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  • ayeshajaveed

    i love zayn malik

  • anonomous

    This is for harry; harry girls are really crazy about you!!!!!!!!!


    I love ONE DIRECTION!!!

  • kaci

    i love u harry

    • kelli

      me too

  • sonia

    any one from washington going to the 1D concert ??

  • jaqueline

    Niall es latigable? haha los quiero mucho! Dios los bendiga! ah porcierto soñe con harry :D

  • hemila

    I love one direction xxxxxx

  • Angel

    i love baby face (Niall)

  • Angel

    i love baby face (Niall)

  • hemila

    I love Louies and harry

  • http://www.facebook.com/catalina.boettcher Catitaa Styles

    hola one direction soy de chile espero que puedan entender lo que les voy a escribir… les queria pedir si es que ustedes podrian venir a chile a dar un concierto ojala como en agosto porque estoy de cumpleaños en ese mes el 30 de agosto y ese seria el mejor regalo de cumpleaños… espero que puedan leer esto los amo, son el mejor grupo de todos y que les vaya bien siempre… adios. <3 <3 <3

  • megan horan

    Wish i could meet u boys all your songs have
    Helped me through my and now i dont care what i
    Look like luv u boys

    P.s i would love to meet you guys some day

  • araceli

    losa mo son los mejores

  • http://twitter.com/Brianna_Cooney Brianna Austins Boo❤

    woops i didnt see the part that said dont send fan mail… woops now i feel bad:(

  • araceli

    losa mo

  • lolly4kev25@live.co.uk

    i dont think people should have a fave cos they would be nothing without eachother xx love all of you 1D xxx <3

  • Vane

    I love Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam <3'

  • http://www.facebook.com/rochii.franzoialct Rochii Franzoia Lct

    hello :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rochii.franzoialct Rochii Franzoia Lct

    love one direction :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rochii.franzoialct Rochii Franzoia Lct

    love one way ……

  • sydney

    You guys rock! Whoo! This is to one direction from their fan Sydney!

  • Mitch Ambro

    My Girl Friend’s 5 year old daughter will be having her 6 birthday on the 13th. She Loves one Direction. I told her that I would try to get One Direction to play at her Birthday BBQ. She is a little bit of nothing and has a rare disease that does not allow her body to process cholesterol like all the rest of us. She in no way is leaving us any time soon. God willing with medication and monitoring. The “official” trials for children with HoFH have not started yet. But All I ask is that if the band can take a moment to call my Cell phone (510) 541-2003 and leave her a message saying that you already had a scheduled event on Saturday April 13th 2013. Please sing her Happy Birthday Chloe. You all know what to do. I really would appreciate it! If you can do more like sending anything Awesome. Give me a call. But we just want her to have a wonderful Birthday.



  • http://www.facebook.com/fAmbUesIta Gabiiz Haro

    One direction I love you more I’m your follower, Fans, Ok .. ♥ ♥ directioner

  • lara loopsy

    i love one direction they r soooooooooooooooooooooo cool
    and they inspired me to do what i do best sing! thank u guysxxxxxx
    and there songs are really touching and they reach out 2 me.xxxxx



  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.acevedo.794 Nicole Acevedo


  • http://www.facebook.com/romii.cedeno Romi Cedeno

    One Direction please if you want … I will not blame anything but please come to give a concert here in Ecuador please I’m dying to know and if asked what part of Ecuador’s Guayaquil but please come many Directioners die for you but please please come! and finally love you with all my heart … and Niall greet me which is the most handsome, attractive and charming in your party! I love them! bye …

  • Evie Alice

    One direction = Hot and talented

  • Carol Thomas

    OMG!!!! I hope they email me back

  • carlyhanyes

    hey niall i love u so much

  • Tahlia

    Harry will you go out with me

  • Tahlia

    i love one direction sosososososososososoooooooooooooooo much <3<3:}

  • Mica

    One Direction Es Lo Mejor Desde que los escuche me cambio la vida. Me enamore de los cinco chicos de la escalera.Amo a One Direction Ellos Son Todo PARA mII! lAS AMOO HERMANITASS DIRECTIONER´S .BESOS Las amoo

  • belen bordon

    i love you niall lts sniall sing

  • Mhmd Hamam

    iam happy today beacuse iam tolking with niall

  • Guest

    Where are 1d now?

  • Madison


  • imen

    i Love you one direction , you’re the best of the best

  • aldana gomez

    Hi I love ONE DIRECTION!!! I love harry<3

  • aldana gomez

    one direction: awsome and amazing adventure

  • aldana gomez

    one direction eh seen their vidiou all are cool and ardous I love them want bye guys <3 <3 <3 <3

  • aldana gomez

    hi everyone 1D

    • aldana gomez

      as is England?

    • aldana gomez

      Hi louis re re cornered and re cute and re sos funny videos !!!! I love<3

  • aldana gomez

    Hi One Direction!!!” are the most, i love super full!!! kisoss never change!!!

