Courtney Webb Gets Death Threats From Directioners

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The name Courtney Webb isn’t high on the list of favourites amongst Directioners, in fact she’s probably the most hated girl in the world right now.

Courtney alledged that she slept with Zayn Malik last Wednesday after a party at his luxury pad – later selling her story to The Sun.

Zayn Malik and Courtney Webb

Fans took to Twitter to vent their anger at the Australian waitress, but some took it a step too far, sending death threats her way!

Some of the Tweets include:

Courtney Webb… we will find you and kill you. Sincerely, Directioners.


You are a freaking idiot if you believe that Zayn cheated on Perrie. I will personally haunt you in your sleep and maybe kill you.

That Courtney Webb chick can just go die. Rumour spreaders have no real friends so shes gunna die alone.

Seriously I’ll kill courtney webb if Zayn and Perrie break up because of her. Bitch you knew he’s taken. You just wanted fame and money bitch.

Zayn at the NRJ Awards

Zerrie met on Sunday to talk about their relationship, but we don’t yet know what was said.

Though we reckon Zayn was given a swift slap around his face :)

Naughty boy.

  • Di_Styles

    She’s trying to make Zayn and Perrie split up, why? so she can have Zayn all to herself? please, you can’t match Perrie. You ain’t even as pretty as her, but I won’t send any death threats to you.

    • Anonymous

      With u. Zerrie doesn’t deserve this!!!!

  • Pramo1Dnep

    There are few things I need to say
    1) zayn is innocent and perrie and directioners know that so why would he get a slap. After all they walked out of the hotel together.
    2) it’s nice to see that we directioners are ruining CJs life when she was trying to ruin our zayn’s life.
    3) anyone expect for fools know that the guy in the pic is not zayn. after all zayn is not that bad to do those cheap stuffs.
    4) no one should feel sorry for CJs about getting death threats coz she got those threats as she tried to hurt us , perrie and zayn. She deserves the threats.
    I’m just so angry with you CJ but I wouldnt send you death threats.

    • Directioner❤❤❤4eva

      I completely agree!!!!!!! Xoxo

    • Directioner❤❤❤4eva

      I completely agree!!!!!!! Xoxo

    • Ally Jessica Mayers

      I agree. 100%!! ^.^

  • Karen Rodriguez

    smh I hate the fact that people are sending her death threats without knowing what really happened I love zayn & perrie but we really dont know if its true or not to be coming at her like that alot of you swear you know them when really you know what your suppose to know of them you dont know them personally to say ” he wouldn’t do that” who knows, so none of you have the right to send her death threats.

    • Nialler

      i totally agree… this fandom is crazy and takes things too far. and we really dont know zayn personally…

      • erisvey casas

        Um no were are not crazy maybe your the one that is crazy because you said you do not know zayn

      • Pramo1Dnep

        Maybe your crazy for your CJ ISNT IT? coz u don’t seem to be a directioner

      • Karen Rodriguez


    • EmmiH

      Plus it’s illegal to send death threats to anyone. My friend actually had to go to court because of similar death threats……..

      • Karen Rodriguez

        yup no one deserves that no matter the situation.

  • Wil Robinson

    lol if he didnt do it than it wont be that hard to prove… the fact that people would send death threats and put themselves in a legal crossfire if just laughable to me… your not Zayns mom… he’s a big boy who can take care of himself lmao… way to take it a step to far just like you all do with EVERYTHING… love them from afar… and within reason.. these are the same directioners who scratch and pull at the guys when they pass and ruin it for the rest of us… infact I find it funny that you all are the ones making her famous.. if no one gave her the time of day, it would pretty much be … Webb who?

    • Pramo1Dnep

      I agree about not giving time to webb

    • Mrs.Horan

      I think what the death threats are tryin to say is “you lying witch,we don’t care what lie your making everything into but you need to stop”

      • Wil Robinson

        There are much better ways to do that than a DEATH THREAT…. I don’t think everyone understands how serious that actually is… what’s next actually going to her house and scaring her… than what.. some crazy directioner actually hurting her… if it is a rumor Zayn and Perrie are both adults and can get through it without that nonsense from us

  • Sarah

    No death threats but pray for u !!!i wish god do sth for u to become better!!!!!

    • Olivia Jones

      Amen I am right along with you on this one I mean, we do need to pray for him and her! I think we shud pray for her bc she doesn’t understand that she is ruining someone else’s life! I think this is sort of like a repeat to the whole JB thing with that Maria chick! Don’t cha think

      • Sarah

        Thanks! Agree with u<3

  • Vanity-Marie

    Shame on you naughty Directioners. -_- stooping so low

    On another note, while she was taking pictures of him, why didn’t she take a picture of that hip tattoo he recently got done you know the one that I have yet to see >;(

    Sorry to those who don’t enjoy my humor lol

  • 1d_sister

    OMG! This is crazy!!!
    There was no reason to send death threats….god no!
    But she totally deserved it!
    Courtney Webb……that friendless idiot!!!
    Zerrie is eternal!!! Nothing’s gonna happen to them!!!
    Love you, Zerrie!!!

