• Emily

    i am a huge fan of One Direction. They are very inspirational, and i love them. This would be amazing if i won.


    Im really so proud of the sexy guys!!<3 Im a huge fan and I really would love to win this cometition! (:

  • lucie

    i love one direction and i would love to win this competition. my favorite’s are Harry and Liam

  • EmilyLouisTomlinson

    i have been a fan scince the begining and to be honest i wasnt paying attention at the auditions i only realy liked liam harry cher and rebecca of cource because she comes from liverpool. scince they were put as i band i realy enjoyed listening to them and i knew they were going to go far ever scince i have been a MASSIVE fan. i love them all so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much im not only a fan but i love them all for who they are and if they wre not famous and i saw them in the street and would think there were well good lookin and im SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY THAT MY NAN AND AUNTIE LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO HARRY IN HOLMES CHAPEL ! :)

    • Alexandra

      You are so lucky! :) Get them to come to NJ for me? 😀 That’s Make my day. Or Hungary in August.

    • Tracey

      I Live Right Next To Niall’s Cousin’s House! ;D <3

    • Kirsty

      I love Zayn Malik he is so HOTand cute you got a cute american voice me and my friends think you are a cool singer

    • annie one direecttioner

      if your nan lives next to harry you would of saw him x youre so lucky though i would die and literally sell everything exept all one direction stuff to live next to harry liam louis niall or zayn count your self lucky a lot of girls are really jelous

  • Seren

    Me and my friend love 1D we LOVE Harry the most
    I’ve got all the 1D stuf posters ,calanders,cds
    Soooo much we love 1D

  • Ciara

    I love One Diection since the start like alot of fans but all five of these boys are just so amazing and i find it hard 2 have a favourite out of them:) I listen to their songs everyday,i have a full wall in my room call 1D wall,they are just so talented and amazing.i would be so happy if i won a competition:) One Direction for life <3

  • taylor

    OMG i love ONE DIRECTION i have a wall covered in posters of them but it would be even better if i won on eof the wristbands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love ONE DIRECTION

  • chelsealoves1D

    omgee, i swear this would mean so much if i won, i love them with literally all my heart, they are my babys, ilovethem, IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO ME IF I WAS ONE OF THE FIVE, THANKS,xxx

  • shannon

    OMG it Would mean the world to me if I win I love them with all my heart I am a massive fan iloveyousomuch <3 HARRY STYLES <3

  • dalya jaroudi

    omg!!!!! I always dreamed of getting this stuff because in our country they dont sell these stuff , but now its my chance to win them !!!! thank you one direction your the best !!!!1 harry is the cutest one

  • Emmy

    oh how i wish i could win!

  • Kaylee

    My aunt lives in the UK and she had just come home from work and was taking the tube home. And all of One Direction was on it too! SHE SAT RIGHT NEXT TO THEM! She was talking with them and got pictures! :)
    But after like 10 mins or so more and more people started to notice them….it was chaos! :)

  • Becca

    Please! I want to win this so bad, my birthdays the 11th Feb so it would just be the best birthday present EVER!:O please :’) xx

  • Teodora

    I love in illinois and it’s not letting me send it

  • Brydie mcdonald


  • mariah munoz :D


  •!/gabi_17 Gabriela

    I love 1D , not because they are HOT , i really love his music , and all about them , i dream about the day when i would go to some of they concerts , but it still a dream cause i live in Mexco :C so Sad

  • Catherine Smith

    what number do i text

    • OneDirection.Net

      Hi, the number is 78070. Cheers, Admin.

  • http://twiiter amie harry styles

    i am a huge fan of one direction i love so much and it would be very nice if i won this love u all xxx

  • 1Dmaya

    love thm …hope i’m gonna win
    if not never mind jst very happi of trying…..:)
    love uh guys <3

  • Rachel


  • chryzel

    i love you zayn malik!!!! forever!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU LIAM PAYNE 4EVER…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chryzel

    i wish you could go to philippines so your fans could see you and its wonderful here …………………..

  • chryzel a.k.a. zayn


  • Taylor

    I love 1D soooooooooooo much!! <3 Harry …FITTY!!!! <3

  • Nhat Lai


  • http://deleted Nhat Lai

    zayn handsome…………………………………………………… I love you

  • http://deleted Nhat Lai

    come to my facebook : Nhat lai
    pleasss and comment some picture hah?

  • http://twiiter amie harry styles

    hi i am a fan of one direction and i live then so much. it would be good to win because my birthday is the 15th february it would be nice to win though as it is my birthday on that day xxxx

  • ella

    it would mean a lot to me if i could win well more than a lot i have wanted loads of one direction things and my mum will not let me she think i need more important thing like cloths food drink and ect but its my birthday in 1 month i really cant wait my mum says i have to get a new laptop because my laptop is rubbish now but i would make me so happy i would be amazed i never win anything also i love my ipod and my phone and i would even trade them to have one direction tickets and to win please cross my finger i hope i ill win i direction fan ella xxxx

  • http://onedirection britt

    i love one direction and i would really love it if i won :) I would love it to have everyhting one direction it would be like my life:) love the biggest one direction fan ever :)

  • http://deleted @AMOOY96

    i love one direction <3

  • rihab

    hi guys i am a such huge fans of you i hope i win thanks so much

  • Laura

    I love Love LOVE 1D Especially Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Xxxx LOVE ALL U DUDES !!!!!