  • aldana gomez

    hello one direction are what I love the most , Aug them a question they are gay?
    good answer as to cute

  • Alisson Piedra

    I love One Direction would I like to know I love your musics

  • Waleed Basher

    Hey I love one direction

  • dayzayn

    novelas 1D

  • dayzayn

    291321404334778 MG copiaala facebook
    ! pagina official dedicada a one dirrection!

  • dayzayn

    291321404334778 Holuu directioner dale like like ah esta pagina 291321404334778 buscalo en internet plisss NOVELAS 1D <3 GRACIAS BESU I LOVE ZAYN

  • dayzayn

    <3 Holuu directioner dale like like ah esta pagina 291321404334778 buscalo en internet plisss NOVELAS 1D <3 GRACIAS BESU I LOVE ZAYN

  • brooke


  • Courtney

    I love one direction and will be a directinor forever I am so proud of these five boys even though their not really boys anymore but I will love them forever

  • Courtney

    I wish I could afford to go to a concert but I can’t your so lucky

    • Mayci

      So do I, I am so jealous of all those fans, a I can barely afford all their CDs!!! :)

    • meaghan

      Same here :’(

  • arry

    i love 1d txt me arry88@hotmail.co.uk

  • arry


  • Akaylah


  • britney

    hey harry is mine

  • britney


  • britney

    i love 1d so much they are so i can’t choose who my favourite ..i.s

  • Chloe Hollyoakes


  • kelli

    i am inlove

  • courtney graham

    i wish i could go to there concert i just want to fit in because everyone makes fun of me for like them as a band i just want to stop being bullied

  • Chloe Dimauro


  • renee

    one direction=amazing,cool,and awesome

  • ashley

    i luv onedirection so much

  • sofia

    i love one direction

  • britney

    I love you harry

  • bhlysia mason

    There should be favs because god made of of us different

  • bhlysia mason

    I am going to another one I love them so much

  • eve

    I love your music one d you guys are amazing and yous are the best boy band ever

  • I<31D

    I wish i could go for one of their concerts!!<3

  • Nadine

    Hey Guys,

    I’m such a fan of you

    Too bad I’m younger, and that you do not vrijn more

  • IloveZaynMalik12

    Yeas, What About Liam

  • Nicoletta

    Herry one Dircetion

  • ashley

    I love one direction xxxxxxxx
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥ they are awsome. I wish they would come to uist :(

  • Altea, Mikhaela

    One Direction = is a british-boy band in england i really love your outfits…. And your hairstyles too…. I love you? I’m directioner. But i want something to say that is louis, i know that you don’t have any cousins in your family because i search in google that your cousin is dead already! Nearly in your house.. I’m so sorry? And if it’s okay with you louis, if i’m your cousin because me i’m good in Massaging, Fixing The Bed. Or something…. Thanks alot.

  • Ashley Benavides

    Picture the internet long name I did one direction takes the favorite colors of the guys in one directio

  • Janell

    harry is my favorite

  • Janell

    I am Janell Styles Harry is mine

  • Kieara whitehawk

    I love Niall so much he is my fav

  • Alicia

    Hi is it alright if I join the conversation

  • Alicia

    If you love one direction say ba bam

  • Khan

    They Are So hot Am Loving Them :*

  • Mayci

    One direction is the only band and singers that I really love. Their music helps me through the hard times and stress. My favorite is Niall and Louis is a close second!!!

    LOVE YOU 1D!!!!!

  • Mayci

    1D are my idols!!!!
    PS I like carrots. :D

  • Chelita michelina

    I am a mum of a huge fan of 1D and I would love to give my baby the best gift for her 15th birthday, how possible is it to get a personal birthday wish from you guys, I would mean the world for me and she would remember it for the rest of her life I am sure.

  • ollie

    i love them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • patricia

    I was just wondering, because I want to send a serious letter, like not really a fanmail and it’s a letter I kind of want and also need a reply on. If I send this to this adress (the first one, of modest) won’t it get lost in the fanmails and just kind of dissapear???

  • Samara Horan Tomlinson

    hi guys sorry for disturbing but I hope you read my message q as other fans as I love with all my heart to answer me and all my fans if you can

  • Samara Horan Tomlinson

    I love you

  • sofia

    ONE DIRECTIO TE AMO SOY LA SOBRINA DE ROMEO TE AMO SOY TU ADMIRADORA PORA RESPONDELA soy cristina pero me gusta mucho thu music te amo papasotes

  • Lizbeth callisaya

    ilove one direction

  • nenita


  • nenita


  • nenita


  • carolina leo 1D

    Hi one direction are all my heroes for me are my good life my whole world of love heart one day I would know I live in mexico and concerts given an in mexico and I could not go but proccioma venaagan see that if ire are all to be first in line for the love one direction directioner by simpre

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