  • Soso love 1D

    i’ll kill her too if zerrie break up -.-

    • Ally Jessica Mayers

      I agree

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ

    No one can match perrie

  • Stini2526

    it not good what she said but death that to far people

  • Mrs.Horan

    I think that her plans back fired, does she not know how many fans Zayn Malik have

    • Guest


  • FollowMeLZLNH

    I’m just tired of this CJ girl but I’m not goin to send her death threats we know that zayn wouldn’t do anything like this and he didn’t that’s all I’m says also she just trying to get to your heads don’t let her take over let’s just leave her till Perrie and Zayn say something next until then just let CJ say whatever she wants but remember always defend 1d and yourself

  • Christine Says Hi :]

    What That cj girl did was wrong but sending death threats wong solve a problem… I LOVE Zerrie but i wouldnt send death threats to make someone feel worse. My opinion anywayss

  • Let me kiss you…!

    Who does not know one direction boys and about their relationships? I mean I don’t know why she did this, but directioners shouldn’t sent her death threats :)

  • hannahmarieee

    If he really cheated why is everybody going after courtney he cheated it was his choice nobodys realizing that

    • Nialler

      because everyone keeps saying “zayn wouldnt do that” .

      • hannahmarieee

        Hasent he cheated before?

    • Pramo1Dnep

      Coz we know that zayn is nt like that n infact is a nice guy

      • hannahmarieee

        You don’t know him at all you’ve never met him

        • Pramo1Dnep

          So do u know zayn have u met him. Do u know CJ.have you met her so how can u say zayn is wrong. But I have been following him for 2yrs.

          • aimee johnson

            yes i have met zayn malik he is a very nice guy to talk about my prblems ok

  • Silvi Georgieva

    Ok maybe we(the directioners) have take a step too much but she deserves it!! We are Real Directioners and we protect Zayn from her lies…how could she even think that we will believe -.-” Zerrie forever!!!! <33333

  • hannahmarieee

    If he didn’t cheat explain the pictures

    • Pramo1Dnep

      The pic is false go to google and check it out if u have eyes.

  • zayn malik fan

    Good that we found out the truth I am Fiona kill her when I meet her

  • Rebeckah Ames

    Okay I think this Courtney Webb Girl is stupid. Why would she do this to Zerrie? They never did anything to her! She just a stupid bimbo. She think if she lies then they will brake up and she will get him she so stupid. Someone needs to hit her up side the head. But she does not need to die, or be killed. She just needs a good Smacking!
    Love you Zerrie, You guys are meant to be don’t let her get in the way of you two. <3

  • Ally Jessica Mayers

    Tht girl.. Humph.. I NEVER want to her tht slutty bitches name EVER AGAIN!!! Gosh!! ZERRIE FOR EVER!! Dont break up! Even if the stoy is true (its not). ZERRIE’ S LOVE WILL NEVER DIE!!!!! i hope………

  • Lucy Williamson

    I am totally frazzled

  • Nialler

    Death threats ? Reallyyyyy ? Sometimes I feel ashamed for being a directioner. Okay so maybe this chick is trying to be popular and spreading rumors about zayn…but maybe what shes saying is true? We don’t really know the truth here. Everyone just takes it too far. And sending death threats to someone is just…HORRIBLE….SMH,

    • Pramo1Dnep

      So u think zayn did such a cheap thing n ur supporting CJ n letting her ruin our ZAYN’S life. Ur not a directioner.

    • Guest

      No one feels ashamed for being directioner expect for you

    • EmmiH

      I agree with you and it most definitely doesn’t make us any less of Directioners. Unless being a directioner means we have to stop behaving like sane people and thinking before we act.

      And if people honestly think they know someone via following them… Sweeties, all you see is the way they want you to picture them.
      I’m NOT saying that the boys aren’t nice and polite and everything positive, but you need to be realistic….

  • helena

    leave the girl alone there is no reason for her to die accidents happen.
    some words can cause big things like death and imagine how zayn would feel

  • helena

    there is no reason for people to say she should go kill herself
    words can do really bad things like cause death and imagine the effect on zayn he would think he something to with this

  • Anonymous

    First cheating on perrie now sleeping with a girl

  • Paola styles

    She is a stupid

  • мιℓℓソ мαℓιк●•ツ

    ela pode ser odiada mais matar já é longe demais,mesmo não gostando do que ela fez…

  • Ashley Reyes

    She is cray cray she just wants fame and money!!!

