Could A Justin Bieber And 1D Collaboration Be Back On The Cards?

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One week it seems it’s on, the other it’s off. On. Off. On. Off.

We’re talking about the much-rumoured collaboration between Canadian heart-throb Justin Bieber and Brit superstars One Direction of course.

The two met last month in the USA, and both parties have admitted they would love to work with each other.

Justin’s manager Scooter Braun admitted it could be a possibility, and the boys themselves seem to have struck up a great friendship, with them exchanging regular text messages and tweets on occassion.

Speaking with the Daily Star, Justin said:

“They are great guys, and I am always looking to work with people who have talent and I like. I think there could potentially be a great chemistry between us.¬†We were both in the same recording studio a couple of weeks back, not doing stuff together, it was just coincidence. But maybe next time we can record together.”

Asked specifically what he thought about rival boyband The Wanted, he said:

“I’ve got nothing bad to say against The Wanted, but the One Direction guys are my buddies and make great music so I would always have to back their corner.”

Justin and 1D – make it happen record bosses!

Want to hear something amazing? Listen to this simply fantastic mash-up of “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Time”:

  • kalynn Johnson

    I think if they work together it would be amazing. The mash up is awesome

  • Caitlin Payne

    I am not a big fan of Justin Bieber. I used to be but I think it would be cool!:)

  • aya

    i think it would be awesome but would it really work cause they are sort of diffrent types and styles of music so i dont know but if it did happen then that would be really interesting to see plus jb is awesome and has an amazayn talent so it would be cool!

  • dayna warner

    i think that if they were together it would be awesome but i dont really like justin bieber i love one direction tho i love liam james payne and harry edwards styles the best i love justin biebers songs but not him and there is eight people in my family and only on person out of eight like it and we all wind ger up and it is jokes no lie and also my best friend loves justin bieber so i wind her up by say just a bever lol it well fun i love one direction and there songs and i hate justin bieber himself and i love his songs and thats all i have to say really and ohh yeah i love you one direction