      Just make one. I made ne just so that i can do all these things

  • Areli Acevedo

    Yay!! And my birthday is June 5th hopefully the mural will be my birthday present lol…

  • Maríni Ignacia Malik

    I like to have one, because here in Chile have not achieved so many things and be great to have

  • Andi_Payne


    • Tildisen

      Yeah exactly! Same here! Why can’t you have some competition when we don’t need twitter?!!

  • Gracie Hayward

    i have twitter plus ur ment to be 13 but im 11 ive had it since i was 10 just sign up its not a big deal i followed the boys for ages

  • Yana Kayrevich

    I don’t have a twitter that sux

  • Stini2526

    not cool for people that do not have twitter

  • Alex’s princess

    i have a twitter ITS FREE PPL and i want to win that 1D mural!!!

  • Shonny Renee Malik


  • Tota Max

    I want to win it now it will mean too much to me if I get it I’m in Egypt and I can’t meet 1D :(

  • Casz

    I really feel bad for those directioners who doesnt have a twiiter account :(
    Maybe they should just create a competions just by filling an entry here or something..
    every directioner deserves this 😀

    • Shonny Renee Malik

      Amen ahaha!

  • Merry Louie

    Thankfully I have a Twitter account 😀 And the tweets are done :3

    • Rameen

      hahahah me too

  • Rameen

    I have followed Is it international?

  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    So I having twitter account but I know that you’ll never choose me! That’s unfair cause I don’t have a good luck! Can u please make competitions what we can design something or like that? (I know that site can leave comments so please answer me!) x

  • ∞Louis+Harry∞

    guyyyys just make a twitter and dont tell your parents seriouslyyy! Or stop complaining because if htey ask how you won it just say you used email

    • Tiana Napolitano

      some people cant lie to their parents like that.

  • Marian Marquis

    on twitter lets trend #BringWhereWeAreToTrinidad

  • OneDirectionFan2808


  • Directioner

    i want i want i want but that’s crazy

  • leigha

    i love 1 d so much my fav is harry styles my non fav is zayn malike

  • Isabel Nadine O’Reilly

    Its sooo hard to only use 42 characters to explain why, but I did my best! :) fingers crossed (@happyino)

  • Laura Alice Lee

    Ugh! Why won’t my parents let me have a Twitter account? I’m 13!!! :'(

    • ninjakitty1133


      • Tildisen <3

        Me to!! Wow, this is really scary..!?

        • ninjakitty1133

          In a weird way yes, it is! Lol

  • jayde > u

    i deserve this bc the reason

  • lily

    why does no one have twitter???? its actully easy to use make one !

  • amy styles

    I want them but my parents won’t let me create a twitter account becauae thay say i am too young. Why can’t you do domething with google+ or gmail? I want those murals soooo badly!!!! :'(

  • Guest

    I want to win because I want to show how much I love One Direction. They mean so much to me and I know that I wont probably meet them because I aren’t very wealthy. But I can always try and I won’t give up! I really like them and they give me so much confidence! I love their music and if I won it would be amazing. I know there are many people like me who really want this. But I wont give up because one thing that One Direction has taught me is to follow your dreams and don’t give up; because dreams do come true just like One Direction’s dream came true. I wont give up and I will try my best to meet them and win this. If I don’t win; at least I will know I didn’t do anything to try. At least I know I tried my best.

  • Taina


  • helina

    do not halage because of this.. just, Go and Create An Account in Twitter it really so complicated?

    and btw…most of ppls have twitter,,so,,They do not create other method because some persons don’t own an account there!

  • ninjakitty1133

    …..hey, just a hint… no one here has a twitter, its not because were to young or anything, it is our over protective parents, I am 13 almost 14, and they still won’t let me have one… so could you have us go to a Facebook page or have us go to a website or something please? :) it would mean alot to me and all of the people who are upset with rage…thankyou for your time. :)

    • Tiana Napolitano

      i have twitter, i am only 11! ASK UR PARENTS and say: mum/mom and dad can i plz have a twitter because i want to enter this one direction competition and u need twitter!! plz?! thats what i said ages ago and they let me have it.

      • Tildisen <3

        It’s not so easy.. :/

        • Tiana Napolitano

          It really is

  • Tom Havrilka


  • 1D Gurl!

    I wish they didn’t have to be Twitter!! It would be a lot better for people who DIDN’T have Twitter!!!! :(

    • Abigail

      I agree

  • katie markillie

    ackkkkkkkkkkk y Twitter…….u know some of us cant get that stuff :(

  • Tildisen<3

    why……… twitter……..?…….. … …:'(

  • Brianna


  • Ania Lynn Prather

    I have a twitter i justt don’t really want too do it cuz thousands of people are gonna enter….!!!

  • Shonny Renee Malik


  • Worlds craziest directioner

    I don’t have a twitter either and it’s not fair because everybody who does not have twitter deserves a chance to win something one direction related

  • Laura Alice Lee

    Still need a twitter account…

  • taylor

    I love one direction sooo much and I would do anything to have a wall mural

  • i_AM_miss_tomlinson

    Ikr? I don’t have twitter and yet all the competitions on here require it.

  • Xyryll Lyx Colgue

    please choose me!!! i really really really love one direction!!!!

    • Tildisen <3

      What do you think we do here?

  • #1liamlover

    Ugh the same Twitter, I really hate that I cant even enter competitions without having a Twitter, its jiat not fair, luck to the people who have Twitter and entered the competition

  • Abigail

    I don’t have a twitter!!!!!! ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!

  • Abigail

    I only have EMAIL!!!!!!! why can’t it be email??????!!!???

  • Heaven Coronado

    Ohh that would go good with my collection

  • Kanaanmoon

    Omg I want one so bad

  • Alyssa Styles

    Ok come on what about the Directioners that don’t have Twitters! That’s just stupid please make it something else! Like email your reason why!!!!!

  • Niesje Horan

    everything is with twitter etc. but MUCH DIRECTIONERS DON’T EVEN HAVE TWITTER, like me, please make an action over e-mail or something like that… (i’m sorry for my bad english…)

  • Ana Cláudia

    how can i choose the wall papper?

  • Kelsie G

    I don’t have a twitter
    This is stupid… everything involves twitter
    do you ever think people don’t have twitter

  • mac

    So nervous!!<3 xx

  • It’s Ons∞CrazyMofos

    I did ! , I really hope to win ! cuz I dont have anything about 1D exept some posters, in my country , there’s no 1D stores !!!
    here is my Twitter: @Ons_Khlifi

  • tina tomlinson


  • tina tomlinson

    I win

  • Mike Rumbaoa

    so amazayn i want this to my room to rest :)

  • directioner4life

    DO FACEBOOK!! not twitter !! :((( not fair for the part of the fans who haven’t got twitter 😮

  • christy

    I want to win this sooooooo much can I please win

  • Adara

    I have a Twitter I am so lucky

  • conguie

    Que hermosooo todo quiero tener una habition así <3



  • Makenzie Hunker

    Omg if I won this i would die I have been saving up for one but I alway have to spend the money for food or for my lil sis tee and her diapers and formula if I won I would be so happy