  • Sally

    CJ might be evil, but death threats are extreme. Maybe a lifetime of eating nothing but school lunches, but not death.

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    Ok, I won’t send death threats; that’s going too far. But all she wants is money. All she wants is attention. Look where attention has gotten her. Hated all around the world. This generation, I will never understand.

  • Kayleigh

    She was trying to get attention and it was stupid.I don’t think he cheated and if you really don’t think he cheated don’t send her death threats cause how would you feel if you got death threats from a bunch of people?She doesn’t deserve even though she did wrong.

  • anon


  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥


  • Ayla

    Ummm……no offence but that waitress is so ugly i think she had plastic surgery!

  • Shayla styles

    Directioners yall are some crazy people every time someone dates or cheats yall go blame it on the other person yall shouldnt blame it on that other person because you have not heard that other persons part of the story

    • Mrs.Horan

      Not to be rude, but are you a directioner because if your last name was styles that want happen if he goes with somebody and loves them threw marriage

  • Crazy_directioner11

    I have no hate on Courtney. I’m mad at zayn. He was the one who said he didn’t have a girlfriend. She said she didn’t know and never wanted to hurt perrie. Trust me

    • Pramo1Dnep

      What you believe in CJ BEING A DIRECTIONER.

  • Styles

    this Courtney Webb wants fame. and she cant have Zayn coz she’s just a waitress not a singer and have a purple hair. She is sick!

  • Zerrie Malik

    OH MEH GOD!!!! did Perrie just slap Zayn??? that is so sad and it broke my heart cuz of that Stupid Australian Waitress Courtney Webb. she must die right now.

    Dear Courtney,


  • Zerrie Malik

    OH MEH GOD!!! did Perrie just slap Zayn?? that is so sad and broke my heart cuz of that Stupid Australian Waitress Courtney Webb.she must die now.

    Dear Courtney,


  • Aubrey Negen

    Stupid jurk trying to rip apart zerrie

  • Sydney_holand

    I am sooooo sorry to ask this but who is perrie???

  • megan horan

    I know she did sommat bad but that dont mean she deserves to die zerrie should stay together but that girl should stay away but she does not deserve to die

  • Victoria

    I find this funny that Courtney tried to get famous of this lol she was the one that made herself look like a complete fool! All directioners should know that zayn has much love for perrie and he would not cheat on her. And lets be honest perrie is wayyyyyy much prettier than that courtney girl and who the hell is she anyway its funny cuz no one knows who the hell she is! like wtf what a fool like seriously she should have thought it through before she did this but it makes me laugh cuz she is just stupid.

  • Directioner_Life

    She shouldn’t have did that but I’m not saying what they did was okay but she should not have lied on Zayn to break up Zerrie.She did it to herself.

  • jamie

    Funny cuz i know a Courtney webb,but shes not Australian or a waitress… as far as i know.


    whats good with the death threats? its not necissarily gonna do anything. what do us so called directioners hate anyone that has anything to do with one direction?

  • gest

    Well I dont know about u but I feel srry for zayn with all these rumors about him going around plus pictures, I dont know wht to think!!! I luv him♥♡♥… but…….he did cheated,and is it ture he smokes??? Plllzz tell me it not…!:)

  • Stop and smell the roses.

    If this girl’s accusations are not true why hasn’t Malik denied it. It’s over a week and nothing has been said… given the opportunity to spend a night with him how many of you would say no……guys included….

  • Directioner_Forever

    omg zerrie has to stay forever!!! <3 <3 <3 this girl will regret it if zayn and perrie breaks up. directioners are going to make her life a living hell

  • Anda

    I don’t know whyyy?? But those death threats were kind of good for Courtney Webb… She is crazy, because she wantet to slipt up Zayn and Perrie!!! Do you know what??? It’s like: mission impossible

  • Sarah Styles

    OKAAAAAAY! those tweets is quit scary! 😮 I will not send death threats too her but if she makes Perrie and Zayn break up I get seriusly mad at her!

  • madison marberry

    My baby slept with a girl :O I don’t like the Webb girl… I would never send death threats though. Oh well Zayn and Me are going to have a little talk
    Me: Go to your room mister
    Zayn: Why-
    Me: Go
    Zayn: But-
    Me: Now
    Zayn: Fine

  • !D girl

    Is zayn who called her up. She came for money, there is wrong with her,its her job. the fault lies on zayn cuz he cheated his cute perrie

  • Love_Zayn

    all it does for her is make her famous and it just ruins the image of zayn