  • sabia

    its seems impossible for me to win..anyway good luck to all! <3

  • http://facebook dalena ferrer

    i love one direction <3 because they are so cute and nice i really love one direction i wanna win this because my birthday is
    in april 17 and the day is a inportant for me :( i wish i win this :( please one direction the day is so inportant for me :(

  • maryam al dhaheri

    my birthday is in feb 28th and the best gift of all if 1D were there (never gonna happen) i just wanna win this so badly to show my sister that im a true directioner not a directionator. and i would love to have one of harrys first autographs!!!!

  • Jessie_luvs_1d


  • Carrots4_1D

    Am such a huge fan of 1D. went to the tour in Bournmouth and Louis took my huge toy carrot i had bought for him! SOOOOOOOOOO badly want to get this jumper but dont have enough money cause iv’e already speant it all on 1D stuff :\ Good Luck to whoever gets it :’) -Imy<3

  • Emily

    really want to win it. huge fan of one direction. love them all equally. so greatfull if i win. i will feel appriciated. it would be a great honour. i really hope i have a great chance of wining

  • Emma Aspray

    I love all you guys but i have to favs liam and zayn lol but niall, louis and harry i still love u guys xoxox frommm me in barrow-upon-soar, loughborough,leicestershire england 😛

  • Queeny Horan

    I wish I could see One Direction one day!!!! I wish I went to the Concert on Sunday in the ACC but I didn’t ! I LOVE YOU NIALL HORAN!!! Come to my house for my Birthday One Direction!!!!!! It’s this Sunday!!! Niall I been waiting to see you ever since I knew this BAND!!! Your band looks totally hot and cute especially the one i’m waiting to see Niall!!! Every account my name has Horan at the end!!!! I LOVE YOU NIALL HORAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • tanya richards

    you have more fans in Australia than you realise and because of the disaster this morning with getting tickets for all the ones that missed out you need to do more shows so EVERYONE can come and support you. there are a lot of unhappy directioners at the moment praying you do more shows.. Especially for us who bought flights to sydney from perth as you weren’t even coming to Perth..PLEASE………

    • ellie

      is anyone else selling one direction tickets

  • hikmapayne

    Omg one direction are like the best they are kool, amazing, talented, wonderful, they care about they fans
    we love them so much and

  • Emily

    I LOVE One Direction!!! They are the best!

  • Melissa,Mary-Kate,Maggie and Noelani

    wHaT??? No CA??? Pleasepleasplease come to the Bay Area!!!! SF!!!!! I LOVE YOU! You don’t know how much it would mean to me if I could meet you and same with my 3 BFFs!!!!!!!! I would do ANYTHING for you!

    -Melissa,Mary-Kate,Maggie and Noelani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie

    I tried to enter so many times but my phone won’t let me as I live in Australia and my phone is silly! Haha but I live you site so much it is 1Derful!!!!! :) xx

  • http://Hotmail Julia

    OMG, I luv 1D so much they are my insperation for everything!! Plz come to Adelaide, i tried getting tickets but to many ppl were on the website<333 If you come to Adelaide, I will be the happiest person on Earth!!

  • Justin

    Hey guys I’m not that big a fan but I know so many people here in Calgary that are so come play here at te scotia bank sattle dome.


    I love LIAM the most hes so cute

  • sami.thomlinson



  • Teagan

    i love one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bezawit.horanpayne

    I l<3ve one direction not goin to there concert but will hopefully go and if i dont will be standin owtside the trust stadium for 24 hours

  • Mary joan nongrum

    Zayn your cute in those earing & i wish i will meet u one day
    frm mary joan
    love you:*

    • Gloria Nongrum

      gooood comment sis………

  •!/1DVas_Happeninx Natasha Reitsma

    Hey guys, I am really prone to losing competitions. I know I am too late but I just wanted to say that I love 1D so much and I have been sick lately (nothing serious) and we don’t have the money to buy tickets. Love you guys, Love you 1D :)

  • Ella

    Im sitting here crying about not going to one directions concert in Melbourne tomorrow. They ar just so amazing, and I love them so much :)

  • Franziska

    Im a huge fan of the 1Direction it would be a cool experince to meet the most hottest and talent guys ever. I have been a fan since the begining.

  • winelys

    I llllllllllloooovvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee one direction!!!!!!!!!! it’s my favorite band!!!!!!!!!

  • albelis

    I Like!! And I Love!! One Direction is my favorite band, And I also Love LOUIS

  • Jennifer

    I love one direction and both my sis and i would love and die to go to their concert either here in Aus or Melbourne.
    WE LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION!!! Harry Styles is my handsome dream boy. I LOVE YOU TOO HARRY STYLES.

  • Evie Horan Coutts


  • Tashana

    I love One Direction and my cousiun love you. My school would want you to come this is there adress The Greenwich Free School 403 Shooters Hill Rd, SE18 4LH london


    NIALL IS MINE !!!!!!!